Who do I work with?

I am a trusted coach for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs
in industries ranging from finance and investment,
to marketing, health and teaching.  

My clients all have one thing in common:

They are questioning their relationship.

They are not as fulfilled as they  truly want to be in this area of their life.

They either have hit crisis point
they know if they don't take a closer look now
 they will be on a slippery slope.

Here is an overview of how I came to do this work 
and some transparency about my own journey....

My Story

I started off my career as a teacher in the UK. I learnt some great skills but knew my heart wasn't in it. I was in a relationship for most of this time, from the age of 18 until I was 30.

I left both my career and my relationship eventually. I say, eventually, because I was too scared to follow my gut for the most part. I ended up calling my wedding off a few months before the date. Coincidentally, my now husband did the very same thing at a similar time (before we met).

Moving to France

My husband and I married in 2002. Five years into our marriage we decided to leave our teaching careers and move to France.

We took a leap of faith and set up a ski chalet business in the French Alps. Here we made a 5 year plan, viewing the business as a stepping stone into something new but unknown.
We sold up within a week of that 5 year marker and this is when I decided to fully embrace my coaching business.

During this time I ran coaching and yoga retreats. I also worked with organisations such as Colgate Palmolive and
The World Wildlife Fund in Geneva, offering support and coaching to enhance their well-being schemes.

My Accident

In 2014 I sustained a spinal cord injury due to a bad fall at a waterfall.
It was one of those defining moments in life where at first it seemed like a hopeless situation. I found myself in an extremely emotional state. I was left me wondering whether I would be able to work again or be able to do the activities I enjoyed.

I went through a period of grief for my old life. This all brought me to the realisation that I could not let my feelings bring me down. I had to choose to live my life as fully as I could every day.

My accident taught me that we are fundamentally at choice as to whether our external situations and our feelings get the better of us.
Despite the difficulties, this experience has served me well in my marriage.
It has helped take the responsibility required to turn the relationship around when things got tough.

Throughout our relationship we have been challenged to move past our deeper conditioning in order to keep our marriage alive and connected.

You can read more about my relationship transformation story here.

If you would like to speak with me and are fully committed to creating long-term
change in your relationship, please refer to my Women's Coaching pageCoaching for Men
 or Couples Coaching pages for more information.

My Qualifications

I bring to our relationship 12 years experience as a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CPCC) having trained with the renowned ICF recognised Coach Training Institute.

am an Imago Relationships Facilitator trained through Imago Relationships International.

I am a qualified Contemporary Psychotherapist. obtained my Psychotherapy Diploma with Beeleaf Contemporary Psychotherapy, London.

I am also a certified Firework Career Coach.

What I would also like you to know..... 


I have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance with Oxygen Insurance.

I have heavily invested for years in mentors and coaches who helped me understand how parts of ourselves unintentionally create sabotage in our relationship. 

These parts are only doing what they think in order to avoid being rejected.
Sadly, their thinking and behaviour serves to create more disconnection.

Ultimately we end up keeping the person we love at arms length.

This is the work I am most excited to share with you due to its potential for long lasting transformation.

When I started out on my relationship coaching and therapy career I did not realise how much I was still being led by my own sabotaging patterns. I had to unlearn many patterns of behaviour and thinking that were not serving me. 

This is when everything started shifting onto a completely new level.  

Today I coach other therapists and coaches who still struggle in their relationships. 
This for me, says that there is something missing from many therapeutic modalities in regards to honouring the different needs of men and women. It is also the main reason why I found myself at a standstill despite all of my trainings.

This is why I am passionate about this work and my aim is two-fold:

1. To help you create a relationship that thrives over the long-term.
2. To help you trust your innate capacity to keep creating consistent connection. 

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