Executive and Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
For Organisations and Individuals

Michele is a trusted coach for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs
in industries ranging from finance and investment, to marketing and health.  
 She has worked with organisations such as Colgate Palmolive
and The World Wildlife Fund in Geneva, offering
support and coaching to enhance their well-being schemes.

She is highly adept at helping leaders improve their communication in order to
help organisations create a more healthy, effective environment for all employees.
Her laser focused attention on the specifics and nuances of the spoken word
along with non-verbal communication swiftly transforms the relational space.

Michele is passionate about helping individuals step fully
into their power and act with greater integrity.

From her work in the area of romantic relationships
she knows the extent to which a high level of personal integrity
is lacking in many individuals. This is largely due to dysfunctional
 conditioning around how to relate to one's mind and emotions.

Her direct and challenging approach to calling individuals forth
to become better versions of themselves is underpinned by a
powerful yet compassionate framework that applies to all areas of life.  

She has been described as 'fearless and courageous' by clients in that
she is willing to go to depths and offer nuances that are sadly missing from 
many coaching and therapeutic modalities today.

If you are looking to support your executives and employees
and know that there is room for more effective interpersonal relationships,
better stress management and self-leadership please do get in touch.

Client Testimonials

Career coaching for corporate women

Marina Cvetkovic

CEO, Board Executive Coach & Advisor,


Michele has been a trusted partner on my journey and certainly a crucial member of my "circle of giants" in the past few years.

She has not only helped me define my core values in both my professional and personal life, but also supported me in dreaming big and tapping into my highest potential in order to achieve those dreams. And here I am, living my big dreams to the fullest: dream job, dream man and the city of my dreams. I will forever be grateful that I have been given opportunity to experience Michele's fantastic coaching power. 

Jennie Coleman-Whealy

Health and Fitness Consultant.

Founder of PBForme. 


It is actually hard for me to put into words how good Michele is at what she does. I have seen quite a few psychotherapists over the years and literally not one has helped me on the scale that Michele has. She has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions, completely shifting the energy and taking me to a new level of understanding of myself
and what is going on around me.

Michele challenges me to grow and will not let me get away with anything yet at the same time I have never felt so radically accepted, nurtured and supported in my life.

Her methods of communication have completely changed my life, literally.  She has given me practical examples of better ways of saying what I am trying to express, which are less confrontational and I can promise you they really work!

If you are wondering for one minute whether Michele can make a difference in your life then I truly can attest that she can!

Tamara Tomsic

Leadership Coach, Switzerland

I reached out to Michele because I was needing to make major decisions about my career and needed help with finding greater clarity, confidence and trust that it was okay to move away from safer options that didn’t really light me up.
Michele’s coaching and presence was key in helping me align with what I really wanted and to feel a greater sense of self-belief and move away from feeling stuck, conflicted and fearful about my work life.
Her coaching techniques are powerful and as a result of our work together I feel so strong, confident and am fully on my way to shaping a career even greater than the one I initially had hoped for.
Michele has a wonderful skill set and is fully committed and professional. She first puts her heart into her work with clients and her support has been fundamental in helping me trust that I could achieve what I was looking for in my career at the same time as honouring my own needs for balance and well-being.

Viktor Bartolomei

Logitech, Switzerland

I highly recommend working with Michele if you get the chance. Her work addresses areas of sabotage you are not consciously aware of & she incorporates a highly effective archetypal framework, which will help you in all areas of your life. Michele is the type of coach that can help you transform and reach the next level.  

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