Your Ultimate Relationship

Ultimate Alignment
Coaching Programme

for Corporate Professionals

   career coaching with Michele Willmott

It’s Time!

time to……

Reconnect with what you truly want and how you want to feel in your work.
Go out and start making it happen (yes this could be anything from a new position in your current company, a change in work hours, or starting your own business)!

Change the way you are responding to your work situation, so that you can start to feel more inspired & fulfilled.

Learn to trust yourself and life more so that you can live, work & play with more ease & less struggle!

It is also time to know that…
  • You don’t have to feel guilty about wanting more for yourself just because you already are lucky to have a good set up at work or home
  • It is human nature to have desires and holding yourself back does no-one any favours.
  • Life doesn’t have to be a continual struggle where your health pays a premium. There may be challenges and scary steps to take but slog and exhaustion are not part of the recipe.

This programme is for you if you are experiencing any or all of the following:

  • you are successful in your business or career but feeling disillusioned or uninspired.
  • you often question who you are, whether you are doing the ‘right’ thing for yourself and you have forgotten what it’s like to trust yourself.
  • you feel overwhelmed, like you are continually on the hamster wheel, hustling and trying to keep your head above water. You don’t have enough time to do all the things you love.
  • you want to feel that your personal and professional lives are aligned. That your relationship is also as good as your work life.
  • you are frustrated and can often feel resentful towards your partner, you sometimes even question whether he/she is enough for you!


What we will focus on:

  • helping you get very clear on what you want to achieve and feel inspired to start taking specific, focused action steps so that you will build the momentum that will help you learn to trust in your own process and not look outside of yourself.
  • helping you to shift from thinking and behaviour that follow all the ‘should-do’s’ so that you can work from a place of true desire as opposed to feeling guilty and obligated.
  • help you transform any feelings of doubt, despondency and anxiety and retrain yourself to feel consistently more confident about where you are heading in your life so that you don’t play small or convince you that you are not enough to achieve what you want.
  • help you trust yourself more than you ever have before so that you know exactly what you are willing to tolerate from others and yourself.
  • helping you to show up and speak up in such a way that gets you what you want and need at work and in your relationships.

By the end (if not before):

You will be standing tall, shoulders back, head held high,
owning your worth, having strong internal
& external boundaries for yourself.

What I will do for you

  • smell a rat, if I feel you are hiding the truth from yourself about what you really want
  • offer you ongoing support so that you feel deeply heard, seen & understood
  • see your brilliant self and help you step up with confidence and shine
  • challenge you to overcome your fears and take the steps, which will transform your relationship with yourself and your work life
  • help you retrain your body and how you feel with powerful somatic bodywork
  • support you with the gentleness & validation needed to transform more vulnerable parts of you that do not respond to being challenged.


Your Coaching Programme includes:

  • 1 x 90 minute 1 on 1 coaching call
  • 9 x 60 minute 1 on 1 coaching calls (over a period of 4 months)
  • Facebook messenger / whatsapp / email access to me for extra support throughout

What I will ask of you:

Before each call you will complete a preparation form so that we have a clear agenda for our session.

I will ask you to check in with me periodically to let me know how you are doing, this is intended to help you feel supported and also to help give you the accountability, which will encourage you to keeping taking those crucial steps.


€3549 payable by Paypal

or €3700 payable in 2 instalments