6 Week Group Programme

For Women

Create Or Attract A Relationship With A Man Who Is Devoted
To Meeting You In Your Desires.....

Devoted - 6 Week Group Programme for Women

Heal Your Romantic Life By Healing Your Relationship
With Your Divine Masculine in Love!

This 6 week programme is designed to help you heal your relationship
with your own Inner, Empowered or Divine Masculine
so that you can create something extraordinary in love!

Here we will look to replace the prevailing wounded masculine paradigm,
which conditions most women to think, behave & feel in such a way
that encourages the following *behaviours when it comes to love:

*low self-worth
*fear of rejection & abandonment
*hiding your true self in a relationship
*holding back on speaking your true desires
*reoccurring hurt, pain, loneliness, anxiety
*criticism, blame, nagging
*paranoia & lack of trust
*attracting patterns of abuse
*lack of sexual desire for partner
*over caring for partner
*wanting more but not feeling met

We will be re-pointing your focus towards your Divine Masculine who wants to provide for you in a way
where you feel loved, connected, free to be yourself, in touch with your desire & aliveness &
that does not have you over working, over thinking or giving your power away.

It is a HUGE challenge for women to overcome this conditioning!

It takes a true warrior-like courage to take a stand for a different state of being & doing.

It takes much courage because it requires facing your fears & seeing them for the lies that they are.

It also requires opening yourself up to a completely alternate love scenario
despite the fear, doubt, pain & frustration.

To choose this new relationship within yourself is to take a stand for something extraordinary.
It is to take a stand for an impeccable relationship with self.
It is to never abandon yourself again for any lies, fear & conditional attachment based notions that

leave you feeling disappointed, lacking & frankly bored!

When you refuse to abandon yourself again, you are done with settling in love &

you simply decide that you simply & unequivocally have what it takes to create MAGIC!

The Type of Results You can expect 
from this programme:

*Your man whisking you off into the bedroom for a hot, passionate sex (& you feeling up for it!)

*Fun, inspiring & stimulating conversations with
your man over dinner

*Big shifts in your relationship communication
with a greater confidence to be vulnerable in an empowered way & thus feel heard & seen.
*Meeting a new partner who is completely different

(in a good way) to any past relationships.

*Way stronger & healthier internal & external boundaries.

*More ease, fun & joy in your relationship
& far less conflict.
*A man or your man treating you like his queen & being willing to step up to meet your desires.

*Greater confidence in your own 'Love Magician' (aka your intuition) being able to powerfully create beautiful situations out of nothing!

What Others Say


"I was holding him responsible for not making things easier & imagining he was drawing away when in reality it was me closing down. Learning to  not hold him responsible was key and this helped me to .pluck up the courage to say that a certain situation was bothering me. Just saying it, no blame, just simply stating what I was feeling took away the heaviness. Then I left things and he sent me a message to say he would always be there for me whatever I was going through. There was no blame on this. It just simply was. And it elicited a response that any woman would dream of!" 




Michele was able to help me identify a source of my break with my own empowered masculine energy and do a timeline healing that was quite extraordinary in its impact. I'm now able to hold space for my husband and allow him to express what he needs in his own way without feeling he is attacking me. I feel that my own relationship with my empowered masculine has been transformed & I am able to self source the love that I kept constantly looking to my husband to provide. There has also been a real shift in our dynamic and the constant arguments have stopped


Essex, UK. 


I am now in a pretty amazing and healthy relationship that unfolding in such a beautiful way. Both of us have a similar foundation of desiring to be treated well and he has such an incredible way of creating a sacred space for us. We have had a few difficult and heart expanding conversations. Our similar foundation is on detachment, seems strange but the more we trust the process the more things work out for us."



This programme is designed to.....

Help you move far beyond your existing experience of love, 

which is probably flawed by frustration, 
disappointment, hurt & struggle 

& build the foundations for your NEW 
relationship internally & externally.

A relationship that you get to design & 
create from the outset!

Who is this programme for?

*If you are single or in a relationship & are struggling in some way to

create real happiness & freedom in your romantic life.

You may also have been deeply hurt by men in the past

& still be holding on to resentment & frustration.

You want to be in a relationship which has connection,

intimacy, fun & laughter, inspiration & EASE!

Where you don't have to hide yourself &

where you both support each other on your chosen life paths.

You simply want to give yourself the best opportunity
to receive something special in Love!

This programme can help you if you:

*have a strong feeling type personality but tend to get caught up in your head

constantly questioning & doubting yourself & your relationship in love.
*get triggered regularly or have a trigger that you cannot seem to move past
*often get derailed by your emotions
*dread a certain feeling or situation happening
*tend to give your power away to authority figures
*have a strong bully or victim voice within yourself

*think that you sabotage your relationship in some way

Features of this Programme


this work is key to you getting beyond your shadows

& out of your over thinking mind, which will sabotage you time & time again.


to help you expand your  energetic state so that you are available to receive limitless possibilities


this work is key to changing your relationship with 

your own inner masculine so that your relationship with the external masculine transforms 


transitioning from object to subject of your own desire is key to helping you to connect with your Divine Masculine

relationship coaching with Michele Willmott
Your Mentor
Michele Willmott

My mission is to help men & women move past their ego patterns & create a love that goes far beyond the norm, where most people simply do not understand their innate power to create more of what they desire in their romantic lives. 

I take a stand for the Divine Masculine as the all presiding presence, which provides the perfect setting & structure for his feminine to live her dream & desires in alignment with who she is!

I hope you will join me on this journey to unlock more of the love within you!


starts 5th January 2021


$555 Bronze Entry
Includes: All live calls, private Facebook support, worksheets, pdfs
Divine/Inner Masculine Healing work & exercises

Shadow Healing Work

$777 Silver Entry
Includes: As Bronze Entry
1 x 90 minute Coaching session with Michele

$999 Gold Entry
Includes: As Bronze entry

1 x 90 minute 1 to 1 session with Michele focused on your specific situation
1 x 2 Hour Powerful TimeLine Repair Modality session with Michele

(audio to take away so that you can use it on yourself to heal

past pain & rejection in relation to masculine energy. This can also be used for your clients) 

Dates for calls 

(all calls will be recorded & available if you cannot make certain sessions)

7, 14, 21, 28 January 2021

4, 11 February 2021

Call times: 4pm Paris Time (CET)
Calls are 1 hour 15 minutes

Ready to take your romantic life

to the next level?

© 2019, Michele Willmott