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What Your Relationship Wants

Your relationship does not care about you being right.

It cares about you knowing HOW to create emotional connection.
It wants you to go deeper than just surface level opinions and likes and dislikes.

Knowing how to create a deeply loving relationship requires having emotional connection with yourself first and foremost.
If you think you already have this please read on.

If you still find yourself feeling lonely, rejected, hopeless, anxious and despairing and you don't seem to be able to shift these feelings AND you tend to think it's down to your partner and their failings, whilst there may be some element of truth in this, the real truth is that your own feelings are still getting the better of you. It is more a case that you are still avoiding being in a truly deep and connected relationship with yourself. This will then be playing out in your romantic relationship.

Self sabotage is extremely cunning. Even if you think you are doing all the things necessary to work on yourself and look after your well-being, there is another level of connection to be had with yourself. The reason I say this is, if you have that level of connection with yourself, you trust yourself to know what to do to create transformation in your love life. You do not have to wait for your partner to change.  

Your relationship is waiting for you to have the right connection with you.

When you know how to consistently feel love, joy & aliveness pouring through your heart centre, your external reality will have no choice but to match up.

Love comes FROM you energetically.

You are either attracting it or repelling it.

Your own internal process is key to you being 'attractive' to the relationship you want.
This consists of how you relate to your feelings in your body; the degree to which you don't entertain your mind and it's games; and how you deal with deeper trapped emotional energy, which is fueling much of your behaviour.

This takes a committed approach but it does not have to take any more of your time. The chances are you are wasting precious time doing things that don't help you in any case and which drain your energy, so much so that you are not a match for your desired scenario on a consistent basis.

You just need to decide that you are worthy of your own love regardless of what is happening or not happening in your life.

From here, I recommend highly that you find support from a mentor who has been on this journey and who knows how to do what I describe above, whether this is myself or someone else.

There is so much love waiting for you to claim. Would you like to think of yourself as someone who did everything they could to create this kind of love or someone who was always waiting for their partner to step up?

If your mind is telling you that you have tried everything and nothing has changed so perhaps you and your partner are no longer are compatible; then either it is time to leave and be the person who takes a chance on love OR ask yourself whether your 'I have tried everything' has really involved extensive study or investment in the right kind of support. If the answer is no and you would still like to give your relationship a chance, please do get in touch to see whether you could benefit from one of my mentoring packages. You can see more information and prices on my coaching pages.

I hope to meet you soon.

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Michele Willmott, Relationship Coach and Mentor. I help successful men, women and couples renew and transform their relationship for the long-term.