Timeline Healing Intensive 

Are you struggling to move to the next level in your love life?
despite doing 'all the things' such as...

 *working on yourself
*trying to talk to your partner
*using a range of relationship communication tools 
*raising your standards when it comes to dating?

As a result do you end up experiencing feelings of
frustration, despair and even depression that seem to be recurring?

If your answer is 'Yes' to any of the above, then your 
unconscious programming will be running the show from behind the scenes;
projecting itself onto your present situation time and time again.

We all have these 'old' parts of us that are scared of rejection and true intimacy.
They would rather push our partner away and reject them first
than have to face being the one who is rejected.

 Positive self talk or mindset work are not enough to help you repattern 
and release the unconscious programme, which is still very much alive. 

If this is your experience on some level
 it is really important to:

A. Have a technique to help you transmute these denser emotional responses.

B. Ensure that you are able to work with the thoughts and feelings
in a very deep and nuanced way, that actually serves to shift your vibration consistently

rather than allowing your 'shadow' selves to lead you and your relationship.

C. Take precise action in your relationship communication

I have designed this session in a way that meets you in your current relationship scenario.
I quickly see where the patterns of sabotage are lying and help you
see how and where you can move beyond them. 

You will experience a Timeline Repair, which will address and release 'stuck' energy 
in your relationship with men and masculine energy.

 The Timeline Repair is a powerful technique for releasing emotional trapped energy.
It is one of my 'go-to's' whenever I find myself stuck in an emotional loop. 

My Profound Permission Method will help you step 
into the amazing power of your body to change your energetic vibration.
Consistent energetic alignment is key to shifting your love life.
This doesn't mean you have to feel good all the time whatsoever.
 In fact it means you work with or 'alchemise' the feelings and thoughts
that are creating any dysfunction and transmute them from shadow into power.

Coupled with precise action that is in integrity with who you want to be,
this is a game changer for your love life.

This is a 2 Hour 1 to 1 Healing Session Includes:

The Timeline Healing Repair Modality 
This is designed to transform and repattern your unconscious programming
relating to any past experiences with a man or men.

 This will help you start to relate to masculine energy in a whole new way 
both from within yourself and in relation to your partner / a partner.

This intensive includes an audio of the Timeline Healing for 
you to take away and use whenever you wish.

In this session we will also look at your current situation
with a view to uncovering any areas of sabotage that you are unable to see.
I will offer you specific advice and recommendations according to
your unique scenario and you can ask me any questions you may have. 

We will cover the important differences between men and women 
in heteronormative relationships, so that you can see where 
your conditioning is still enslaving you to creating 
disconnection rather than connection and intimacy.

This Intensive Session will:

*Help you to start healing your relationship with your own masculine energy
Moving it from dis-empowered to empowered, so that your energy is cleaner
and you have a greater capacity to attract what you want in Love.

*Help you realign your energy with the infinite possibilities for growth and transformation.
It will help you start releasing your attachments to a mortal man being a certain way and
enable you to realise your own ability to attract and create what you desire in love.

*Give you specific advice on healthy communication to use in your own situation

*Help you see where and how you can take action in your relationship 
that is different from how you are doing so right now; and 
in a way that is energetically inspiring for your relationship.



Creating Extraordinary In Love

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