Are you in integrity in your love life? | Michele Willmott

Are you in integrity in your love life?

Integrity in Love.

Are you really being the person you want to be in your relationship?

Most people are so focused on what their partner is or isn't doing they fail to see that they are also falling short of their own standards.

We know we are never going to be perfect. However, if you are falling into any of the following behaviours (or similar) more often than you would like then this is an issue for you to address:

Are you.....
*getting caught up in the arguments by retaliating?
*judging your partner?
*thinking it's hopeless and nothing will change?
*joining your partner in activities that are boring or numbing because you don't know how to change things?
*have you given up because no matter how hard you try your partner doesn't change?
*avoiding arguments or talking about the elephant in the room because you don't want more conflict?

If any of this resonates then my question for you is.....

Do you want to be someone who retaliates (for example)?
Someone who enables boring or dysfunctional behaviour?
Someone who judges, gives up, avoids and gives your power away to your feelings of hopelessness?

The truth is the way YOU have been doing things has not been working, which means there is a way that you are yet to find that does work for you.

As the common saying goes....if you want to see a change, be the change!

ALL of my clients are doing something in their relationship that needs to change.

There is NO exception.

Who do you want to be?

A person who KNOWS how to create transformation (even when the going gets tough) or someone who is perpetually waiting for their partner to step up?

To KNOW requires doing the work. If you don't KNOW there is still work to be done (no matter how much self-development work you may have done....most of it does not help relationships that is for sure).

When I say 'KNOW' I mean that when you know what it takes to create transformation, because YOU have the power to do this, much more than you realise, then you do not baulk at taking action. (most relationships are severely missing transformational action, which is why they get stuck in perpetual cycles of dysfunction).

This is a case of doing RIGHT by yourself.
Too many people think being in integrity is doing right by other people.
How can you do right by others if you cannot act with in integrity in your own life?

So, this is a call to all those people who are ready to make their love life work rather than sit back in their comfy clothes watching t.v. and silently berating their partner for not being interesting enough or whisking them off for an exciting night out.

Here's a tip.......why are you also sitting there doing the same thing? Start shifting things up if that is your standard. Your partner doesn't have to do it with you. Do it for yourself & be the standard, rather than holding your partner to standards you are not holding yourself to. You never know how much things like this can change a relationship.

Of course, this example if just for starters. Communication is key & I am here if you would like to deconstruct your relationship communication so that it works for you rather than against you.

About the Author

Michele Willmott, Relationship Coach and Mentor. I help successful men, women and couples renew and transform their relationship for the long-term.