Private 1 to 1 Shadow/Power Work
for Coaches Looking to Elevate their Business,
their Relationship & their Money Story.

You know you are here for more...

You yearn to have a bigger and more powerful impact.
Something is missing from your work and the modalities you have under your belt and you can't quite put your finger on it. 

You desire to be more successful in your work.
You can struggle with confusion around how to make this really happen. You have tried many strategies and seem to be going round in circles. You maybe are not clear on your niche, your messaging or your exact zone of genius. 

You have a desire to charge more and earn more.
Your money story is a reflection of the fact that something is not quite aligned in your work. 

Your want more from your relationship. 
Whether it has flatlined or is littered with too much conflict,
you want to revive the intimacy and emotional connection.

You are ready for some deeper, transformational, inner work

You have heard about the power of shadow work
and are intrigued but slightly wary?

The thing to know about shadow (our conditioned selves) is...
when our shadows are leading us we unfortunately
create and attract more shadow.

The most powerful aspect of this work is that it significantly
reduces the amount of shadow we keep creating.

It helps us live in greater integrity with who we want to be.

Essentially we claim back our true power to create more of
what we want in the way that we want it. 

Here's the truth about Shadow Work...

Not all shadow work is based on truly healthy foundations. It always pays to be discerning about who and where you are learning it from. I have had to go through some very tough learning curves to refine the shadow work that I experienced into something that addresses the nuances & thus offers more depth.

The fear that can come up around Shadow Work is really just our shadows getting scared because they do not like change.

I have devised my own highly effective method  (this was 'downloaded' piece by piece on my journey) for ensuring that all parts of the self are involved in the process. They must be heard and in fact they have an important part to play in two main ways:

1. They are a door opener to you becoming more magnetic and 'attractive' in your energy.

2.They are opportunity for you to step consistently into your true power rather than keep being sabotaged by the shadows that are leading your energy.   

In my experience Shadow Work is the ultimate act of self love when used in a healthy way. You will never be pushed to take action from gripping fear. Any decisions will always come from you, on your timeline and in a way that feels right for you. 

You will be called forth to take action that might feel daunting but it will be aligned and feel like it comes from clean desire and your values i.e. your power as opposed to your shadow.

When done well Shadow Work is highly effective at helping you reclaim the power of your body and its ability to navigate any situation in a way that feels right for you. It really does take you beyond the limited mind (and mindset work),
which is hooked in to societal should's and should not's.

Why Hire Me?

Nothing has changed my life and my work like shadow work.
I thank myself often for taking the plunge and going against my conditioning. 

It has truly helped me claim back my power to create more of what I want in my work, in my marriage and with regards to money. Whilst I am ever evolving and so is my work, I know I am aligned and I know I am on the right track. I didn't know this for far too long!

This work is and has changed the relationships of my clients. The impact can be quick although of course, it requires consistency and commitment over time. 

Whilst my niche is romantic relationships, this work has helped my clients create big changes in their careers and businesses. It has helped improve relationships with family members and children.


At the end of the day we are all in a relationship
with ourselves. This can be a battle especially
when shadow is leading us. What I have
learnt along my journey is: 

Clean up your shadow as much as you can so that it
doesn't get to have the final say in how you show up.

Mastering your shadow will help you gain the confidence
and courage to totally forge your own path.
To charge the higher prices.

 To help your clients more powerfully.
To enjoy healthier relationships.

To feel more at peace with yourself and all aspects of self.
To play around in the space of the unknown and most importantly...

Be the Magician you really are instead of
letting your shadow tell you otherwise.

Results Possible with Shadow Work

Here are some of myclient results along with some of my own

  • £10K and £20k months (but more importantly earning the money in a way that feels fully aligned and without the hustle energy)
  • Coaching package prices raised 5-fold and receiving clients who will pay this  
  • Working less hours but still booking out group programmes
  • Earning more in the first 4 months of a year than the whole previous year
  • Greatly improved communication with partner and family members
  •  Child able to move past debilitating behaviours
  • Couples moving from zero intimacy to renewed passion and physical intimacy
  • New jobs aligned with passions and creating a much yearned for sense of purpose
  • Closing down a successful (but draining) business and following the desire to start new consultancy

What's Included in this 6 Month Journey


Weekly Calls for the first 2 months, followed by bi-weekly calls + Email/WhatsApp support (Wed-Sun) 

I provide a high level of support for my clients. You can check in with me on a weekly basis with any questions. I also write to you with my insights and extra educational information in between our session.


 A new paradigm or framework based on integrity and power V the old paradigm (& dominant societal framework) based on shadow.

This work will be specifically tailored to your unique situations. It will help you dig out the unconscious sabotage, s that it stops leading you (and getting you nowhere).


The Profound Permission Method™

This method nails the finer and more subtle nuances of shadow so that you can step more cleanly into your power. This method ensures that your shadow does not keep sabotaging you. It is in essence a framework that I give you to use in your own unique way. This method is adept at getting you in your body, even if you think you aren't good at doing this!


A Timeline Repair Session

A Timeline Repair session is an effective way of releasing old and trapped emotional energy that is still driving your behaviour (without you realising). 

You will receive an audio of this so that you can use it whenever you feel the need. 


 6 Month, 1 to 1 Shadow/Power Programme


If you are interested and would like to find out more
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