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Embracing your masculine and feminine energies for a deeper connection

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Witnessing a couple stepping into their full presence hand in hand is a precious thing to behold, when their usual dynamic is one of attack & defend.

Witnessing a man hold that space, physically & energetically, for his wife with strength & love is heart opening & beautiful.
It brings tears to my eyes because the energy is so palpable & awe-inspiring.

Why am I emphasising the 'man' here in the last statement?

The ability to create and hold space for another human, to put in healthy boundaries, to have presence, is to be a master of time & space.
Not knowing exactly what might happen next but knowing deep down that all will be revealed or at the very least one will inherently know the next step, is to be deeply connected to one's empowered masculine energies within.

The masculine within us whether we are male or female, when in an empowered state of being, is strong, supportive, magnetic, all providing and as such very attractive in essence.
It allows for a deep connection.

I specialise in relationship communication but in these situations words are often not necessary.
This is because there is an acceptance in general of each other's humanness, our differences, our similarities and of what our relationship is asking us to step up into as individuals and as a couple.

Forgiveness, openness and compassion and love are key here and this is where the empowered feminine comes in to do her bit because of course, one without the other creates an imbalance.

We need union.
We crave for union.
Within ourselves and with our partner.
To be deeply connected.
To feel wanted, claimed, devoted to and by.

Cultivating and healing our relationship with self is a crucial and often an ongoing journey of unraveling different layers in relation to different phases of our life. 

Learning to be radically accepting of yourself, to take full responsibility even when that is a hard pill to swallow and to let go of all those attachments you are still holding on to because society deemed them necessary, is a challenge.
But in my experience it is a completely worthwhile one because ultimately we are talking about the freedom to be ourselves and also to increase our capacity to give and receive more love within our relationship.  

These are areas I look at in my relationship coaching and mentoring work with couples and individual clients.
In addition, I use energy or somatic body work, which has the potential to change the very foundations & wiring of your psyche and therefore has a direct impact on your relationship. For example, increasing your ability to be present and therefore have greater presence with your partner is a way in which you can deepen your connection and increase a mutual sense of support for each other.

Relationships are precious & it is my mission to help you take the action necessary to recognize & experience a felt sense of how truly beautiful your connection can be.

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Michele Willmott, Relationship Coach and Mentor. I help successful men, women and couples renew and transform their relationship for the long-term.