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Premium course

The reason why you are struggling in your romantic life is fundamentally due to the fact that you have been conditioned to relate to love from the wrong paradigm. This mini course will help you see why & how you have a tendency to sabotage in love, so that you can start creating a completely new romantic life based on healthy & long lasting foundations.

16 Lessons - Intermediate

Premium course

When you are struggling in your romantic life on any level, any or all of the four main patterns of sabotage/shadow will be playing out in your relationship. This course will help you become far more aware of what your shadows sound like, how they behave and thus where you are acting from fear. It will give you the opportunity to counteract the power of these shadows by activating the support of your Power Archetypes, who will be fundamental in helping you create the relationship you truly desire.

32 Lessons - Intermediate