Michele Willmott 
Relationship Mentor & Coach


 What would I like you to know about me? 
My own relationship trials & tribulations over the years have without a doubt led me to where I am today in my business & in my romantic life.
My mission today is to help couples save & transform their relationships into something extraordinary.

I started off as a teacher in the UK (12 years) but knew my heart wasn't in it for a very long time. I was in a relationship for a long time too from the age of 18.

Relationship Disaster!

 I got out of both eventually & I say eventually because I was     too scared to follow my gut for the most part. The relationship one was a little more tricky as it involved calling off my wedding off a few months before the date.

Moving On!

This all led me to meet my husband (we have been married for 18 years & incidentally he also called a wedding off round about the same time as me, but when we didn't know each other). 

Now, whilst I fell truly, madly, deeply for him & I was very determined not to go down the same road as my previous relationship, many aspects of our relationship were based on society's idealised notions of love & romance. This is the same for most relationships & ends up resulting in what I call, 'unconscious game play.' Here, each individual is largely co-dependent on the other & is holding their partner responsible for their happiness & fulfilment.
This is always a recipe for much frustration, resentment & upset & ultimately is the reason why such a large percentage of relationships end in separation. 

So, whilst fundamentally Matt (husband) & I, developed a strong relationship based on a shared value system & attitude to life, we of course had to navigate the trickier waters of a relationship steeped in conditioned behaviour. 

Thankfully I was so determined to enjoy & cultivate a relationship where I felt like I could fully be myself, I made it my mission to keep speaking up, working on my own issues & trying to take full responsibility whenever I could see that I was doing the opposite. Whilst it has not been plain sailing, I know that this is what has taken our marriage onto a completely new level & the next levels of growth as a couple & individually are always unfolding.

Moving Abroad

We decided to move to France & set up a ski chalet business in 2007. It was a stepping stone onto something unknown & we planned to sell the chalet within 5 years. As it turned out we sold the chalet within a week of the 5 years & it was then then that I decided to fully embrace my Life coaching & Yoga Retreat business, which was already underway.

A few years on, I now specialise in Relationship Mentoring. I am passionate about helping entrepreneurial & professional couples, men & women to reinvent their love & desire & move beyond the limitations of what I call  'patriarchal love'. 

Mindset, Emotions & Energy

My top values are around communicating with honesty, vulnerability and compassion, whilst taking full responsibility for my emotions and mindset. Taking responsibility in this way is key to mastering your energy into a state of being that is attractive as opposed to repelling. This is what helps us create the results we are looking for - more connection, freedom, fun & greater intimacy both emotionally & physically. 

How I see Love....

In my opinion, life is without a doubt too short to settle in love.
Most relationships become dull & stagnant over time & if you just want companionship that is fine, but for me there is nothing that beats the stimulation & satisfaction of knowing that you are in a relationship that inspires you much more often than not & where you are both supporting each other's growth path in life. 

My Qualifications:

I bring to our relationship 10 years experience as a Co-Active Professional Life Coach (ACC, CPCC) fully certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

I trained with the ICF recognised Coach Training Institute.

I am also a certified 'Firework' Career Coach.

Relationships Facilitation:
I am an Imago Relationships Facilitator trained through 
Imago Relationships International, this enables me to work with couples and individuals around the topic of relationships and in particular Relationship communication.


I am a qualified Contemporary Psychotherapist and obtained my Diploma with Beeleaf Contemporary Psychotherapy, London.