career coaching with Michele Willmott

To become a magnet for what you truly want in Love & Life, 
it is essential to take a stand for your desires & fully align yourself with your values & standards.

This involves a commitment to taking full responsibility for the thoughts,
feelings & behaviours that you show up with on a consistent basis. 

Once you an do this you will realise that you have EVERYTHING you need
 within you to create exactly what you want & MORE

The only thing that has been holding you back so far
will be the fact that you have given your fear & resistance more power than yourself.

The Ego is scared of opening up to a real, true love & a fulfilling success on your terms.
It will always do its best to convince you that you are better off with someone else 
or that you should hold back from going for what you want in your work life.

It may feel easier to jump ship, which not only brings with it financial & emotional implications,
but also the likelihood of repeating the same patterns with your next partner.
It may also feel easier to stay small in your work or business.

My work will call you forth to be the best version of yourself for yourself! 
As your Mentor I will challenge you to take a much greater degree of
personal responsibility in your than you have ever done before.

If you are willing & ready to dig deep &
transform everything you thought you knew about yourself, 

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Personal Mastery & Leadership
in Love, Life & Work