Relationship Mentoring

For Couples...

 Who are facing the possibility of a painful divorce or separation. 

I work with couples who are committed to creating a 
RADICAL and long lasting transformation in a matter of months.  

Why The Majority Of People
Will Never Experience A Great Love

Most people will read my comments about transforming their relationship

 in a matter of a few months and think something along the following:

 'a few months is too long'.
 They might also say 'I don't have the time' or...
'how do I know if this is going to work'

'my partner won't change'

'I don't know how or where to start'

'I've already tried talking to my partner and it doesn't work'

These thoughts are examples of how the mind can sabotage our love lives.

Self sabotage is rife when it comes to love.

We fear being rejected for who we really are.

The fear we felt when we were children. 

It is often easier to leave or 'run' when things get difficult 

than it is to open yourself up to the possibility of such rejection.

The question to ask yourself however, is:

Who do you want to be in this one short life of yours?

Someone who is willing to fly in the face of your fears and

die knowing that you did everything you could to create

a relationship where you feel deeply loved


Someone who dies knowing you didn't really go for it and that 

you lived every day always hoping that your partner might show up

differently and be who you want them to be?

The latter is unfortunately the choice many people make....always hoping,
which is really only wishful thinking. 

The truth is you have far more power than you realise to
transform your situation. The problem is, society has conditioned you,

like the majority of people, to play it small.

My work is designed to help you trust in your own power

to create what you want in your love life and stop keeping it at arm's length.

I welcome you to this life changing and relationship transforming work.

Why Hire Me?

I spent years trying to take my relationship onto the next level. I was lucky I had a good relationship compared to most, but we still had our default patterns of behaviour that left me feeling lonely and resentful. I KNEW there was room for more. I also experienced the kind of hurt and disappointment that did not seem to shift over time. In fact when I hit menopause the desire to create something better became all the more evident.

All the popular relationship tools and techniques only ever served to help me create short-term incremental change. 

I then invested heavily in Shadow Work (which should be called 'Love' work) & discovered how to polarize my relationship in a healthy way (absolute game changer).

I chose to face my fears head on in my relationship and continue to show up fully never really knowing whether my husband would step up to meet me. The thing is when we step into our empowered selves this is far more inspiring to our partner even though there may be discomfort along the way. My healing and action inspired my husband to fly in the face of his fears too.

As I say to all my clients if you partner is a good, decent person there is every chance they will open up to join you on this journey. However, you will never know if you are continually waiting for them.

The trusting, connected and intimate relationship that you have always wanted to believe was possible is absolutely possible. YOU are THE person who can make this happen, even if you have no idea how right now.

How I Work

I incorporate a combined mind & somatic (body) approach in my mentoring,

drawing on my own experience & the various tools and techniques collected 

along the way in my coaching and therapeutic trainings.

My Love Alchemy Framework™ provides a highly effective structure, 

helping you see the when you are in shadow as opposed to your true power 

and how this is having a detrimental effect on your relationship.

This framework will help you see all the highly sneaky ways shadow shows up in your relationship with self and with your partner through the use of a number of archetypes.


These archetypes are already alive within you although they will generally be lying dormant. Together we will be looking to activate them in such a way that you, 

your partner and your relationship all benefit over the long-term.  

Please be prepared to be challenged on your limiting behaviours where necessary but also to be supported with the utmost compassion and love.

As I say to all my clients, transformation is always just around the corner.

Your shadows also contain a gift, they are not to be feared. 

What people don't stop to realise is that they also have a deep fear of 

not being truly loved for who they are. Many unfortunately, never get to

experience this in their life time because they let that fear stop them. 

Ready to start Transforming your Love Life?

You will find below my normal rates and packages.

I also offer Premium Mentoring packages for couples who are looking for a higher level of support.

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Relationship Mentoring Programme
for Couples
1 Session



  • 90 minute session
  • Online via Zoom or In person
6 Sessions



  • Each session is 75 mins
  • Sessions to be taken within a 3 month period
  • Online via Zoom or In Person

12 Sessions



  • Each session Is 75 mins
  • 1 x Introductory 90 minute session with each individual to begin our work together
  • Timeline Repair Healing Session per individual
  • Includes the 'Deeply Loved' Online course PLUS The Feminine Communication Guide (value £321).
  • Sessions to be taken within a 5 month period
  • Online via Zoom or In person

Creating Extraordinary in Love