The Feminine Communication Guide 
For Conscious Women

If you have ever wanted to experience a smoother, easier dynamic of communication with a / your partner,
where neither of you get the wrong end of the stick or end up repeatedly triggering each other, then you are not alone.

Despite the fact that I have trained in a highly regarded Relationship Coach Certification; the methods advocated still
 did not help me take my marriage onto a whole new level of deep connection and intimacy.

What did make ALL the difference however is a Feminine Communication Structure that
allows you to get your needs met in your relationship on an emotional level. 

This structure is also a great way of finding out whether a man you love is actually willing or able
to devote himself fully (if your current partner is a good man he will have a far greater capacity than you give him credit for).

This communication encourages a man to step up into his full power (which is always highly attractive)
and gives you the opportunity to cultivate the ability to let go of all the micro-managing and control that many women
resort to in their relationships out of fear that they are unable to get their needs met.

This communication has worked wonders in my marriage & has helped myself and my husband move past
any lingering habits that were holding us back. It is also helping my clients to take their relationships
onto new levels. I am excited to share this with you and am offering the opportunity
for you to learn about this simple form of communication in my guide.

It is a 20+ page document that contains the most up to date and effective communication technique based on
my own personal experience and work with clients.  
You can read it at your own pace & keep referring back to it as and when you need a reminder.

If you are in a relationship: you can share the guide or certain elements of the communication with your partner,
 so that you both have an understanding of how it can work for you both. Even if you think that your partner will
not be interested, this information will help you to express yourself in a more healthier and honest way and
help encourage your partner to meet your needs more than he has done before.

If you are currently single: this guide will help you get a great understanding of what effective communication looks like
and how it can help you get clearer on whether a man is willing to commit and devote himself fully.

What you will find out in the 
Feminine Communication Guide:

*The problem with many communication techniques! 

*Why so many long term relationships end
up failing or becoming stagnant

*What is really needed to keep the relationship alive and thriving? 

*What is getting in the way of you catapulting
 your relationship to the next level

*THE Communication itself:
What to say, when to use and how

What if my partner doesn't step up?

What's in it for you and for him?

Feminine v Masculine energy.

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