Creating Extraordinary In Love!

Your Ego is scared of opening up to receive the kind of emotional & physical intimacy
 that allows you to experience true freedom, connection, fun & aliveness.
It will always do its best to convince you that you are better off with someone else,

that you should play it safe in your relationship or that
 you should not express your desires & instead hide who you really are with your partner.

The truth is however, we are all wired for growth &
it is normal & natural for all human beings to have desires.
There is always a growth edge available for us to move through in our 
relationship, whether this is in terms of physical intimacy,
communication or emotional connection.

To become a magnet for your next level in Love
it is essential to take a stand for your desires 
& fully align yourself with your values & standards.

This involves a commitment to taking full responsibility for the thoughts,
feelings & behaviours that you show up with on a consistent basis.
It also requires a commitment to taking action on your desires rather than
perpetually waiting for your partner to initiate or make a change!

Once you commit to yourself in  this way, you will realise that you have EVERYTHING 
you need within you to create exactly what you want & MORE.

The only thing that has been holding you back so far from going to your next level
will be the fact that you have given your fear, resistance
& habitual patterns more power than yourself.

My work will call you forth to be the best version of yourself for yourself! 
As your Mentor I will challenge you to take a much greater degree of
personal responsibility in your romantic life than you have ever done before.

If you are willing & ready to dig deep &
transform everything you thought you knew about yourself.

Creating Extraordinary In Love

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