Michele Willmott 
Relationship & Leadership Mentor

Polarity Coaching For Conscious Couples

Bringing Polarity into a relationship goes much further than the old adage ‘opposites attract’.
Polarity can re-ignite relationships where the desire has dwindled over the years. 
It can also provide the missing piece to an otherwise healthy relationship, where one or both partners
know there is capacity for even an greater emotional & physical intimacy.

Essentially polarity in relationships enhances the best attributes of both the feminine energy 
within a woman & masculine energy within a man.  Here we embrace feminine vulnerability
 & desires alongside true masculine leadership, in order to create a dynamic where both partners feel deeply fulfilled.
Where a woman feels deeply cared for & loved for all of who she is & where a man feels
inspired, alive & fully devoted to meeting the needs & desires of his partner in a much more powerful way.

Who is Polarity Coaching for?

I work with heteronormative couples who already have a good relationship that 
contains some or all of the following characteristics:

* Mutual support for each other’s career, vision & growth as an individual
* A strong sense of commitment
 * A shared value system or outlook on the world
* An acceptance of each other’s quirks & idiosyncrasies
* A respect & admiration of each other’s skills & uniqueness
* A degree of physical attraction or desire
* The ability to communicate in such a way that the other person feels heard & understood
* A desire to grow as a couple & be the best one can be

What does Polarity bring to a Relationship?

Polarity can bring greater:
Emotional connection
Orgasmic Potential

What is Involved?

*Together we will focus on the areas of your relationship where you feel there is more room for growth.  
For most couples whom I work with, this is usually physical intimacy or emotional connection,
but we always find that all areas of relationships are connected in some way. 
We will explore what your ultimate desire(s) is & get curious about what is 
currently keeping you both from bringing this into being.  
*I will help you uncover any limitations using an archetypal framework based on Carl Jung’s survival archetypes,
in conjunction with the powerful & opposing masculine & feminine archetypes from my own ‘Love Alchemy’ Framework.
*I use both cognitive & somatic techniques to activate & embody 
the powerful parts of you who will
commit fully to taking full responsibility for your vision.  
*You will learn & understand the power of Feminine Communication to inspire Masculine Devotion.

Pre-work reading to familiarise yourself with the archetypal structure.
1 x 90 minute coaching session with each individual to begin our work together
4 x 90 minute Couples mentoring sessions over the course of a 2 month period 
Weekly check-in

Homework & exploration to be decided upon in alignment with what
feels like the next step for you.


I ask all prospective clients to complete a questionnaire before having a 
complimentary 30 minute call with me to see if this coaching is a fit for both parties.

Creating Extraordinary In Love