Who I Work With

I work with men, women & couples who have a longing & desire for greater connection & intimacy with their partner. However, they find themselves stuck in the same old patterns of behaviour, thinking & feeling, leaving them unsure how to take things onto a new level.  
Often they have achieved great success in their work lives but their romantic life falls short.

Together I work with them towards their ideal relationship vision providing a space that allows for radical acceptance, honesty & compassion.

I call forth all my clients into their most powerful self & help them take precise actions that will help them begin to see big changes in their love life. This work can be very challenging at times & requires a commitment to move past out of date &
conditioned behaviours into new ways of being, feeling & thinking. 

However, the degree of freedom, connection & intimacy that is possible when you decide to embark on this journey is priceless!

My Story

What would I like you to know about me? 
I started off my career as a teacher in the UK (12 years) but knew my heart wasn't in it for a long time. 

I was also in a relationship for a long time, from the age of 18 up until my late twenties.

Relationship Disaster

 I got out of both eventually & I say eventually because I was too scared to follow my gut for the most part.
I ended up calling off my wedding off a few months before the date. Coincidentally my husband called
his wedding off too around about the same time (& before we met).

Five years into our marriage we decided to leave our teaching careers & take the big leap 
of moving to France & setting up a ski chalet business in the pretty alpine village of Samoens. We made a 5 year plan,
with a view to the business being a stepping stone onto something new but unknown.
We sold up within a week of that 5 year marker & I decided to fully embrace my coaching business.

My Accident
In 2014 I sustained a spinal cord injury due to a bad fall. This was one of those defining moments in life that at first seemed
like a hopeless situation & where I found myself in an extremely emotional state, wondering whether I would be able to
work again or be able to do the activities I had previously enjoyed.

I went through a period of grief for my old life but then made a decision that I was not going to let my condition beat me
& that I would live my life to it's fullest as much as I possibly could.

And now......

My accident has taught me that we can let external situations & our emotions control us & take away our power. 
Alternatively, we can choose to take back our power & endeavour to master the relationship we have with ourselves. 
This has undoubtedly served me well in my marriage; helping me to take the responsibility required to create
what I truly desired in my romantic life. 

Throughout our relationship my husband & I have been challenged to move past our
deeper conditioning in order to keep our marriage alive & connected. 

It has only been through the realisation that we, as individuals, are solely responsible for our own 

happiness that our relationship has been able to thrive & survive over time

Taking full responsibility for our own well-being & not holding each other to ransom, alongside realising that we are all
truly powerful creators, has given us the freedom, connection & intimacy that we always wanted. 

This is a journey that keeps unfolding as we move through different life cycles together & I cherish
being with a partner who is
committed & willing to support me on my path & at the same time seek to master himself & find purpose in his own life.

My Qualifications:

I bring to our relationship 10 years experience as a Co-Active Professional Life Coach (CPCC).
I am also fully certified by the International Coach Federation & hold the ACC status.

I trained with the ICF recognised Coach Training Institute.

I am also a certified 'Firework' Career Coach.

Relationships Facilitation:
I am an Imago Relationships Facilitator trained through 
Imago Relationships International, this enables me to work with couples and individuals around the topic of relationships and in particular relationship communication.


I am a qualified Contemporary Psychotherapist & obtained my Diploma with Beeleaf Contemporary Psychotherapy, London.

Creating Extraordinary In Love

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