Michele Willmott
Career Coach & Mentor

Is This You?

You have climbed all the corporate ladders.
You have the the house, the car, and the salary to match. 

Yet you feel trapped in somebody else's life.  
You are carrying around the weight of all your responsibilities 
and it's hard to see a way how things can change.

You may even find yourself getting cynical at the idea that life can be joyful and fulfilling.

This is a common scenario for many corporate high achievers.

That is.......until you learn how to really get your fulfilment from inside,
you learn how to get beyond your mind and you learn how to
surrender to the flow of life rather than working against it.

This is where life gets exciting.
 You don't necessarily have to give up any of your lifestyle choices,
but what you do have to give up, are some of the really bad habits of the mind.

Do you believe it is possible for yourself to live more consistently
in a place of deep fulfilment, aliveness, gratitude and joy?

The desire to believe this is possible, is all you need to start with!

 What Michele's Clients Say 

Career Coaching Michele Willmott

 Tamara, HR Business Partner Switzerland



I reached out to Michele because I was needing to make some big decisions about my career and needed help with finding greater clarity, confidence and trust that it was okay to move away from safer options that didn’t really light me up.  

Michele’s coaching and presence was key in helping me align with what I really wanted and to feel a greater sense of self-belief and move away from feeling stuck, conflicted and fearful about my work life.

Her coaching techniques are powerful and as a result of our work together I feel so strong, confident and am fully on my way to shaping a career even greater than the one I initially had hoped for.

Career coaching for corporate women

 Marina, Chief of Staff

New York



Michele has been a trusted partner on my journey and certainly a crucial member of my "circle of giants" in the past few years. She has not only helped me define my core values in both my professional and personal life, but also supported me in dreaming big and tapping into my highest potential in order to achieve those dreams. And here I am, living my big dreams to the fullest: dream job, dream man and the city of my dreams. I will forever be grateful that I have been given opportunity to experience Michele's fantastic coaching power.


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