4 Month Private Mentoring for Women

A romantic relationship is meant to be one of Amor.
This means 'Passionate Experience'....an ever unfolding adventure
with the person you love and where you:

FEEL and KNOW that you are DEEPLY LOVED 
TRUST yourself 100% to not only navigate any situation that arises but also
to create pure moments of beautiful connection on both a physical and emotional level.

Whether you are single or already in a relationship your desire to take
your romantic life onto a whole new level is not to be ignored. 
Your desire is your lifeblood and most women go their whole lives suppressing 
 their deep down yearning for greater connection, freedom and intimacy when it comes to love.

This programme is for you if you are ready and willing to 
blast through your unconscious resistance and create 
your own REAL love where you can finally relax and know 
that you have the strong support of a man by your side 
who is fully devoted in meeting you in your needs and desires.

Amor is.....

A Powerful & Transformational 4 Month 1 to 1 Relationship Mentoring Programme 
designed with your exact and ideal romantic scenario in mind.

Deep relational fulfilment on all levels comes
 when you heal and trust your relationship with masculine energy.
  Most women simply do not trust this relationship within themselves & thus continually
feel that they are disappointed, unloved and often lonely in their romantic life. 

Women have been conditioned to mistrust the masculine within and without.
As a result they resort to overdoing, over-caring and overthinking.
They also end up acting in manipulating, controlling or fear based ways without even realising it.

My work is designed to help you heal this relationship within yourself first and fore-mostly.
It is then that you will be able to receive the care, the pleasure and the love that you deserve.

It is then that you can invite a man in to a world where you do not have to
hide parts of yourself out of fear of rejection or dismissal.
A man who is willing to devote and commit fully to meeting you in your desires.

To be able to experience the intellectual, emotional and physical intimacy you desire,
this healing in relation to the masculine is an essential requirement.
It is then that you can learn to fully trust that you can create and attract the relationship you are looking for.
It is here that you can open up to receive in a much more relaxed, joyful, inspiring way. 

This 4 Month Programme will help you:

*Heal your relationship with your own masculine energy, from dis-empowered to empowered, so that
your energy is cleaner and you have a greater capacity to attract what you want in Love.

*Make the essential transition from being the 'object' to the subject of your own desire,
so that you prioritise your own aliveness and embody what it takes to
become a well nourished woman on an intellectual, emotional and physical level.

*Release your attachments, surrender your control in relation to your partner / a man 'being' a certain way.
This will enable you to self source your own love and bring about a huge level of trust
in your own ability to attract and create what you desire in love.

*To transform your relationship with your body and your own sensuality in order to help you feel and
be more orgasmic as well as bring more ecstasy and eroticism into your romantic life.

*Communicate your desires clearly and with full responsibility, so that you can receive 

the understanding and support you desire from your partner.

*Embrace your vulnerability, so that you can create greater intimacy,
trust, honesty and connection with your partner.

*Help you to see where you are playing games, holding back and not being clear enough in your romantic life,

so that you can enjoy more freedom to be your authentic self.

Included in this Programme:
This programme will be tailored specifically to meet your own unique needs, desires and current/past situation. 

Welcome Pack Questionnaire 
2 Hour Introductory Call
Weekly 90 minute 1 to 1 Calls.

Divine/Empowered Masculine Timeline Healing Work 

Transformational Cognitive and Somatic (bodily) Coaching & Mentoring
to help you work WITH your unconscious resistance,
so that you can release attachments & move beyond fear based thinking, feeling and behaviour. 
To help you trust that you can transform your romantic life in exactly the right way for you.

In depth support, advice & teachings regarding the Shadow and Power Archetypes 
that make up the Love Alchemy™ Framework.

Weekly Support via WhatsApp or Email (Mon-Fri 9-5pm CEST)

This programme is for women who are committed to growing within 
their relationship and taking it onto the next level.
It is for you if you desire to create something extraordinary in your romantic life, 
where you can fully be yourself and express yourself and your true desires in such a way 
where your partner is able to hear you and meet you in his own unique way.

You will benefit from this programme
if you are struggling in any of the following ways

*You are questioning your relationship and whether it is time to leave.
*Fear around opening up and being more vulnerably emotionally with your partner.
*Feeling a level of dissatisfaction with your physical intimacy and romantic life in general.
*A knowing that there is another level, but you don't know how to get there.
*Often feeling rejected or hurt in your relationships with men / your partner.
*If you keep meeting men who let you down in the same old ways or
you attract men who you don't feel any chemistry with.
*If you are single and relatively happy in your life but would like to meet a
man whom you can create a loving relationship with. 
*A lack of sexual desire in yourself or your partner.
*You know you are hiding or avoiding in your relationship.
*Feeling that you have no time to spend on your relationship
or intimate life due to work or family commitments.
*You are experiencing a great deal of conflict with your partner.

If you are seriously committed to radically transforming your romantic life,
please book your complimentary call via the button below. 


 What Michele's Clients Say 

"Working with Michele has helped me take my intimate life onto a new level. I was feeling stuck & despondent in this area of my life & knew there was more, but didn't know how to create it.
Whilst our sex life was good, I was frustrated at the inconsistency & also had a feeling that we
weren't always connected emotionally. I knew my body was capable of more on an orgasmic level
& I also desired more passion with my partner.

My work with Michele allowed me (& us) to explore a completely new way of approaching our
intimacy on a physical level. It was scary at first, I will admit, but the more I was able to surrender
into not knowing how things would turn out the more fun & erotic surprises would show up.
To say that this is hot is an understatement!

My partner was completely on board although it has been a learning experience for him too.
One of the best learnings has been that each experience can be so different & there is no right or wrong. Living my romantic life from this place & energy has brought a much greater freedom and enjoyment."

Debbie, France

"It is actually hard for me to put into words how good Michele is at what she does.
 I have seen quite a few psychotherapists over the years and literally not one has helped me on the scale
that Michele has. She has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions, completely shifting the energy & taking me to a new level of understanding of myself and what is going on around me.

She challenges me to grow and will not let me get away with anything yet at the same time (and I don't know how she does it) I have never felt so radically accepted, nurtured and supported in my life.

Her methods of communication have completely changed my life, literally.
I have gone from being completely closed down in my relationship to
expressing myself often in a calm & non-blaming way.
 I have learned how to take full responsibility for what is going on for me & also  allow my partner to take full responsibility for himself rather than blaming myself all the time!
I cannot tell you how much this has transformed my relationship.
I am really proud of my ability to express what I am looking for without blaming or criticising my partner
- it's literally all thanks to Michele's coaching.
She has given me practical examples of better ways of saying what I am trying to express which are less confrontational and I can promise you they really work!

If you are wondering for one minute whether Michele can make a difference in your
romantic life then I truly can attest that she can!"

Sara, london

"I came to Michele because I felt I was nearing the end of my relationship with my partner. 
I knew communication was breaking down and I felt frustrated that nothing seemed to be working or changing. 
After talking to Michele I quickly realised I had been coming from shadow a lot of the time when interacting

with my partner (and even in my thoughts about the relationship). This surprised me as I am generally quite 
self-aware!I learnt so much and Michele was great at calling me out (which I wanted) and helping me to
see things from a new perspective. I appreciated that she always remained neutral in terms of whether
I chose to remain in my relationship or not, but I also felt a great deal of support from her on a personal level.
Her insights and questions during sessions and via email were invaluable. 

The archetype framework really supported my work with Michele because it's so relatable to real life,

& it's very easy to keep returning to the notes & remind myself as time goes by.
Using the feminine communication guide is really helpful when I know there's something
 I want to address with my partner, or if I simply want to be heard by him.
Again, it's great to have a framework to return to again & again. It keeps the work alive.

Learning that I'm the only one responsible for my feelings has been hugely beneficial,
as has unlearning certain behaviours and patterns of thinking. 

Overall, I am really happy to say that working with Michele has helped me see that my relationship

is worth saving & that looking to the future I feel more trust in my intuition, as well as more confidence
that by using the archetypal framework and the communication guide,
my partner and I can work our way through any blips. 
Thank you so much Michele.

A.B. Leeds

Creating Extraordinary In Love

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