How to heal your Love life
by transforming your relationship with money!

…..Even if you are earning great money & don't seem to have an issue in this area.

.....especially if you have any money stress in your life.

My Mini Course

'Love and Money Mirrors'

 Will Help You ....

  • Discover where and how your relationship with money is a mirror for the issues you are experiencing in your love life.

  • Learn how to transform your energy around love and money,
    so that you can create the relationship you have always wanted....
    in both areas of your life. 

Do you want to create a relationship based on harmony and ease, which is passionately connected on both emotional and physical levels?

Would you also like to enjoy a relationship with money that is not based on fear, hustle energy and struggle?

A Relationship Where There Is No more…... 

Waiting for your partner to change or waiting for more money to show up so you can finally start living.

Having to feel lonely or not chosen

when it comes to love and money.

 Sabotage running the show in your romantic life.

Feeling that you are not desired in the way you want to be.

Toxic arguments, 'disaster movies' or exhaustion

in your money story.

When I look back say approximately 5 years ago...

I can see very clearly that I did not feel fully chosen in either love and money. Don't get me wrong my husband and I enjoyed a relationship that was, on the whole, emotionally connected and intimate. However, despite thinking my relationship was better than most, I couldn’t work out why I still kept experiencing bouts of loneliness, disconnection and a lack of passionate intimacy with my husband.  

I also wasn't receiving money in the way I wanted to receive it. I seemed to believe deep down that it was not possible to receive money without resorting to hustle energy, which would always leave me drained and exhausted.
All of this made me start to think that maybe it was time to leave my marriage. I started to feel a tremendous amount of pressure to 'upgrade' my relationship because perhaps there was someone else who would be a better match for me. 

I loved him but I wanted more.

I wanted a man who was more passionate about us.

A man who was more alive, dynamic and expressive.

I even wondered if my relationship was holding me back from earning the money I desired. 

And now?

My husband and I have transformed our relationship beyond anything we experienced before. 

We experience zero arguments and enjoy a consistently passionate, alive and connected relationship where our individual 'baggage' does not get to rule the day.

My relationship with money is also completely different, firstly because it is not ruled by fear but more importantly because I have committed to relating to it in the way I desire to, which for me means that I refuse to buy-in to hustle energy or become so attached to money that I always end up living from scarcity.

This has resulted in being able to place a higher value on my work and receive clients who will pay this amount. I have also received 6 figure amounts with ease, whereas at one time this seemed impossible. 

This all happened because I decided to take a good hard look at the ways in which I was relating to both love and money and not living aligned with how I really wanted to do things and what I have always wanted to believe is possible. 

What Made The Difference?

I realised that something must be wrong with my approach and decided that I needed to take a closer look, because I knew that I really did not want to break up with my husband.

It was when I decided to take far greater responsibility for my vision in love, money and business (and I always saw myself as someone who took responsibility) that I discovered an approach that I had never come across in all my years of training to be a coach and a therapist. 

I realised that all the tips and tools I had been using (and which were highly popular) had only taken me so far. They seemed to work for a while but then the same old issues would still crop up and found myself becoming more and more frustrated, as well as feeling a much greater sense of fear that my relationship was not going to last the course and I was always going to stay stuck in the same old money patterns. 

I am a woman who doesn’t want to settle and so to realise that there was a way of transforming my relationship that would also have a huge and positive impact on my money story was a huge relief.

I also realised that......

"committing to going against the norm when it comes to love and money

is THE way to design a life on your terms. A life where you KNOW you are living in integrity with how you want to live and what is most important to you."

Once I did this work I knew that the trajectory of my relationship in love and money was forever changed.

In fact, as a result of continually adopting this new paradigm, my relationship is now what I like to call an ongoing 'passionate adventure'.

How did I do it?

I took time to learn and understand about how relationship (& money) sabotage happens and the ways they show up in romantic relationships.

Crucially I changed the framework in which I had been viewing both love and money.

This has enabled me to heal:

  •  My relationship with my emotions.
  •  My relationship with masculine energy, men and money, which meant I felt provided for and 'chosen' in a way that felt fulfilling, rather than feeling hurt, pain and a sense that something was missing.
  •  My unconscious sabotage that was running the show without me even realising.
  •  My relationship with my own innate power, which above all has really held the key to unlock a  completely new level in love and money.

Obviously I cannot promise that you will take this mini-course and
be able to repeat my results.  It took commitment, discipline and being willing
to make mistakes to overcome my patterns of sabotage, so that I could
create a relationship based on harmony, connection and passionate intimacy as well as a

healthier and more fulfilling relationship with money. 

It is not a quick fix as we are talking about long-term transformation.

But for anyone who is prepared to put in the work required, I will show you
how to change the habits of a lifetime that keep you stuck from creating

the relationship you truly desire in both areas of your life. 

Divine Masculine Healing Session

 The 'Love and Money Mirrors' mini-course will help you start to see patterns of sabotage in your relationship with money, which have been impacting your romantic relationship in ways that you are likely unaware of. All in all these patterns will have been keeping you from creating the kind of love and connection you really want.

You will find out exactly what needs to change to help you become more open to receive love and money in a way that feels good and right for you. 

You Can buy it for Just £27

These are the Modules You'll Find Inside The course

How Love and Money

are Inextricably linked

How & why your relationship with money can negatively impact your love relationship.

Love and Money Sabotage

Discover the different and ways in which sabotage shows up in relation to money and how these specifically impact romantic relationships. 

 the main causes of your money issues

Discover the roots and ongoing causes of your money issues and how these are often mirrored in your relationship. 

Your Current Money paradigm

Uncover your own current money relationship and reflect and decide on how you want this to change moving forwards.

How to heal your relationship 

with love and money

Learn the essential ingredients to help you start creating far more fulfilment in your relationship with both love and money.


The Importance of 

Healing your relationship with masculine energy

Discover how your desired relationship with Love and Money are closely linked to your relationship with masculine energy.

What you will also learn and discover in this mini-course.

  • Discover THE TRUTH about Love & Money & how to create a fulfilling, abundant relationship with both.
  •  Learn the difference between acting from the New Paradigm for Love and Money and the old paradigm, which will result in you sabotaging yourself over and over. 
  •  What behaviours and situations to watch out for that are the norm (but not normal or healthy) in relation to money.
  •  Learn the behaviours & qualities that are essential if you want to receive more love and money in a way that feels good to you.
  •  Learn about the importance of healing your relationship with your own masculine energy, so that your inner feminine WILL feel provided for & met in her needs & desires.
  •  Learn about the importance of saying 'NO' in order to say 'Yes' in regards to money.
  •  Why learning to trust yourself is essential in creating the relationship you truly desire in love and money.

  • Understand and learn the importance of working with your energy when it comes to your relationship with love and money.  
  • Why your relationship with your emotions is crucial in helping you to improve your relationship with love and money.
  • Learn how your inner boundaries will help you take the responsibility required to create satisfaction and fulfilment when it comes to both love and money. 
  • Discover how your self worth is linked to your relationship with money. 
  • Learn about the importance of acting in integrity with yourself and what this actually looks like in reality when it comes to love and money. 
  • Discover the two paths that a relationship becomes destined to follow unless your relationship to money is transformed and healed. 
  • How and why overthinking can create problems in your relationship with both love and money. 

What is included in the

'Love and Money Mirrors' mini-course.

My relationship with money and how this impacted my marriage - Here I describe how the more I have healed my relationship with masculine energy and money the better my marriage becomes. This will help you reflect upon your own situation and start to see opportunities for transformation and growth. 

Three Video Presentations with PDF Transcripts - each going over the different concepts that will help you to transform your relationship in love and money.

A Love and Money Mirrors Meditation to help you refine your energy, so that you naturally become a better match for the relationship you desire to create in both love and money.  

A Love and Money Mirrors PDF Workbook to help you reflect on your relationship with money and how this is impacting your romantic relationship.

If you are not receiving love or Money in the way you really want to and you know that your Relationship

with both are in need of an upgrade 

Love and Money Mirrors will help you to....

  • Start changing your perception about how to create more love and money in a way that feels fulfilling and satisfying rather than fraught with struggle and exhaustion. 
  • Start taking action that is in alignment with your most important values and how you really want to live your life. 
  • Address and transform the conditioned patterns that hold you back from creating a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship.
  • Start living in greater integrity with who you want to be for yourself and for your partner.
  • Experience a more loving relationship with yourself, your partner and money.
  • Start feeling more provided for by masculine energy.

You might be thinking that your money and romantic relationship
are completely separate and have nothing to do

with each other but this is not the case. 

Love and Money Mirrors Mini Online Course

will show you exactly where and how you relationship with money 

is negatively impacting your romantic relationship.
It will guide you to start transforming your relationship in both areas,
so that you can live in far greater alignment. 

When you live in alignment, your external reality has no choice
but to line up with your new, clearer energy.

Start Transforming Your Relationship Sabotage Today

by changing your Relationship with Money.

For Only £27 

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Michele Willmott

Creator of Love and Money Mirrors

About Michele

After periods in Norfolk, UK and France, Michele currently lives in Hampshire with husband Matt and their Miniature Schnauzer, Megan. Her ideal day would be a walk along the coast, with a cup of herbal tea in hand, followed by a stop at a cosy country pub for lunch.  

Michele's mission is to help as many men and women as possible to transform & renew connection with their partner, so that they can create a deep, long lasting and passionate love together. 

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