Why your feelings create gold in your relationship! | Michele Willmott

Why your feelings create gold in your relationship!

Save my marriage

How to turn your anxiety, depression, frustration into absolute gold in your relationship (and all other areas of your life)

It really is all there for your taking.

Unfortunately feelings are a topic that is HIGHLY underestimated.
Let's face it many feelings don't feel that good and even the good feelings such as joy are surfaced over because society lulls you into thinking it's all about the 'thing', the money, the success, the status ...because then you will have made it or then you will be happy.

As a result most people are running scared of their feelings; stuffing them down, numbing out, trying to fix them, even trying to meditate them away, all the time not getting the fact or realising that these feelings are a great gift that contain the seeds of transformation and your most elated, alive and deeply loved life.

Being able to have a consistent healthy relationship with your feelings creates, guess what?

Consistency in your life, work and relationship.

Consistency may sound a little boring, but when you consider that consistency means a continuous flow of the good stuff: whether it be a partner who is loving and caring; a business that supports you; clients who do the work; travel that feels exhilarating, then what's not to love?

Your relationship with your feelings is of huge importance.
It is the biggest reason why so many men and women struggle in their love lives.

Let me explain:

When you have the right relationship with your feelings you create a relationship with your body.

Your body KNOWS what you really desire and thus can lead you to being more of who you want to be and showing up in your love life as that person. 
Your body knows that it doesn't need that thing, person or experience to give itself a dopamine hit to feel good. Your body just knows that you want something because it feels good in a healthy way. It knows how to guide you to feeling good, which is then is a catalyst for you attracting and creating more of what you want.

Granted its not always easy to get beyond the intrusive questioning of the mind (this is your biggest battle and ALL my clients biggest battle). However, if you want to experience life in a way that truly does feel like an unfolding adventure, where your trust that you will be provided for over and over again only gets stronger along with the evidence to prove it...and does so despite moments where you get a bit messy, you forget how powerful you are and it feels difficult.... personal transformation that incorporates the body and its innate wisdom is THE way to your most fulfilling life because then it will only ever be according to your rules not anyone else's.

This is where life, love & work all get to work for you because you know & understand exactly how to move from limitation to expansion within yourself.

If you don't know how to work with your feelings you will hugely limit your time spent in expansion. And working with your feelings is nuanced, not just a case of deciding 'I'm going to try to feel good as much as I possibly can from now on'...this is not working with your feelings. It's putting plaster over a wound and subscribing to toxic positivity.

Your expansive energy brings you more of what you want (i.e. things, experiences, people, work, clients, money) in the way you want it.....there are no coincidences.

Your energy is Queen or King.

Refine it and you will have no absolutely no choice but to create and attract what you want.

How does that sound for starters?

If you would like a radical transformation I am offering 6 Months mentoring to dethrone your status quo voice and mind (which loves to destroy relationships) so that you can create your desired life, love and work. Whether you are a couple, man or woman this is for you if you know there is another level which needs breaking through to. You can email me at [email protected] or book a call on my coaching pages. 

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