Michele Willmott

Relationship Coach & Mentor

Relationship Coaching
and Therapy
 Harley Street, London

I offer the opportunity for my clients to work with me on a face to face basis for relationship and marriage counselling at Harley Street in Marylebone, London.

This iconic street, known for it's private health clinics and therapy rooms is highly accessible. It is only a short ride on the London Underground from main stations such as Waterloo, Paddington and Charing Cross.

The nearest tube stations to Harley Street are Bond Street (Central and Jubilee Lines) and Oxford Circus (Victoria, Bakerloo and Central Lines). Both stations are only a short walk away. 

If you are arriving by car, long-term car parking is available at underground car parks in Cavendish Square and at the rear of Harley Street. 
There is also short-term metered parking outside the house.

How I Work With Couples

My work aims to ensure that you have a tried and tested framework that will keep on supporting you and your relationship for years to come.

Here will focus on 'undoing' your conditioned behaviours and ways of thinking that keep you stuck. 

Your conditioned behaviours have become ingrained over the years.
They are not the real you in many ways because they result in self sabotage.
What tends to happen is you end up pushing away the person you love without even realising it. 

To stand your best chance of turning your relationship around, I highly recommend making a commitment to a programme of relationship coaching.
When my clients make a commitment in terms of time (rather than just dipping their toes in the water with one or two sessions), they value the work we do together.
They put themselves in a great position to transform their current relationship dynamic.
This is when change happens and it can happen quickly.

My intention is that you will walk away from our time together knowing that it was money very well spent. 

I welcome you to book a complimentary call with me to discuss your next best steps.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to the call.

Price information is listed on the questionnaire.

Relationship Therapy and Coaching Options
at Harley Street, London

  • Couples Intensives and 4-6 Month Programmes available.
  • High touch support in between sessions. 
  • Sessions are 90 minutes.
  • One-off sessions for couples or individuals who want more clarity as to whether they want to work at saving their relationship or if it is best to move on.

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Any testimonials stated on this page or on any pages on this website are proof of the success of Michele's work. Results may vary from person to person depending on your commitment and specific situation.