career coaching with Michele Willmott

Leadership Consulting & Coaching
 for Corporate Organisations

Self Mastery & Resilience for Employees

An exemplary relationship with one's mind & emotional well-being makes for an employee
who is an out of box thinker & who see's the world in terms of possibilities not limitations.

Such an individual is willing & committed to taking full responsibility for their own
 thinking, feelings & behaviour & as a result able to act with integrity, creativity & authenticity.

In addition, this type of responsibility extends to one's ability to be resilient
in today's ever changing & uncertain economic climate.

If you would like to take your organisation's production on to the next level
& do so in an atmosphere of creative collaboration & full alignment with your overall vision,
it is essential that your staff development is geared towards self mastery for & by the individual.

We help organisations to support their employees with their mental,
emotional well-being & levels of resilience, in order to minimise &
reduce relationship conflicts, sick leave & high turnover of staff.