Michele Willmott

Relationship & Leadership Mentor

Couples Relationship Mentoring Programme

I work with couples who are fully committed to taking their relationship
forward & are also prepared to put in the work behind the scenes.
My work is designed to get you results that are long lasting & not a quick fix.  

Please be prepared to be challenged on your limiting behaviours
where necessary but also to be held with the utmost compassion & love.

My work with you & your partner will be based on my 'Love Alchemy' Framework
& tailored to your specific situation. This is an archetypal framework,
which will help you to powerfully move beyond the shadows, which hold you back from 
creating the relationship you desire.  I will help you see where you are relating to your
partner (& yourself) from a dis-empowered place & help you take the action necessary to
step into your FULL POWER so that you, your partner & your relationship can thrive!

My coaching also involves Somatic Body Work
to help you embody the energies of your Power Archetypes,
so that you 'live' in your power rather than just having the knowledge in your mind. 

These parts of you will help you an help you to:
*Trust yourself to be able to be able to respond in new & more open ways that will bring your partner closer.
*Take greater responsibility for your own emotions & well-being so that you don't hold your partner to ransom.
*Take action that is aligned with your true desires & your values so that you don't fall into behaviours that are unknowingly manipulative & that keep you from experiencing the love you want.
*Enjoy far less conflict & struggle & instead be able to create more magical moments.
*Create a relationship that enjoys a wonderful ease & freedom to be loved for all of who you are.

Programme Details:

3 Months

 Programme includes: 
2 Hour Introductory Session
4 x 90 minute Couples sessions per month
 (2 x 45 minute Individual sessions can be taken instead of a couples session where recommended)
Mon -Thursday email support with extra knowledge & insights
for you as a couple or as individuals will be given via email

It is expected that you will practice the recommended strategies for healthy
communication outside of our sessions along with any other recommended reading or homework.

Option to extend contract month by month following the initial period.

$5,500 / €4,600

Online Sessions available or Face to Face sessions take place in Samoens or Annemasse, Haute Savoie

I work with couples who are both willing to commit to their own personal growth & that of their relationship. 
Each programme will be tailormade specifically according to your unique relationship situation.

It is important that we are a good match for each other. Please know that I only accept clients who show the
level of commitment & scenario that is conducive to the transformation I will help you achieve.
If you are interested in speaking with me to find out if this is a fit for you,
please book your complimentary 30 minute call via the link below.

What Michele's Clients Have To Say

"As a married couple running a business we have over the past few years found it hard to maintain a healthy balance, both in terms of conversation and quality, fun time spent together. After struggling to resolve communication issues and treat each other respectfully we sought Michele's help. 
Over the course of our sessions, Michele helped us both to develop better communication with each other through the use of shared dialogue and by enhancing our listening skills as well as our ability to read each other's deeper issues and concerns both in daily life and within our business. Being able to see things from each other's perspective has been transformational because it created a greater sense of compassion and understanding between us and this had the knock-on effect of increasing the emotional connection between us.
We are hugely grateful to Michele for her help, assistance, coaching and patience and we are now on a much happier and well balanced journey in both our personal and professional lives."

Lisa & james, France

"Our relationship was fraught with arguments, frustration and upset. When we came to Michele we were
at our wits end. Everything seemed so difficult and we did not know how to change the dynamics
between us. We soon realised that we were both acting in such a way that held each other
responsible for the way we were feeling. 
Michele's direct and challenging yet compassionate approach was invaluable in showing us exactly where we were not taking responsibility and also where we were stuck in vicious cycles of behaviour.

Calling us out on unhelpful and destructive behaviours was exactly what we needed to
start making the changes crucial for the survival and the next step in our relationship. 
We are relating to each other in a much healthier and honest way as a result of our work with Michele.

We are on a new path and it is exciting to see what further changes will take place in our relationship."

Simone & John, geneva

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