Unlocking Relationship Mastery – The Secrets to Creating Long Lasting Connection and Intimacy | Michele Willmott

Unlocking Relationship Mastery – The Secrets to Creating Long Lasting Connection and Intimacy

Unlocking Relationship Mastery - The Secrets to Creating Long Lasting Connection and Intimacy

Do you know what the majority of relationships are starved of?

Your mind is probably not going to like my answer, (or maybe it will, apologies if so 😉 )

They are starved of.....


Hear me out, this is important.

Knowing how to create moments of magic in your relationship is evidence of self mastery.
I am talking about moments that seemingly come out of nothing or even the mundane.
For example, even when you are bored and feeling disconnected from your partner.

I am not talking about the highs of passion that often come after an argument.
That is not magic.
Unfortunately it is just dysfunctional behaviour (no judgement here, I have been there).

Creating moments of connection and intimacy that do not require such highs, entails a deep sense of self trust.
It also requires precision and an intimate relationship with your own feelings. 
Most people are running away or stuffing down their feelings in one way or another.

A deep sense of self trust doesn't need to hide behind 'well I trust myself but not my partner'.
It involves an understanding of what it means to be in your full power when it comes to love. 

Self mastery is necessary for you to attain any kind of relationship mastery.

Relationship and self mastery both require the following:

  • The knowledge and understanding of how to create connection with your partner, even when it looks like things are not going too well.
  • The ability to work with whatever is showing up in the present moment, rather than trying to run away or avoid it (like many people).
  • Being able to hold yourself in the space of the unknown, enough to allow the unseen to become seen. This requires the ability to 'be' in your body rather than your head. It also requires much patience. 
  • Knowing the difference between you being in your full power versus letting your sabotaging patterns lead you.
  • Not buying in to thoughts such as 'I've tried this before and it didn't work' or 'maybe we are not compatible'.
  • Being willing to make mistakes and even look like a bit of a fool to start with.

All of the above require a willingness to 'undo' years of conditioning.
This is always going to be a commitment but one that continues to give back to you over and over.

We have all been conditioned to give our power away.
To act in ways that suggest the success of our love life is out of our hands. 

In many ways, this helps us stay nice and comfortable.
We don't have to risk rocking the boat too much.
Even our arguments are familiar, we know what we are getting.

To put yourself in a place where you don't know how it's going to turn out, feels scary to the psyche.
However, there is often a fine line between fear and excitement.
Once you know what to do with your fear, you can easily turn it into excitement or a sense of openness.

You then become far more attractive to what you want in your relationship.
You become more of a magnet to magic.

This will never happen staying where you are now.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. 

You are wired for growth.

If you are reading this right now: the chances are you are being called forth into your growth edges.

The question to ask yourself is:

Do you want to think of yourself as someone who did what they could to create a love that felt really good, much more often than not? A love that in the main, was easy, mutually supportive and deeply caring?

Or are you happy with staying where you are and not seeing what you are truly capable of?

It's fine to feel apprehensive and have all the 'what ifs?' going round in your mind.

However, if you are a yes 'I want the first option' kind of person, you are only a few steps away from turning your relationship around.

Action must be taken in terms of enhancing your self mastery in your relationship.
Most importantly, new action.
This is something that cannot be avoided. I wish I could tell you otherwise.

It really comes down to when are you going to take the leap?
This is something that will never feel like the right time because it is a leap of faith in yourself.

The good thing is, there is a part of you that will always have your own back.
If you would like the support of someone who will have your back too, please feel free to book a call with me to discuss your next steps.

About the Author

Michele Willmott, Relationship Coach and Mentor. I help successful men, women and couples renew and transform their relationship for the long-term.