Did you know that your relationship with your own 
masculine energy holds the key to the love you want?

For love to really work it is essential to have the right masculine structure in place.
Healthy & empowered masculine energy is grounding & 'building'.
As women we need to heal our relationship with our inner masculine, so that we can start to see significant changes in our external relationships with men.

When you have an empowered masculine within you 
will start to trust that you can create your desired reality like never before. In essence you have 'your man' within who has your back!

This is why my products are all based on the Love Alchemy Framework™
It does not really matter which one you start with as they are ALL founded in healthy masculine energy & principles.

The work you will find in each product supports the work in the others. See which one you are instinctively drawn to.

If you are not sure where to start I recommend my FREE Relationship Self Assessment.

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Discover the mains patterns of your thinking & behaviour that maybe keeping love at arms' length without you even realising it.

Sabotage is often subtle & cunning even & we ALL are prone to it

Learn the secrets of bringing your partner closer how to
ensure that you are fully seen & heard in your relationship.

This detailed guide provides a simple structure
for you to use when you and your partner seem to get stuck in the same arguments or avoid conversations that would lead to them.

This online course will help you to change & upgrade your current paradigm for love and start to heal patterns of sabotage in romantic life.

My detailed online course where we take a deep dive into how to activate your power archetypes so that you can move past your sabotaging patterns... 
& create some Magic in your love life!

This mini online course  will help you to address both your relationship with Love and Money, so that you can start to receive in the way that feels aligned and right for you in both areas of your life.

Michele is a fully certified coach and psychotherapist. She mentors professional men, women & couples, helping them move past unconscious sabotage in their love life.

She has just moved back to the UK after living in a ski resort in France for 13 years.

Her ideal day is a walk along the coast, with her miniature schnauzer Megan, followed by a stop at a country pub for lunch.  

Michele's mission is to help as many men and women as possible to transform & renew connection with their partner, so that they can create a deep, lasting and passionate love together. 

MICHELE WILLMOTT  //  Mentor & Coach

Creating Extraordinary in Love