Your Coaching Business

4 Month Coaching & Mentoring Programme
for Coaches & Entrepreneurs

Claim Your Expertise, Standards
& the Clients you Love to Work with!

Achieving the success you want in your Business
entails conquering the thoughts & emotions 

that get in the way of you
 fully committing to your vision
& taking intention driven action!

If you have a strong desire for change & for having a greater impact,
but you find yourself getting stuck in doubt or in analysis paralysis
about what to do in order to take your business onto the next level,
this 4 Month programme will empower you to........

*Get very clear on your business offerings & pricing.
*Take the 'right' action for you to help you attract more clients or visibility for your work. 

*Clear up your energy by healing old conditioned patterns of thinking, feeling & responding.
*Commit fully to your business vision without falling into the trap of overworking & overthinking.
*Start attracting clients at the price you want to charge.
*Own your expertise with confidence & authority.
*Start trusting yourself & your intuition 100% that you can bring your desired business reality into being.

What's Included:

2 hour Introductory Call
11 x 90 minute Calls
Full Support between sessions via email  (Mon - Thurs 9-5pm)

Support includes social media visibility & presence


How I Work with My Clients 

I employ a combination of Mentoring, Coaching & Therapy tools
to help you move far beyond your conditioned ways of relating to yourself & your business.
Somatic Energy & Body Work
Your energy is EVERYTHING when it comes to attracting the clients,
money & business you desire. Together we will refine your energy by way of
an Archetypal journey.
Here we will identify the extent to which your disempowered selves
are running your business behind the scenes
& help you step into your Power archetypes,
which hold the key to the achieving the success you want. 

Ready to take your next, bold step
to creating the business you truly want?

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"Michele, I want to say you have changed my life! 
My magician is working so beautifully through me when I allow him. 
I have sent messages in the last 2 days and received 2 new clients, 
just from listening to the small voice inside."

Jenny, Personal Trainer & Gym Owner. France

"I have increased my prices & attracted clients
based purely on the fact that I fully trusted I could help them. 
This programme has helped me honour & 
value my worth as an individual & as an entrepreneur.
If you are ready to commit to taking consistent, inspired & intuitive action in your business but want some guidance, I highly recommend investing in Michele's support."

Clare, Yoga Teacher. Hertfordshire

"Overall, this program has been a foundation for me to reclaim my power, 
reconnect to my dreams,  & understand my shadows so I can better manage them. 
I am claiming that my dreams matter & I am willing to do
what’s needed to bring them to life."

Tracy, Co-Active Professional Coach. Canada