Who I Work With

I work with men, women & couples who have a desire for greater connection & intimacy with their partner.
However, they find themselves stuck in the same old patterns of behaviour, thinking & feeling.  
This leaves them unsure how to take things onto a new level.  
Often they have achieved great success in their work lives but their romantic life falls short.

I help them radically transform their relationship and the foundations on which it is based.  
This is what is necessary for long term change and for both partners to get their needs met.

I combine the principles of Archetypal Shadow Work with those of healthy Polarity to take my clients
beyond their conditioned responses & into the realm of deep love, passion & real connection.

I call forth all my clients into their most powerful self & help them take the action
 that will help them to see big changes in their love life.

The degree of freedom, connection & intimacy that is possible
when you decide to embark on this journey is priceless!

My Story

What would I like you to know about me? 
I started off my career as a teacher in the UK (12 years) but knew my heart wasn't in it for a long time. 

I was also in a relationship for a long time, from the age of 18, until my late twenties.

Relationship Disaster

 I got out of both eventually & I say, eventually, because I was too scared to follow my gut for the most part.
I ended up calling my wedding off a few months before the date. Coincidentally, my husband did the
very same thing at a similar time (& before we met).

Five years into our marriage we decided to leave our teaching careers & take the big leap 
of moving to France.  We set up a ski chalet business in the pretty alpine village of Samoens, following a 5 year plan, 
viewing the business as a stepping stone into something new but unknown. 
We sold up within a week of that 5 year marker & I decided to fully embrace my coaching business.

My Accident
In 2014 I sustained a spinal cord injury due to a bad fall. This was one of those defining moments in life.  At first it seemed 
like a hopeless situation & where I found myself in an extremely emotional state.  I was left wondering whether
I would be able to work again or be able to do the activities I had previously enjoyed.

I went through a period of grief for my old life but then made a decision that I was not going to let my
condition beat me & that I would live my life to it's fullest as much as I possibly could.

And now......
My accident has taught me that we can let external situations & our emotions control us.  Even take away our power! 
Alternatively, we can choose to take back our power & endeavour to master the relationship we have with ourselves. 
This has undoubtedly served me well in my marriage; helping me to take the responsibility required to create
what I truly desired in my romantic life. 

Throughout our relationship my husband & I have been challenged to move past our
deeper conditioning in order to keep our marriage alive & connected. 

It has only been through the realisation that we, as individuals, are solely responsible for

our own happiness that our relationship has been able to thrive over time

Taking full responsibility for our own well-being, alongside realising that we are all
truly powerful creators, gives us the freedom, connection & intimacy that we always wanted. 

This is a journey that keeps unfolding as we move through different life cycles together.  I cherish 
being with a partner who is
committed & willing to support me on my path & at the same time seek to master his own journey.

My Qualifications:

I bring to our relationship 12 years experience as a Co-Active Professional Life Coach (CPCC).
I am also fully certified by the International Coach Federation & hold the ACC status.

I trained with the ICF recognised Coach Training Institute.

I am also a certified 'Firework' Career Coach.

I am an Imago Relationships Facilitator trained through Imago Relationships International 

I am a qualified Contemporary Psychotherapist.
obtained my Diploma with Beeleaf Contemporary Psychotherapy, London.

Creating Extraordinary In Love

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