Most conventional relationship techniques do not serve to create a
hot, sexy & healthy relationship 
that is inspiring, stimulating & fun! 


Because most of these strategies do not encourage 
radical responsibility for one's own emotional & mental well-being &
therefore still perpetuate co-dependency (most relationships are co-dependent).

When two people can take such responsibility they have at their fingertips
the power to set themselves & their relationship free.

Freedom in our relationships leads to:

  • spontaneous hot & sexy lovemaking
  • healthy communication where both parties are able to be 100% honest & thus act with integrity
  • fun, inspiring & stimulating conversations
  • 100% support for each other's career, chosen activities & life path
  • an exciting vision for your future together
  • a beautiful, connected feeling of love

This 1 Day workshop will help you undo your conditioned behaviour in your relationship, 
which is keeping you stuck & your relationship stale or at loggerheads.

Here you will learn how to move from:

A) Your Shadow Archetypes

(the parts of you that act & speak from fear, anger, shame & victim hood) 

B) Your Power Archetypes
(the parts of you who are able to claim & act from your true power - your desires, values & standards).

This workshop is based on the concept of self mastery. 
A relationship where 2 people come together & are committed to mastering their own mind & emotions
& are willing to give up their need to be 'right' is a very beautiful thing indeed.

You will be challenged to question everything you know about relationships
(many recommended techniques for couples only serve to reinforce unhealthy ties),
but if you relish going beyond your own limitations & DO NOT want to settle in love, 
I encourage you to step up to the challenge.

In order to ensure that you and your partner are a good fit for this work,
I ask all interested parties to apply here 

Date & Location:

Geneva, Switzerland 
Venue: Central Geneva Hotel tba

3rd October 2020
9:30am-12:30pm, 1:30pm-5:30pm


Beverages & afternoon snacks

Extraordinary Relationships