Relationship Mentoring

For Couples...

 Who are facing the high possibility of a painful divorce or separation. 

I work with couples who are fully committed to creating a 
RADICAL and long lasting transformation in a matter of months.  

Why The Majority Of People
Will Never Experience A Great Love

Most people would think a few months is 'too' long.
 They would also say 'I don't have the time'. 

The ludicrous thing is they have spent their whole lives
trying to find the love they have always dreamt of,
secretly hoping it is going to appear as if by magic.

This is unfortunately not how transformation happens.

The truth is the majority of people are not prepared
to fully back themselves or value their own happiness.
Generally they are too busy chasing the kind of success
that gives them the excuse not to take a closer look at their love life.

They allow their fear to be bigger than them when in fact
 it contains the seeds of their greatest love. 

This is EXACTLY why most people will never experience
a love that goes beyond the norm.

You on the other hand are here for a reason.

You ARE READY for extraordinary.

Why Hire Me?

I spent years trying to take my relationship onto the next level. I was lucky I had a good relationship compared to most, but I KNEW there was more. I also experienced the kind of hurt and disappointment that did not seem to shift over time. In fact when I hit menopause the desire to create something better became all the more evident.

All the popular relationship tools and techniques only ever served to help me create short-term incremental change. 

I then invested heavily in Shadow Work (which should be called 'Love' work) & discovered how to polarize my relationship in a healthy way (absolute game changer).

I have faced ALL of my fears head on in my relationship to the extent I have no fear. My healing and action inspired my husband to fly in the face of his fears too.

The ongoing trust, erotic intimacy & deep connection is the elusive relationship I always wanted to believe was possible.

I invite you to come on a journey of creating your own unique and extraordinary love.

How I Work

I incorporate a combined mind & somatic (body) approach in my mentoring,
drawing on my own experience & the various tools and techniques

collected along the way in my coaching and therapeutic trainings.

My Love Alchemy Framework™ provides a highly effective structure, 

helping you see the when you are in shadow as opposed to your true power 
and how this is having a detrimental effect on your relationship.

This framework will help you see all the highly sneaky ways shadow
shows up in your relationship with self and with your partner 
through the use of a number of archetypes. 

These archetypes are already alive within you although they will generally
 be lying dormant. Together we will be looking to activate them in such a way
that you, your partner and your relationship all benefit over the long-term.  

Please be prepared to be challenged on your limiting behaviours where
necessary but also to be supported with the utmost compassion and love.

As I say to all my clients, transformation is always just around the corner.
Your shadows also contain a gift, they are not to be feared. 

What people don't stop to realise is that they also have a deep fear
of not being truly loved for who they are.

Many unfortunately, never get to experience this in their life time.

Ready to start Transforming your Love Life?

Creating Extraordinary in Love