Michele Willmott

Relationship & Leadership Mentor

Couples Weekend Intensive
Online or in-person

No time for weekly coaching/therapy sessions, but your marriage is struggling?
Or you are wanting to take your relationship onto a whole new level?

Learn & understand how you can deepen your connection &
give your relationship space to grow in a more loving & intimate way.

My Couples Intensive will help you understand how to dissolve conflict & understand how to 
even use any tension or habitual patterns to move to your next level as a couple. 
Here you will have the opportunity to improve your communication
in powerful ways so that you both feel heard & understood,
& also move past old ways of behaving with each other so that you can enjoy a 
much greater degree of relationship freedom.

What is included

60 minute call with each individual prior to the intensive
 2 x 2 hours Sessions over a weekend.

90 minute follow up session one month later

*During our time together I will help you clearly see where you are
playing games with each other & yourself,
so that you can start to take radical responsibility for how you show up in your relationship.
I will help you communicate with each other from a place of honesty,
truth & in a way that supports your desires, values & standards as individuals,
but that does not tolerate bullying, controlling & victim like behaviour.

*You will experience & see your relationship as it is currently,
through the eyes of Shadow & Power Archetypes.
There will be specific reading to be undertaken before our session (pdf format),
which will give you a greater understanding of how the archetypes play out in relationships.
The archetypal work forms the basis of helping you to take
more & more responsibility in your relationship,
so that you can enjoy greater levels of freedom, love & connection.

*I will also recommend areas of work for each individual in order to
increase awareness of how your subconscious patterns
are impacting the relationship, so that you can start to transform these patterns of behaviour.

*You will receive pdf's which support our work together & will help you
keep up the good practice once the intensive is over.

Throughout this intensive I am committed to your highest relationship vision.
As a result please expect to be challenged (with the utmost compassion)
on your behaviours, responses & thoughts,
because it is these which will contain the key to your transformation. 


Next step.......

 Please book your 30 min complimentary conversation, 
so that you can ensure this is the right option for you.

Creating Extraordinary In Love