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Healing Your Relationship With Masculine Energy

Healing your relationship with masculine energy....
....how your love life will benefit.

Many, many women have a dysfunctional relationship with masculine energy and this is a big reason why women feel unsatisfied in their love lives. 

Many women relate to men in an unhealthy way without even realising they are doing it. They do not stop to question their thinking and behaviour and hold men to ransom over their emotions. This is understandable considering how badly many women have been treated at the hands of men. However, this doesn't have to mean that all men are bad or that they do not have the capacity to be deeply loving and devoted to meeting a woman's needs.

Many women also relate to their own masculine energy from an unhealthy perspective. This is not to say that something is wrong with you if you are doing this, but just for you to start getting curious about rather than accepting everything you think, see or hear as the whole truth.  

Remember it benefits the ruling elite if men and women are raging a silent or overt war against each other. This is exactly how the masses are controlled. We need to question the messages we receive through the media and the words that come out of our mouth if we want to start creating the love we truly desire. 

Some of the results of an unhealed relationship with masculine energy are as follows:

  • Not feeling 'chosen' when it comes to love.
  • Always feeling like you can never rest or relax and that you need to keep going because you need to prove yourself.
  • Burn out.
  • An unhealthy relationship with one's mind e.g. 'buying-in' to all the stories your mind makes up and thus seeing yourself & your love life through a very limited lens.
  • Not knowing how to deal with your emotions in a healthy way. 
  • Feeling like you need to control everything (including your partner).
  • Being highly judgemental and critical of your partner.
  • Being a perfectionist and holding yourself and your partner to unrealistic ideals.
  • A Lack of presence and aliveness.
  • You keep attracting guys who just don't meet you in the way you want to be met.
  • You think 'I'm better off being single'.....not because you are really enjoying being single but because in your mind it seems easier than keep subjecting yourself to the same old patterns.

On the other hand, the truth is.....

The Divine Masculine and your own true, inner masculine will always have your back in love.....even when things seem messy and especially when you are hurting, feeling unloved or lonely in your love life.

Very few women are aware that they can heal this relationship and therefore have the opportunity to relate to masculine energy in a way that truly benefits them.

The question is..... Have you awakened him in yourself?

Are you able to feel the loving & supportive presence of your own inner masculine in your body?

Do you know what he can do for you on an emotional, mental & physical level?

And do you have a relationship with the Divine Masculine outside of yourself?

These questions may bring up confusion for you, but that is okay. I recommend just being aware of your response whatever it is.

Love can be a messy game but when you are able to draw on this relationship within and without, you will find that your love life starts to change for the better.
The true masculine (I use this term to describe both the divine masculine, on an immortal/universal level and our own masculine within) is the gatekeeper of true intimacy and connection in your love life.

He will take a stand against the toxic way you have been conditioned to relate masculine energy. He will also help your inner feminine to feel safer and more trusting. 

When you change your own relationship with masculine energy this is what happens:

1. You have better standards for your own behaviour and the men you meet (without falling into constant perfectionism).

2. You trust the energy you feel when you meet a new guy and when to say 'this isn't for me'!

3. You are willing to show your full vulnerable self and have the difficult conversations.

4. You will always come back to yourself and not abandon your values.

5. You will keep remembering the truth that you have the innate power and capacity to create love.

6. You will stop comparing your relationship with other peoples'.

7. You will become less of a perfectionist and have greater compassion for yourself.

8. You will be willing to make mistakes and take more risks.

9. You will stop giving your power away to charismatic 'guru's' who seem to have the answer to everything. 

10. You are willing to take full responsibility for your emotions on a verbal level i.e. radical emotional honesty that does not make a man feel manipulated or controlled.

11. Your inner feminine will understand what it takes to inspire your masculine to provide the love you want and for any man to do the same.

12. You will start to trust yourself more and become more trusting of the men in your life. 

13. You will have stronger inner boundaries and a healthier relationship with your emotions.

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Michele Willmott, Relationship Coach and Mentor. I help successful men, women and couples renew and transform their relationship for the long-term.