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How to achieve a conflict free relationship

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Discord & unhappiness in relationships appears in many forms.

Some couples goes months without arguing. Others argue weekly, daily even & then there are those who do whatever they can to avoid conflict.

We all know that no relationship is perfect & so we tend to believe that some amount of conflict is normal. However, what I would like to propose to you is a relationship where there are no fights or perpetual disagreements over the same old topics.

This is not a relationship without tension, because tension is necessary at times for growth to take place. Tension is thus healthy & it can still take place when a couple are working through a challenge whilst taking full responsibility for their emotions, thoughts & behaviours. Tension where there is outward blame & criticism is not the same & would come under the 'conflict' label.

A relationship that is free from conflict is a polarized relationship.

This is what it consists of:

A man who is willing to meet a woman in her desires & needs & in doing so lead the relationship towards a vision of extraordinary love & connection. 

A woman who is willing to express herself with full honesty & vulnerability on an emotional level.

This has nothing to do with a man being domineering or controlling. This has nothing to do with a woman being submissive.

 It has everything to do with getting the best out of what it means to be in your full power as a man & a woman; in such a way that enables you to create a relationship in which you can feel fulfilled, satisfied & deeply loved for who you are.

A man who is in his full power is able to lead his partner into her fullest emotional expression & this expression ensures his full devotion & commitment to his partner & the relationship.

This is a gift to his partner.

 A woman who is willing to show her heart fully & vulnerably with full responsibility knows that she is worthy of experiencing a beautiful, passionate & liberating love.

This is a gift to her partner.

Men & women are not meant to be in competition in love. It is meant to be easy.

In a polarised relationship, all conflict falls away.

 Society does not want you to believe relationships can be this wonderful.

 It is time we started changing the lies.

What is holding you back from experiencing an extraordinary love?

If you are experiencing conflict with your partner right now & cannot see a way past your struggles, the thing that will be stopping you moving forward is shadow.

Your shadow (& your partner's) are the unconscious parts of you that are invested in sabotaging your love life, even if you are not intending to do so. These behaviours are hard to spot & break down because they are so deeply rooted in survival & fear. 

However, the good news is that all you need to do to move past your shadow is to be willing to look at yourself & undo your old, conditioned behaviours. This is not a straight forward journey but it is an extremely worthwhile one because what lies at the end is more freedom, connection & intimacy than you have ever experienced.

Once you have cleared the majority of your shadows you are ready to experience the benefits of a polarized relationship as I describe above. If you try to polarize your relationship when there is a lot of shadow it will be very difficult to reap the benefits of polarization because the shadow will literally sabotage you from making it work. 

If you see yourself as part of a conscious relationship where both yourself & your partner already take a good degree of responsibility for your own emotional well-being, but you know there is another level, I believe polarity is what you are looking for.

I offer conscious couples, who have experienced coaching or therapy, either together or separately the opportunity to learn how to communicate & relate to each other according to this framework in my Polarity Coaching for Couples.

I offer couples coaching programmes, which will help you clear your shadows as well as teach you the principles of polarity whilst receiving support along the way. I also offer individual coaching programmes for men & women based on this concept. 

Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more about how you can work with me. I offer 30 minute complimentary conversations & you can book your call here.

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Michele Willmott, Relationship Coach and Mentor. I help successful men, women and couples renew and transform their relationship for the long-term.