Private 1 to 1
Relationship Mentoring Programmes 
for Men

In a society that historically has not valued emotional openness, especially for men,
it is no wonder that many men struggle to form relationships that have a depth & meaning to them.
It is usually safer for men to hide behind their rational, logical mind in place of being more open,
honest & clear in their communication. This has a direct impact on the way they show
up in their relationships at home & at work.

Learning to move past these conditioned, out of date habits & patterns of behaviour is key
to being a true leader in your own life & essential for creating the kind of relationships,
which will give you the kind of emotional & physical connection that lead to real personal fulfilment.

My Mentoring Programmes are aimed at helping you to:

*Transform the way you show up in your relationships at home & at work, in such a way that you will feel confident, assertive & free to be yourself.
*Release old habits and patterns of behaviour that are not serving you or helping you to get the best out of your relationships.
*Stand strong in your boundaries & ensure that you can give & get the understanding & support you want.
*Communicate your wishes firmly and in such a way that others hear you.
*Become more emotionally intelligent so that you can create greater intimacy, trust, honesty & connection with your partner & at work.
*Become more aware of where you are playing games, holding back & not being clear enough in your relationships.
*Step more boldly into your full power & be the leader your/a partner wants you to be at the same time as honouring her feminine qualities. 

There are 2 options for this work
A) A 4 Month Mentoring Programme
B) A package of 2 Intensive sessions

4 Month Programme:

  • 90 minute Introductory Call
  • 11 x 75 minute 1 to 1 Calls (can be taken over a period of 4 months)
  • Weekly Support via email/whatsapp (Mon-Thurs 9-5pm CEST)
  • In depth support, advice & coaching regarding the way you communicate & show up in your relationships

This programme is for men who are committed to being a true leader in their own life first & fore-mostly & then taking this into their romantic & work relationships.
This is for you if you desire to move beyond old patterns of behaviour that keep you feeling stuck, frustrated & that you know are having a negative effect on your relationships.
During our time together we will explore different masculine archetypes, such as the Lover, Warrior, King & Magician helping you to embody more of these energies into your personality & in the way you show up. These archetypes are hugely beneficial for helping you to counteract the negative effect of old conditioned behaviours, which keep you feeling stuck or less empowered & instead help you to relate from your powerful self, which is self assured, decisive, motivated & on purpose.

Investment: €5000

Intensive Session Package:

  • 2 x 2 hour 30 minute calls (2 or 3 weeks in between each call)
  • Weekly Support via email (Mon-Thurs 9-5pm CEST)

Investment: €1800

 What Michele's Clients Say

"I decided to work with Michele with the view to improving my leadership & communication skills both at work & in my relationship. Throughout our sessions it became clear how much I can impact others either  negatively or positively with the way I communicate, not just verbally but also on an energetic level. 
Working with Michele has helped me become more self assured as a leader. This has had a knock-on affect
on my employees in that they are clearer & more confident in delivering their work at their highest potential. Learning & incorporating new ways of showing up in my relationship that have reduced tension & served
to create greater connection between my wife & I have also been invaluable......It has been a great exercise
in looking at myself & becoming more of a pro-active force rather than someone who ‘life’ happens to. 
All of this together with becoming more aware of the ways in which I can take full responsibility 
for the outcomes I want to create & realizing that I am the one with the power to change things
has been an empowering experience & I am grateful for Michele's support & guidance."

Michael, France

Michele has helped me take my marriage & family life onto a whole new level as well as

helping me with my anxiety issues. I now have more patience with my children & am
able to communicate with my wife with more compassion & understanding.
At the same time I feel more powerful in terms of not settling & staying stagnant
in our relationship, but instead taking decisive action in order to explore new &
unknown territory, especially on an intimate level. The archetypal work Michele used in
our sessions was highly beneficial in helping me access greater confidence &
 a sense of what it felt like to stand fully in my own power.
This is something I was never aware of beforehand 
but has helped me recognise how much more capacity I have in terms
of changing the areas of my life in which I want to improve. 
This work is transformational and highly impactful.
I highly recommend it to any man who is looking to transform his relationship.

Greg, Geneva, Swizerland