Michele Willmott

Relationship Coach & Mentor

Online Relationship Coaching and Therapy

Does Online Relationship Therapy and Coaching Work?

Online relationship coaching is a highly effective and time efficient way to get the support you need to transform your situation.  

Some people are wary of this way of working as there is often a belief that therapeutic modalities need or should be undertaken face to face.  

One of the main benefits is that individuals feel less self conscious because they are in the comfort of their own home or office. Online therapy and coaching also tends to create less distractions.

Where my clients come from

I have been offering online relationship coaching sessions for over 12 years now. The beauty of this way of working is that I can work with you from any location in the world.

Alongside clients from all over the United Kingdom, I have worked with men, women and couples living in the United States, Spain, France, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, and Finland.

How I Work Online

I use secure online zoom conferencing for our sessions.

I aim to accommodate your best times and days of the week as well as taking into account time zone differences. 

You will have time to process your learnings and put them into practice between sessions. To start with we will work on a weekly basis moving towards bi-weekly sessions.

I consider my clients work schedules when deciding upon the best format for our time together and ensure that you are involved in the process.

Additional Support

When you opt for one of my longer-term programmes I write to you after sessions with a recap of the main points and any homework actions. I also offer you additional pointers and insights that arise after our sessions. This extra support helps to consolidate your learning.

You have the opportunity to write to me with your questions at any time from Wednesday to Sunday. I will respond as soon as I can between the hours of 9am to 5pm UK time. 

I also offer my clients 'emergency' sessions to deal with pressing issues that have arisen. Depending on the duration and number, these calls will take the place of our normal sessions for that week or the next.

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