Couples Coaching and Therapy Intensives
with Michele Willmott

Radically Transform Your Relationship 

My Couples Intensives are a highly effective way of helping you change the underlying framework of your relationship in a short amount of time.

Your relationship struggles can be put down to the fact that the framework of relating is based on shaky ground. This is why you are getting nowhere fast.

Your relationship framework should always allow for growth. It should also serve to create consistent connection and intimacy over the long-term.

Once this framework has been replaced with a healthier structure of relating, you will always have this to come back to.

Over time you will be able to move beyond the triggers that create hurt and frustration and experience a connection rooted in harmony, ease and aliveness.

Is a Couples Intensive for us?

A Couples Intensive is a great way to explore your next steps. There can be a lot of confusion as to whether it is best to stay together, go your separate ways or explore a co-parenting set-up. 

Regardless of your situation if you are ready to change your dynamic sooner rather than later, an intensive will help you address any issues that are not shifting.

What's involved?

I offer a directive yet highly compassionate approach throughout your intensive. This ensures that you receive the missing information and tools that will enable you to start connecting in a much healthier way.

Your Couple Intensive is a tailor-made and personal experience

Your intensive will specifically address your unique relationship situation and issues.
My unique and proven frameworks will help you move beyond your own individual sabotage patterns and ensure they no longer keep leading you in your behaviours.

The frameworks and methods I will be utilising in our work are:

  1. The Profound Permission Method™ - which is highly effective at helping you transform your own triggers. This in itself will help you shift your energy from shadow (sabotage) to power. It will also help you discern whether you want to take action and what this would look like e.g. in the form of a conversation.

  2. A Framework of Healthy Communication - that encourages both parties to take more responsibility in their speech and invites the other person to be able to see and hear them.

  3. An Archetypal Framework - which highlights the big differences between sabotaging or shadow behaviours and ways of thinking compared to when we are in our true power.

What are the options?

I offer half-day and one-day intensives either in person in Guildford, Surrey; Harley Street London; or online. 

If you feel that you are at crisis point and are struggling with repetitive conflict or issues regarding infidelity, I recommend committing to a number of intensives. These can be taken within a couple of weeks or months. 

Half Day Intensive 

  • 2 x 2 hour sessions
  • 60 minute follow up session
  • Preparation Work
  • Online via Zoom or in person

Why Hire Me?

I spent years trying to take my relationship onto the next level.
I had a good relationship in many ways, but we still had our default patterns of behaviour that left me feeling lonely and resentful.

I knew deep down there was room for greater connection and intimacy...
.Click here to read more about my story.

How I Work

I incorporate a combined and powerful
mind and somatic (body) approach in my relationship coaching.
This ensures that we cover the deeper rooted fears of rejection
that most people are carrying around with them as extra baggage.

I help you replace the underlying framework of your
relationship with a new healthier one

I have devised a proven framework called
The Love Alchemy Framework™.
This includes my Profound Permission Method™, 

which is highly effective at helping you move
beyond recurring triggers in your relationship.
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Schedule a Complimentary Call

I offer 30 minute Complimentary Consultations
to help you explore your next best steps.

My husband and I were going through a very big crisis in our relationship.
After 10 years, we were close to divorce, not because we wanted to
but because it seemed like there was no other way.
When my husband agreed to do couples coaching, I found Michele and she seemed to
have a different and very direct approach. We didn't regret it and thank god we did it!
The structure she provided is very powerful and helped us interact in a new, healthier way. 

Michele is an incredible coach and being a coach myself,
I learned so much by interacting with her! She is direct but also caring. 

What I have learned is not only about how to interact with my husband
in a different way but also how to be a more empowered human being.
I have been transforming and I can say with confidence that
I am not the same person today that I was 3 months ago.

I definitely recommend this program to anyone!
It is definitely worth every cent.
She is there for you EVERY step of the way, doing the extra mile when needed.
Michele changed my life and I will never be thankful
enough that our paths crossed one day!

Audrey & Viktor