Divine Masculine Healing Intensive
for Women

Are you struggling to move to the next level in your love life
despite doing 'all the things' such as working on yourself,
trying to talk to your partner or raising your standards when it comes to dating?

If your answer is 'Yes' then it is highly likely that you are
still thinking and behaving according to the old paradigm for Love.
When you take action according to the 'rules' and perspectives of this societal framework
you will always be putting any strategies or relationship tips into place using the wrong energy.

When I say 'wrong' energy, I mean that you won't get the
long term consistent results that you want.

There needs to be a paradigm shift in which you learn to start responding to
true and empowered masculine energy in a completely different way.

A way that society does not want you to know about because it benefits the 
powers that be to keep men and women 'separate'.

This is why I have designed this Divine Masculine Healing Intensive,
so that you can start to create and attract REAL transformation in your love life.

If you have been looking at my longer term mentoring programmes
but do not have the finances available yet for this level of investment or you
just know that this is where you want to start,
here's what your intensive 1 to 1 with me includes:

Devoted includes....

A Powerful 2 Hour 1 to 1 Healing session

Here you will be taken through a Timeline Healing 
designed to re-imprint your past experience with the 'old' out of date masculine,
replacing it with empowered and unconditionally loving true masculine energy.

This includes an audio of the Timeline Healing for you to take away   
and use whenever you wish.


 2 Weeks WhatsApp access to me

Here you can ask me any questions via audio or written text.


A 1 x 45 Minute Follow-up Call

To help address any shadow energy that is coming up for you in this area and
help direct you to your next best steps. 

This Intensive Package will:

*Help you to start healing your relationship with your own masculine energy.
Moving it from dis-empowered to empowered, so that your energy is cleaner
and you have a greater capacity to attract what you want in Love.

*Help you to see where and how your current patterns of behaviour are keeping you

 stuck recreating the same old scenarios in your romantic life. 

*Give you the opportunity to get in the moment advice on how to approach

conversations with your partner or when you are on a date. More importantly it will
give you more confidence and self trust that you can show up more
fully as yourself and be loved for all of who you are.

*Help you start releasing your attachments in relation to your partner / a man 'being' a certain way.
This will enable you to self source your own love and bring about a greater level of trust
in your own ability to attract and create what you desire in love.

*Help you to see where you are playing games, holding back and

not being clear enough in your romantic life, 
so that you can enjoy more freedom to be your authentic self.

If you would like to make sure that this is the right product for you 
please book a call with me via the button below.


This 45 minute clarity call is charged at £100.
You will receive a refund upon
signing up for any of my 1 to 1 packages.

Creating Extraordinary In Love

Copyright {2020} - Michele Willmott