Michele Willmott
 Relationship Mentor

Relationship Breakthrough Intensive

Find out what is really holding you back from experiencing 
the relationship you truly desire with your partner.  
Here you will find out what it exactly is keeping you stuck,
what to do, what to say (or not to say)  & how to show up
 with the energy required to change the situation for the better!

2 x 2 hour Intensives 
What's Included:

A Timeline Repair - a powerful healing method, which you will be able to use for yourself on any wounds
& hurt that keep reoccurring in your romantic life (you will receive an instruction audio).
Divine Masculine Healing Visualisation - to help you correct your relationship with your own masculine energy.
3. Somatic Coaching - to help you re-pattern your default response to the main issues you are struggling
with in your relationship. We will focus on how the issue is showing up in you in terms of your triggers,
your feelings & behaviours. You will have an internal strategy going on in relation to the issue, 
which will include a combination of audio, kinaesthetic & visual triggers. 
This needs to be interrupted, re-framed & redirected so that you can respond in a healthier way. 
4. Boundaries - how & where you will benefit from strengthening your internal 
& external boundaries in relation to your partner & your own responses.
Archetypal Energy - Calling in your own Empowered Archetypes that will help you
most in your situation & serve as an alchemising, transformational force.
Communication - Practical help & advice regarding the preferred communication to use where necessary.
8. Email Support in between calls (Mon-Wed 10-4pm CET)

$1,800 / €1, 500

What Michele's Clients Say About the Relationship Breakthrough Session.......

I had reached a stage in my relationship with my husband where the option seemed to be leaving or divorce. But I've always felt leaving was too easy - it denies that there are two people that hold responsibility for making a relationship work. In our intensive session Michele
was able to help me arise insights about how my poor behaviour was impacting my husband,
that in fact women hold a great deal of power over men and it needs to be used gently. 
Michele was able to help me identify a source of my break with my own empowered masculine energy and do a timeline healing that was quite extraordinary in its impact. I'm now able to hold
space for my husband and allow him to express what he needs in his own way without feeling he is attacking me. I feel that my own relationship with my empowered masculine has been transformed & I am able to self source the love that I kept constantly looking to my husband to provide. There has also been a real shift in our dynamic and the constant arguments have stopped

Michele in herself is funny, kind and strong and will call you out! She can spot something that needs addressing from the tiniest sentence which is a great testament to her wisdom and intuition.

I would have no qualms in recommending Michele if you feel in need of help with your relationship, or indeed, or attitude to men in general. Thank you.

Susan, Essex. United Kingdom

Every time I work with you Michele, magic happens.. Like literally...

After our call I wrote a message to my man (he is away at the moment) taking responsibility for my shadow and therefore my actions and emotions. I told him what I wanted (he had actually asked me
but I was not in the right space to even answer). Then I let it all go.
All the little things that I had logged which were telling me that he doesn't care
because actually there were 1000 other things that pointed to the fact that he does...

I didn't know how the message would be received but I felt total peace that either it would be received well,
he would see my heart and would draw close, or if it wasn't received well, maybe he wasn't the man for me because at the very least I wish for someone who is willing to have an open heart to my mistakes,
to my efforts, to me....Anyway you wouldn't believe the outpouring of love I have had since then..
So wonderful. He did totally get it and I know that this is a way of showing up in my relationship that I will continue to build on rather than keep slipping back into my default habits.
Plus weirdly the stress that I have felt about possibly the most challenging week of my life ever has gone .

I just wanted to say thank you .

Marie, Chichester. UK

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