Premium, Bespoke, 1 to 1
Relationship Mentoring 
Programmes for Men

In a society that historically has not valued emotional openness,
it is no wonder that many men struggle to form relationships
that have a depth & meaning to them.
It is usually safer for men to hide behind their rational,
logical mind in place of being more open, honest & clear in their communication. 

This has a direct impact on the way they show
up in their relationships at home & at work.

Simply, few men are in their full power when it comes to their relationships.
There is a lack of understanding of what this actually means & looks like.
To be in one's full power does not mean to be controlling or dominant at the expense of others.
It means accepting FULL responsibility for your capacity to create
your desires vision in love, in your career & in life in general.
It also means taking full responsibility for one's emotional & mental patterns.

Learning to move past conditioned & out of date patterns of behaviour is key
to being a true leader in your own life & essential for creating the kind of relationships,
which will give you the kind of emotional & physical connection
that lead to real personal fulfilment & intimacy on all levels.

My Mentoring Programmes 
are aimed at moving you into a
completely new level of Relationship Success

Here is what's possible:

*Transform the way you show up in your relationships at home & at work, so that you will feel confident, trusting & free to be yourself without hiding or holding back.

*Release old habits, patterns of behaviour & emotions such as anxiety & anger that are not helping you to get the best out of your relationships, so that you can create greater freedom in love.

*Stand strong in your boundaries & ensure that you can give & get the understanding & support you want.

*Communicate your wishes & emotions in such a way that others hear you.

*Become more emotionally intelligent so that you can be more accepting of yourself & create greater intimacy, trust, honesty & connection with your partner.

*Become more aware of where you are playing games, holding back & not being clear enough in your relationships, so that you can step more boldly into your full power & be the dynamic, inspiring, attractive partner you are capable of being.

There are 2 options for this work

4 Month Mentoring Programme

Introductory 2 Hour Call

Weekly 90 minute 1 to 1 Calls 

 Access to Michele for extra support
(Mon-Fri 9-5pm GMT)

In depth support, advice & coaching

This premium mentoring programme is for gentlemen
who are committed to mastering their own behaviour,
thinking & magnetic attraction, so that
they can create their desired vision in their romantic life.

If you desire greater intimacy on both an emotional & physical level, more freedom & fun in your relationship, this programme will help you move way beyond old, conditioned patterns that keep you feeling stuck or that something is missing in this area of your life.

This is a bespoke mentoring programme,
which will focus on the specific patterns that you are
 currently unaware of, that hold you back
time & time again when it comes to love.

When you are aware of the thing you are doing that is not working in your favour, you have the ability to step into a completely new you, who is able to attract what he wants
from a place of true energetic & magnetic power. 

Unfortunately very few men show up in love from
an energy of true power, purely because no-one
teaches us how to do this.

Your vision is already within you, yet just around the
corner waiting to be unlocked. 

 I invite you to take this bold & exciting step into
becoming the masterful creator of your own unique
& ideal romantic relationship.

I offer a 45 minute clarity call 
if you are interested in this package.
On this call you will discover your main pattern of relationship sabotage as well as your next best steps.
The fee for this call is £100. 
It will be refunded to you if you decide to go to
the next level and sign up for this programme.
Please complete the application questionnaire 
before we talk by clicking the button below.


Men's Relationship Intensive

6 x 2 Hour Calls
over a 6 week duration.

Email support between calls 

These sessions are designed to take a laser focused approach to your current romantic situation & help you see
where & why you are feeling stuck or frustrated.

Whether you are currently single or in a relationship,
together we will look at:

 *your desired vision, values & standards for love

*your past patterns of behaviour & beliefs, which have resulted in you giving your power away in love
*your relationship with your mind & emotions

We will work on: 
helping you show up in a more powerful way, 
so you can become more magnetic to your 
ideal relationship scenario.

In my work I use an Archetypal Structure: 
which will give you a much greater awareness of when
you are behaving in a way that does not help you
attract what you want. Here you will be able to see when, where & how you are responding from your Shadow Archetypes (Prostitute, Child, Victim/Bully, Saboteur)
& what needs to happen for you to step into your Power Archetypes (Lover, King, Warrior, Magician).

My clients find that this is an extremely effective way of helping you to refine & hone your energy so that you 
are able to become that exact match for what you want to create in your romantic life moving forwards. 

 I offer a 45 minute clarity call 
if you are interested in this package.
On this call you will discover your main pattern of relationship sabotage as well as your next best steps.

The fee for this call is £100. 
It will be refunded to you if you decide to go to
the next level and sign up for this programme.
Please complete the application questionnaire 
before we talk by clicking the button below.


 What Michele's Clients Say

"I decided to work with Michele with the view to improving my leadership & communication skills both at work & in my relationship. Throughout our sessions it became clear how much I can impact others either  negatively or positively with the way I communicate, not just verbally but also on an energetic level. 
Working with Michele has helped me become more self assured as a leader. This has had a knock-on affect
on my employees in that they are clearer & more confident in delivering their work at their highest potential. Learning & incorporating new ways of showing up in my relationship that have reduced tension & served
to create greater connection between my wife & I have also been invaluable......It has been a great exercise
in looking at myself & becoming more of a pro-active force rather than someone who ‘life’ happens to. 
All of this together with becoming more aware of the ways in which I can take full responsibility 
for the outcomes I want to create & realizing that I am the one with the power to change things
has been an empowering experience & I am grateful for Michele's support & guidance."

Michael, France

I highly recommend working with Michele if you get the chance. Her work addresses areas of sabotage you are not consciously aware of & she incorporates a highly effective archetypal framework, which will help you in all areas of your life. Michele is the coach that can help you transform and reach the next level.

Viktor, Lausanne, Switzerland

Michele has helped me take my marriage & family life onto a whole new level as well as

helping me with my anxiety issues. I now have more patience with my children & am
able to communicate with my wife with more compassion & understanding.
At the same time I feel more powerful in terms of not settling & staying stagnant
in our relationship, but instead taking decisive action in order to explore new &
unknown territory, especially on an intimate level. The archetypal work Michele
used in our sessions was highly beneficial in helping me access greater confidence
a sense of what it felt like to stand fully in my own power.
This is something I was never aware of beforehand 
but has helped me recognise how much more capacity I have in terms
of changing the areas of my life in which I want to improve. 
This work is transformational and highly impactful.
I highly recommend it to any man who is looking to transform his relationship.

Greg, Geneva, Swizerland