How to Reconnect and renew your intimacy with your partner

on a totally new level.

…..Even if you are thinking of leaving and wondering if

there is someone else better out there for you.
.....even if you think that you partner is not Willing or able to change.

Use This Breakthrough Approach To Understand & learn

How You are Keeping love at arms length,

so that you Can Create 

the Relationship you truly desire 

The Following Mini Course

'The New Paradigm For Love'

 Will Show You How.

Do you want to create a relationship based on harmony and ease, which is passionately connected on both emotional and physical levels?

A Relationship Where There Is No more…... 

  • Waiting for your partner to change.
  • Having to feel lonely in your relationship.
  •  Sabotage running the show in your romantic life.
  • Having to sit your partner down and say ‘we need to talk.’
  • Feeling that you are not desired in the way you want to be.
  • Toxic arguments and conflict.
  • Room mates rather than lovers.

3 years ago and after 16 years of marriage.......

.....despite thinking my relationship was better than most, I couldn’t work out why I still kept experiencing bouts of loneliness, disconnection and a lack of passionate intimacy with my husband.  

All of this made me start to think that maybe it was time to leave.

I started to feel a tremendous amount of pressure to 'upgrade' my relationship because perhaps there was someone else who would be a better match for me. 

I loved him but I wanted more.

I wanted a man who was more passionate about us.

A man who was more alive, dynamic and expressive.

And now?

My husband and I have transformed our relationship beyond anything we experienced before. 

We experience zero arguments and enjoy a consistently passionate, alive and connected relationship where our individual 'baggage' does not get to rule the day.

This happened because I decided to take a good hard look at the ways in which I was sabotaging the relationship and not realising my fullest potential in my love life. 

What Made The Difference?

I realised that something must be wrong with my approach and decided that I needed to take a closer look, because I knew that I really did not want to break up with my husband.

It was when I decided to take far greater responsibility for my vision in love (and I always saw myself as someone who took responsibility) that I discovered some little known secrets to overcoming my biggest challenges.

I realised that all the relationship tips I had been using (and which were highly popular) had only taken my relationship so far. They seemed to work for a while but then the same old issues would still crop up and found myself becoming more and more frustrated as well as feeling a much greater sense of fear that my relationship was not going to last the course.

I am a woman who doesn’t want to settle, but I also didn’t want to leave knowing that I hadn't done everything I could. I certainly didn’t want to leave, meet someone else and then end up repeating the same old patterns of relating.

To discover that there was a way of saving my relationship that also represented taking it on to a whole new level of connection, intimacy and fun was a revelation to say the least.

I realised that what had made all the difference in my relationship was the fact that I had stumbled across work that represented .........

"a new paradigm for love, that lays the foundations for long lasting transformation as opposed to short-term incremental change."

Once I did this work I knew that the trajectory of my relationship was forever changed.

In fact, as a result of continually adopting this new paradigm, my relationship is now what I like to call an ongoing 'passionate adventure'.

How did I do it?

I took time to learn and understand about how relationship (& self) sabotage happens and the ways in which it shows up in romantic relationships.

Crucially I changed the framework in which I had been viewing my relationship and love itself.

This enabled me to heal:

  •  My relationship with my emotions.
  •  My relationship with masculine energy and men, which meant I felt provided for and 'chosen' in love rather than feeling hurt, pain and a sense that something was missing.
  •  My unconscious sabotage that was running the show without me even realising.
  •  My relationship with my own innate power, which above all really held the key to unlock a  completely new level in my relationship.

Obviously I cannot promise that you will take this mini-course and
be able to repeat my results.  It took commitment, discipline and being willing
to make mistakes to overcome my patterns of sabotage, so that I could
create a relationship based on harmony, connection and passionate intimacy.

It is not a quick fix as we are talking about long-term transformation.

But for anyone who is prepared to put in the work required, I will show you
how to change the habits of a lifetime that keep you stuck, so that your
romantic life transforms way beyond anything you have experienced up until now.

Here is what one of my recent clients experienced when

she changed her whole approach to love.....

"My husband & I were going through a very big crisis in our relationship.

After 10 years, we were close to divorce. Not because we wanted to but because

it seemed like there was no other way possible. When my husband agreed to

do couples coaching, I found Michele & she seemed to have a different 

& very direct approach, so we decided to choose her as our coach.

We didn't regret it & thank god we did it! The structure she provided is very powerful

& helped us interact in a new & healthier way. Michele never gave up & mentored us with 

all her heart & power. She is an incredible coach & being a coach myself,

I learned so much by interacting with her! She is direct but also caring.

 She gives much guidance & direction. She has been my guide in the

dark & I will never forget this experience with Michele!

What I have learned is not only about how to interact with my husband

in a different way but also how to be a more empowered human being.

I have been transforming & I can say with confidence that
I am not the same person today that I was 3 months ago.

I definitely recommend this program to anyone. It is definitely worth every cent.

Michele is there for you EVERY step of the way, doing the extra mile when needed.

Michele changed my life & I will never be thankful

enough that our paths crossed one day!
Thank you Michele"




Results like this are not typical because most people get stuck in co-dependent relationships

and are not willing to do what it takes to go beyond their conditioned patterns of sabotage.
Most people aren’t willing to see the ‘lies’ in their behaviour and this is exactly what keeps them stuck.
This is a huge tragedy because when you uncover the lies that your unconscious is telling you,
you will seriously kick yourself for not doing this work earlier.  What is stopping most people
from doing this is fear. You have to decide to be stronger than your fear in the
knowledge that your greatest love is on the other side.  

Get the complete 'The New Paradigm for Love' Mini-Course on 

How to uncover & transform the patterns of sabotage that keep your partner at arm's length, so that you can become an energetic match for a relationship 

based on freedom, harmony & passionate connection. 

'The New Paradigm For Love' mini-course will help you start to see patterns of sabotage that you are not aware of and which have been keeping you from creating the kind of love and connection you have always wanted. 

It will help you understand how to transform the behaviours that are keeping you stuck, so that you can create a love life that goes way beyond your current level and that changes for the long term not just in the short term.

You Can buy it for Just £49

These are the Modules You'll Find Inside The course

What exactly is Relationship Sabotage and why does it happen?

Discover the main lie that all relationship sabotage is based on and why this causes you to keep love at arm’s length.

Discover the New Paradigm

 for Love.

Why society sets men & women up to fail in their love lives. Why your internal programming is based on this approach without you even realizing it & how to change it.

How to work with your emotions to create the relationship you desire.

How to stop 'managing' your emotions (old paradigm) and actually work with them to create transformation in your romantic life (new paradigm).

What is your unconscious sabotage 

really saying?

Uncover the deeper roots of your sabotage

and why you either end up rejecting your partner and pushing him away or why you fear rejection and feel rejected.

The true nature of your power
when it comes to creating the
love you truly desire

Discover how to start claiming your power back and creating far more connection and 

intimacy in your love life.

The Importance of 

Enhancing your inner boundaries

Discover why the health of your inner boundaries will determine your ability to create the love you want. Also find out the real truth about using boundaries in your relationship.

What you will also learn and discover in this mini-course.

  • Discover THE TRUTH about Love & how to create it
  •  How to start changing the paradigm or framework within which you are operating in your romantic life, so that you can become more magnetic to the passionate, alive & emotionally connected relationship you desire. 
  •  What behaviours to watch out for that are the norm (but not normal or healthy) in the outdated paradigm.
  •  Learn the behaviours & qualities that are an integral part of the   New Paradigm for Love.
  •  Heal your relationship with your own masculine energy, so that your inner feminine WILL feel provided for & met in her needs & desires.
  •  How to transform fear & anxiety in your love life.
  •  Why it is important to change your relationship with your mind,   so that it stops sabotaging you and your love life (this has nothing   to do with using positive affirmations that DON’T work).
  •  Uncover the deeper roots of your sabotage & why you either   end up rejecting your partner & pushing him away or why you feel you are the one being rejected.
  •  How to see the lies that your shadow tells you in your love life &   find out how to respond to them, so that they don't run the show.
  • Get to the root of your real fears when it comes to love, so that you can move past them, instead of them ruling you. 
  • Why you, like so many women, gaslight yourself without even realising it. How this is holding you back and what to do about it.
  • Uncover the truth about why you are getting triggered in your relationship.
  • Meet one of the main culprits or inner voices when it comes to relationship sabotage & which most women are not even aware of.
  • Learn how your inner boundaries will help you take the responsibility required to create greater freedom & connection in your love life.
  • Discover the importance of working with your body in order to transform your romantic life.
  • Start learning about your power archetypes & how they represent the difference between creating an extraordinary love & one that will make you feel like you are settling.
  • Why & how there is a crisis of power in relationships today & how   this affects you & your love life. Why you have so much power than you realise & what this REALLY means.

What is included in 

'the New Paradigm for Love' mini-course.

My Story of Sabotage - You will hear all the specific details of how I sabotaged and nearly destroyed my marriage and what I did to completely change it around. This will help you to reflect on your own situation and become more aware of how you could be sabotaging things without realising it.

You will receive a Divine Masculine Guided Meditation which will help you change the Love Paradigm WITHIN YOU and which is designed to change your innate point of attraction towards MORE of what you want.

Seven Video or Audio Lessons with transcripts - each going over the different concepts that will help you to change your paradigm for love.

A Divine Masculine Healing Ritual to help you to develop a new and healthier relationship with masculine energy within you, so that you can start to see this being mirrored in your external reality.

A SELF ASSESSMENT to check the extent to which you are sabotaging your romantic life plus a

WORKSHEET to help you uncover your real fears and emotions in relation to love.

You will also receive THREE BONUSES that will support you in your transformation (please see below)

This approach Works Even If......

  • You think your partner is not going to change.
  • You think you have tried everything up until now.
  • You are arguing a lot with your partner.
  • You are experiencing a lot of hurt, frustration and loneliness in your relationship.
  • You are questioning whether your partner loves you enough.
  • You are questioning whether he is good enough.

You might be thinking that you will need your partner to

change in order for this to work but actually you don’t.

The New Paradigm for Love will show you exactly how to start 

healing your relationship with the masculine on all levels & when you do this work,

your external reality has no choice but to line up with your new, clearer energy.

That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this OFFER with you today!

When you sign up you will get

These 3 Bonuses For Free!

Bonus #1:

Using Your Intuition In Love

This bonus will help you to understand how to improve your intuition,

so that you can take the specific actions that will help transform

your relationship beyond your current level.

Bonus #2:

Your Standards In Love

This bonus illustrates the important knowledge that women

are missing when it comes to having standards in love

Bonus #3:

Self Pleasure Practice

Here you will receive all the information you need to develop your own pleasure practice.

This is a crucial step in helping you to become an energetic

match to the relationship you really want. 

Start Overcoming Your Relationship Sabotage Today

by changing your love Paradigm

For Only £49 

Here's a recap of this page for those of you who skipped right down here.


  • I saved & completely transformed my marriage onto a whole new level of love, connection and intimacy by changing the paradigm or framework I was operating within when it came to love.
  • This enabled me to uncover my own relationship sabotage & change my entire approach to love.
  • No relationship tip I had learnt or coaching qualifications I trained in, up until this point, helped me on anywhere near the same level, because ultimately my energy was all wrong and this needed changing first. This was an essential step in creating long lasting transformation instead of keep defaulting back to my old sabotage patterns.
  • An important part of this process is to heal your relationship with masculine energy as society sets women up to fail in love and to not feel that they are being provided for. 
  • For just £49 you can discover and learn the techniques that helped me overcome the conditioned thinking and entrenched behaviour that caused me to keep pushing my husband away without even realising I was doing it.
  • If you buy this course today you will also receive 3 bonuses that will enable you to deepen this learning, so that you can start clearing up your energy & thus your ability to create & attract the relationship you have always wanted.

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Here's what some of my recent clients have to say

about their work with me.

Every time I work with you Michele, magic happens.. Like literally...

After our call I wrote a message to my man taking responsibility

for my shadow and therefore my actions and emotions.
I told him what I wanted (he had actually asked me
but I was not in the right space to even answer). Then I let it all go.
All the little things that I had logged which were telling me that

he doesn't care because actually there were 1000 other things that pointed 

to the fact that he does... I didn't know how the message would be received

but I felt total peace that either it would be received well,

he would see my heart and would draw close, or if it wasn't received well,

maybe he wasn't the man for me because at the very least I wish

for someone who is willing to have an open heart
to my mistakes, to my efforts, to me....

Anyway you wouldn't believe the outpouring of love I have had since then..
So wonderful. He did totally get it and I know that this is a way

of showing up  in my relationship that I will continue to build on

rather than  keep slipping back into my default habits.  

Plus weirdly the stress that I have felt about possibly
the most challenging week of my life ever has gone .

I just wanted to say thank you .

JennIE (Personal trainer)

Samoens, France

I came to Michele because I felt I was nearing the end of my relationship
with my partner.  I knew communication was breaking down and I felt
frustrated that nothing seemed to be working or changing. 
After talking to Michele I quickly realised I had been coming from shadow a

lot of the time when interacting with my partner (and even in my thoughts
about the relationship). This surprised me as I am generally quite self-aware!

I learnt so much and Michele was great at calling me out (which I wanted) and 
helping me to see things from a new perspective. I appreciated that she
always remained neutral in terms of whether I chose to remain

in my relationship or not, but I also felt a great deal of support

from her on a personal level. Her insights and questions during

sessions and via email were invaluable. 

The archetype framework really supported my work with Michele because it's

so relatable to real life, and it's very easy to keep returning to the notes
and remind myself as time goes by.  Using the feminine communication guide
is really helpful when I know there's something I want to address with my partner,
or if I simply want to be heard by him.  Again, it's great to have a framework
to return to again & again. It keeps the work alive.  Learning that I'm the only one
responsible for my feelings has been hugely beneficial,  as has unlearning
certain behaviours and patterns of thinking. 

Overall, I am really happy to say that working with Michele has helped me

see that my relationship is worth saving and that looking to the future 
I feel more trust in my intuition, as well as more confidence
that by using the archetypal framework and the communication guide,
my partner and I can work our way through any blips. 
Thank you so much Michele.


Leeds, UK

Michele Willmott

Creator of The New Paradigm For Love

About the Michele

After periods in Norfolk, UK and France, Michele currently lives in Hampshire with husband Matt and their Miniature Schnauzer, Megan. Her ideal day would be a walk along the coast, with a cup of herbal tea in hand, followed by a stop at a cosy country pub.  

Michele's mission is to help as many men and women as possible to transform & renew connection with their partner, so that they can create a deep, lasting and passionate love together. 

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