Is Your Marriage in Crisis?

Crisis in a marriage can look like different things to different people.

The more obvious signs are:


Constant arguments

Little or no physical intimacy 

Certain topics of conversation are out of bounds.

Less obvious signs are often hidden away:

The loneliness due to a lack of emotional connection.

The frustration and resentment of being the pro-active one.

 Always being told what is right or wrong.
The disappointment or shame around not being able
 to create the relationship you want.  

If you have got to the point where...

You no longer want to put up with the defensiveness and avoidance.

You don't want to be blamed, criticised, nagged or
held responsible for your partner's feelings.

Whatever your situation, I would like you to know...

This does not have to be the end of your marriage.

If there is still love in the relationship and your partner is a decent human being then it is totally possible to create a radical change in your relationship.

If you don't want to separate and get a divorce and your partner feels the same, it is highly likely that your marriage is calling for growth.

The good thing about your situation is...

You have an opportunity that most people will never take advantage of.

This opportunity is to make sure that you know you are doing everything you can to ensure your marriage can thrive. 

Life is too short not to, yes?

The reality when it comes to relationships...

The majority of marriages are codependent on some level.
This means that most men and women are holding their partner responsible for their feelings.
This can be overt, it can be subtle. 

Even the marriages that look okay on the face of it experience this.

Why is this?

We are all conditioned to relate to our feelings in a dysfunctional way.
We are taught that certain feelings are bad and we should try to get rid of them.

The truth is, our 'negative' feelings can help us pave the way to feel good more consistently.

They also help us connect with ourselves on a deeper and more intimate level.
When we can create emotional intimacy with ourselves it is much easier to create it with our partner.

Most people just paper over the gaps and keep sweeping things under the carpet.
They are too scared to rock the boat and take a closer look.

This is a tragedy because what they do not realise is that their marriage will only continue to decline over time.

The best case scenarios are as follows:

  • Couples end up with a marriage  where they are 'companions'. 

Companions who might love each other but don't connect on an deeper level.
They often end up bickering, which is justified with 'all couples argue'.
Essentially the lack of emotional connection fails to ensure both partners feel heard and seen.

  • A Transactional Relationship becomes the norm. 

This is where a couple leads quite a separate life.
A common stereotype is where the husband spends most of his time on the golf course and the wife is happy shopping with girlfriends.
The relationship dynamic serves each person on some level.

However, it also does not allow for a more fulfilling and intimate connection to develop.
The sad thing here is that each individual never gets to experience their greatest love

Why Hire Me?

My own marriage took a dive when I went through the menopause. 

The changes I was going through threatened the foundations of our relationship.

However, the reality was that the foundations were shaky in the first place.

A truly healthy framework of relating was not in place because no-one teaches us this.

The truth is. no matter what I tried it wasn't going to work because my energy was one of sabotage...
.Click here to read more about my story.

We are all surrounded by relationship dysfunction. 

Even the seemingly good relationships have skeletons in the closet.

Although I frequently questioned my relationship, I also knew that I did not want to leave my husband .
So, I chose to dig deep and do the work necessary to change our framework of relating.

It was THE best money I have ever spent because it truly has had a knock on effect on all areas of my life.
A healthy relational framework is essential for living your life in a way that feels right for you.

Not one where you have to compromise your values.
Or a life where you end up doing things because you think you should do.

A healthy relationship framework gives you the personal freedom, trust & confidence to renew your marriage.

It gives you both the chance to be heard, seen and loved in a way that didn't feel possible before.
This is what enables you to give your marriage the gift of consistent connection and intimacy.

It is a win win for both you and your partner.
Deep down you both know that you are loved on a deeper level than you ever were before.

Marriage Coaching and Therapy
Options for Couples

I offer relationship coaching programmes,
depending on the specifics of your situation.

My programmes and sessions are aimed at
couples in the following situations:

1. Couples In Crisis - who want to save their marriage.

2. Couples exploring whether separation is best for them.

3. Couples who want to enhance their connection and intimacy.

1. Marriages in Crisis

If you are looking to give your marriage the best chance of survival and transformation over the long-term, I recommend committing to my premium 6 month programme.

This is a fully supported programme, which includes individual and couples sessions.
Throughout your journey, you are able to contact me between sessions.
In addition I write to you with crucial information and insights to ensure you are on the right track.

It is important to remember that you will have spent many years not realising you are sabotaging to the degree that you both are.

There is work to be done. However, this work will help you radically change the the underlying framework of your marriage in a short amount of time.
This is only possible with the additional support I provide plus a commitment from us all to going 'all in'.

When you have a busy lifestyle and/or work life it is also essential that you do not feel rushed.
This is why I offer a 6 month fully supported  programme.
In my experience coaching many couples this is what is required to create a significant and long-lasting change.

My clients feel more secure knowing that they have longer-term support available for them to draw upon.

2. Couples exploring separation and divorce

If one or both of you are not clear on whether you want to stay together I recommend a Couples Intensive.
If you would like to do what you can to try and save your marriage, I recommend my longer 6 month programme.
It is all too easy to default into old patterns.

A commitment to transformation as opposed to 'just seeing how you get on' is going to be of far greater benefit in the long-run.

All programmes are tailor-made depending on your situation.

3. Couples who want to take their marriage onto a new level of connection and intimacy.

If you relationship is on the whole good but you are looking to move beyond some recurring issues in certain areas I recommend a Couples Intensive or a shorter 3 month programme of sessions both individually and as a couple.  

Please book a call to discuss your situation below.

How I Work

I incorporate a combined and powerful mind and somatic (body) approach in my couples coaching. This ensures we address the deeper rooted fears of rejection.

It is essential that these fears are not left to run the show!

I help you replace the underlying framework of your relationship with a new healthier one.

I have devised a proven framework called The Love Alchemy Framework™.
This includes my Profound Permission Method™,  which is highly effective at helping you move beyond recurring triggers in your relationship.

When you move beyond triggers you have much more space to create love and connection together. 
Read more here..

Schedule a Complimentary Call

I offer 30 minute Complimentary Consultations
to help you explore your next best steps.

My husband and I were going through a very big crisis in our relationship.
After 10 years, we were close to divorce, not because we wanted to but because it seemed like there was no other way.
When my husband agreed to do couples coaching, I found Michele and she seemed to have a different and very direct approach. We didn't regret it and thank god we did it!
The structure she provided is very powerful and helped us interact in a new, healthier way. 

Michele is an incredible coach and being a coach myself I learned so much by interacting with her! She is direct but also caring.

What I have learned is not only about how to interact with my husband in a different way but also how to be a more empowered human being. I have been transforming and I can say with confidence that
I am not the same person today that I was 3 months ago.

I definitely recommend this program to anyone! It is definitely worth every cent.  She is there for you EVERY step of the way, doing the extra mile when needed.
Michele changed my life and I will never be thankful enough that our paths crossed one day!

Audrey & Viktor, Switzerland

*Disclaimer: Any testimonials stated on this page or on any pages on this website are proof of the success of Michele's work. Results may vary from person to person depending on your commitment and specific situation.

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