Deeply Loved 
Online Course

Overcome your unconscious sabotage in your romantic life, so
that you can create & enjoy a relationship where you feel Deeply Loved.

Are you questioning your partner?

Even thinking of leaving your relationship?

Or maybe it's just a case of knowing deep down there is a greater level of
emotional and physical connection to enjoy
....and this is causing all that questioning in your head?

Before you do something drastic, because it often seems easier to
jump ship than it does to stay and try to work things out with your current partner,

 I urge you to consider the following:
It is HIGHLY likely you are SABOTAGING 
your romantic life without even realising it!

(unless you are experiencing abuse or a major clash of values).

Here Is The Reason Why Most People Are Sabotaging Their Romantic Lives

I come across many people who are sabotaging their relationship
(and I did this too, in my marriage and previous relationships).

They are keeping love at arms length, because their shadow (the unconscious parts of yourself) is petrified of opening upand receiving something EXTRAORDINARY in love.

The thing is your shadow selves contain a gift.
Finding the gift in them is the way to MORE LOVE!

The main reasons why your shadows are so scared of
experiencing a DEEP and Truly Intimate love.... 

1. They will do anything to NOT experience the rejection or abandonment you
often felt as a child (even if you feel like you had a happy upbringing).

2. Society has conditioned you to relate to your partner from this place of fear
and create relationships based on co-dependency, that are essentially dysfunctional 
(even though many people will try to tell you that 'it's normal' or 'just the way life is').

Your shadows (we all have them) can literally be running the show behind the scenes, 
causing you to think, feel and behave in ways that only serve to create more
disconnection and unhappiness.... even though you think you are doing
your best to create the loving relationship you truly want.

The majority of relationships are co-dependent,
because both parties in some way or another are placing responsibility 
for their well-being and happiness onto their partner.

The main reason why so many relationships end in divorce is
 because shadow is leading you & your partner

This is terribly sad when the fact is many of these relationships 
could have been saved and completely transformed.

I say this because often just around the corner
lies HUGE transformation in your romantic life.

EVEN if you are experiencing conflict, defensiveness, avoidance,
a lack of emotional and physical connection or whether you feel like you and
your partner are more like room mates than lovers.

Can I Really transform
my relationship?

I know that you may be questioning the possibility of achieving

such transformation in your current relationship scenario

and it may be more tempting to go online and try to find a quick fix.

I could even give you a number of tips that would

absolutely help improve your relationship.

However, if you try to use these tips when shadow is present

it is not going to help you create the change you are looking for. 

There are so many people looking for this elusive, magic pill to help them fix their relationship. Unfortunately most of them go round and round in circles

experiencing the same old frustrations again and again.

They waste time hoping and praying that their partner is going to change or

that they will meet the right person who will 'save' them.

All the while nothing is really changing because they are only

looking for quick fixes on a surface level rather than 

making a commitment to taking a deeper look 

and unravelling their unconscious sabotage.

For this reason, if there was just one thing I would encourage you to do, 
that enabled me (and my clients) to move way beyond patterns of sabotage
and COMPLETELY transform my marriage into something extraordinary

it would be this........
Learn to trust yourself 100%!
(Anyone who says 'I trust myself but not my partner'
does not trust themselves).

When you learn to trust yourself THAT MUCH
this is what becomes possible:

You achieve absolute clarity over whether you really want to stay or to leave your current relationship

You are able to navigate any uncomfortable conversations with ease

Your relationship becomes an ever unfolding adventure where you get to celebrate each other's achievements and support each other through every transition

You trust yourself & your partner's ability to create moments of deep and beautiful connection and intimacy

You can experience a relationship where arguments are a thing of the past

You KNOW when and how to express yourself to your partner in way that creates greater connection rather than more unhappiness

Here's how learning to trust yourself will make ALL the difference in your love life...

Trusting yourself WILL help you to create long-term and long lasting transformation
in your love life, rather than incremental change where you see improvements
but still end up going back to a default state of feeling that something is missing. 

When you know that you trust yourself and that you have your own back, 
BIG TRANSFORMATION is possible, where you feel completely seen and heard 
and where you know you are DEEPLY LOVED!

I am aware that trusting yourself may sound vague and intangible.

However, if you completely trusted yourself when it comes to your romantic life
you simply would not be looking for advice or reading this information.

You also would not be convincing yourself that you trust yourself, 
whilst simultaneously saying 'it's my partner (or men) that I don't trust'.

A woman who trusts herself would not need to do or say these things.

Please don't take this as a judgement.
No-one teaches us how to trust ourselves.

I did not trust myself for a VERY long time.

But I am SO GLAD that I did this work because it changed everything for me and
it is also changing the lives and relationships of my clients. 


many people tend to keep sabotaging their romantic life over and over.
They then end up spending a whole lifetime
carrying that 'something is missing' feeling. 

Here’s what Michele's clients
 are saying about her work


Career Coach

Michele is an incredible coach and being a coach myself, I learned so much from her.

I definitely recommend this program to anyone.  It is worth every penny.


Personal Trainer

Every time I work with you Michele, magic happens...like literally...

This course has given me the confidence to move forward & I will continue to build on these ideas rather than slip back into my default habits.



This course has helped me hold a space for my husband and allow him to express what he needs in his own way without feeling he is attackign me.  Consequently, there has been a real shift in our relationship dynamic.

What’s in the course



Why & how this framework will help you replace old, out of date conditioned behaviours when it comes to love.


What exactly is Shadow?

How it can have a destructive effect when it comes to love. What to look out for. Why it is a Gift.  How you can work WITH it to help you transform your situation.


The 4 main patterns of Sabotage

The patterns that show up in all relationships.  What they look and sound like. How you can start healing these patterns, so that you can be a more powerful creator in your love life.


How to claim back your true power

What being in your true creative power really means, looks and sounds like when it comes to love.  


The 4 power couple archetypes

Their qualities and characteristics. How, you can start to embody them, so that they can you heal your sabotage patterns and create more love in your relationship



empowered masculine & feminine energies

The differences between the two. How they show up when it comes to love & how you can cultivate a healthier relationship with your own Inner Feminine and Masculine. 



the best way to work with your mind

Your mind when used in the wrong way is responsible for a great degree of sabotage. Learn how to use it in a way that works for you rather than against you.  



how to work with your body

Your body is a hugely powerful tool that often gets ignored in personal development work. Learn how to work with it, so that you can become a far greater energetic match to what you want in your romantic life.



how to create a healthy non-codependent relationship

Tips on how to communicate & relate to your partner in such a way that creates connection & intimacy.


A Message From Your Course Host, Michele.

Your love life is not linear, it is unique to you & your history of conditioning & experiences.

It is for this reason that I stand by the fact that it is more important for you to undo your old conditioned behaviours and thinking when it comes to love, than it is to try and 'fix' your relationship.

It is essential to re-build the foundations on which your love is built!

What will work for one person will not work for another.  We all have different desires and values.

If you try to input certain tools & tips & do this from shadow energy, they will not work, in fact they will only get you more of what you don't want.

It is crucial that you learn to understand your own patterns of sabotage and understand how you can overcome them, in order that you can get to a place where you trust yourself every day.

Trust yourself to show up and create something extraordinary with your partner, without always having to resort to questioning yourself; comparing your relationship with other people's relationship; thinking there is something wrong with you or your partner & always checking the internet to find a solution.

Deeply loved is the course
that i needed years ago!

I did not trust myself.

I did not know what trusting yourself really meant.

However, once I committed to undoing my conditioning, healing the parts of myself that needed healing and learning all about shadow and sabotage, I started to take back my power.

I began to realise that I was the only one who was going to save me from living a below par love life.

This is when everything started to change.

An extraordinary relationship is never going to be handed to you on a plate.

A knight in shining armour is not just going to appear and provide the solutions to all our problems (until you do the work that is, then watch everything start to change).

This is all about you giving yourself permission to do things your way. I cannot promise you an easy ride, but it hands down beats the constant struggle and unhappiness when you get stuck in playing a 'waiting' game.

What I can promise you however, is that when you commit fully to transforming yourself, it will be well worth it & you will be thankful everyday you have done this FOR YOURSELF!

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