I help Successful Men and Women 
who desire greater connection and intimacy,
turn their relationship around for the long-term. 

Have you achieved business or career success but your love life has fallen short of your expectations?

Is This You?..
You are facing the possibility of an expensive divorce or separation and want to explore whether you can save your relationship.

Your relationship seems to have flatlined over the years.
You want to revive the passion and emotional connection.

You are experiencing your partner as controlling, bossy and even manipulating.
You don't know how to change the dynamic between you.

You feel like you can never do anything right.
It seems easier to keep quiet and keep out of the way. 

You are frustrated by your partner's avoidance and defensiveness. You want to communicate with openness and honesty so that there is no 'elephant in the room!'

All is not lost!

There is a completely new way of responding to these situations.
A way that will help you renew the connection and intimacy with your partner

I help you change the underlying framework of  your relationship.

With little known tools and perspectives, you will take back your power to create change in ways that have eluded you so far.

Your Energy is Key When it Comes to love

Your relationship success is therefore dependent
on your ability to master your energy.

You absolutely have the capacity to create success in this area of your life.
Unfortunately we have all been conditioned to
give our power away when it comes to love.

You are missing information about how to relate to yourself
in a way that helps you to claim back that power.

This is where you start to embody the trust in your own  
 ability to shift the energy dynamic between you and your partner.

This is how you create consistent connection and intimacy over the long-term.

If there is still love between you and your partner,
your relationship is
calling for healthy polarity.

Relationships are crying out for a dynamic that honours two crucial aspects: 

  • The importance of having an intimate relationship with your own masculine and feminine energy.
  • The different needs of men and women.

Society's conditioning has resulted in many people having a dysfunctional relationship with their own feelings. Your feelings maybe uncomfortable but are not something to fear. They can be used to create much magic when it comes to love.

This subtle conditioning has also caused many women to over function. This results in them becoming more controlling in their relationship without even realising.

At the same time most men are conditioned to avoid the depths of their emotional side. This often results in conflict and avoidance.

This dynamic ends up spelling disaster over the long-term, unless the balance is re-addressed. This is one of the main reasons for the lack of intimacy and connection that is so prevalent.

My husband and I were going through a very big crisis in our relationship.
After 10 years, we were close to divorce, not because we wanted to
but because it seemed like there was no other way.
When my husband agreed to do couples coaching, I found Michele and she seemed to
have a different and very direct approach. We didn't regret it and thank god we did it!
The structure she provided is very powerful and helped us interact in a new, healthier way. 

What I have learned is not only about how to interact with my husband
in a different way but also how to be a more empowered human being.

I definitely recommend this program to anyone. It is definitely worth every cent.
She is there for you EVERY step of the way, doing the extra mile when needed.
Michele changed my life and I will never be thankful enough that our paths crossed one day!

Audrey, Switzerland

Coaching available in Guildford, Surrey and Online. 

This transformational work will help you step into your true power, so that you can create a relationship that is fulfilling and consistently connected. A love life where conflict, arguments and avoidance do not run the show!

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Why Your Love life
Has Fallen Behind 
Your Work Success

How to move past avoidance, conflict
and stagnancy in your relationship and
create long-lasting transformation.

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