Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Signs that you are ready to do it YOUR WAY (i.e. slow down, trust, own your expertise, stop doubting & surrender to the flow of the feminine)........

*You want to manage all your pillars of work and do so in a way that maximises your productivity but also focuses on the things you want to do and feel called to do (rather than worry that you might miss out on something if you don't try to follow ALL of your ideas)
* You can feel despondent, disillusioned or lost at times in your business/career & you can experience big swings in your emotions & your productivity.
* You experience much overthinking, doubting and questioning and this may transpire in the form of: keep changing your niche; thinking that you need to master the latest strategy or get yet another qualification.
* You tend to get hooked into thinking that your next idea is going to be 'the one' that makes you successful, then suffer from much disappointment.

*You can lose sight of what's really important to you and get caught up in the external chase.

My Mentoring / Coaching is designed to:
help you transform any feelings of doubt, despondency and anxiety and retrain yourself to feel consistently confident about where you are heading in your business.
support you in taking the steps forward to help your business/career become more successful and feel more fulfilling.
* help you trust yourself more than you ever have before so that you know exactly what you are available for in relation to others and yourself (in terms of boundaries and your own inner voices)
offer you ongoing support so that you feel deeply heard, seen & understood.
* help you move beyond your mind and into the pure creative energy & essence of your empowered feminine (which activates your confidence, presence, trust & power).
* support you with the gentleness & validation needed to transform more vulnerable parts of you that do not respond to being challenged
* help you see very, very, very clearly exactly where your mind is not serving you.

3 Month Premium Mentoring/Coaching Programme

  • 1 x 90 minute introductory session 
  • Weekly 75 Minute Sessions
  • Email access to me for extra support (Mon-Thurs)

Investment: €4,995 ($5,590)
Payment Plan available

Month Premium Mentoring/Coaching Programme:

  • 4 x 90 minute sessions (1st Month)
  • 75 minute sessions for remainder of programme           
  • Email access to me for extra support (Mon-Thurs)

Investment: €8,918 ($10,000)
Payment Plan available

The above programmes are tailored specifically for you. For example: If you are an entrepreneur we will look at strategy and designing your own signature programme, online courses etc, but only in a way that feels authentic & is aligned with your purpose, values & desires​​. If you are looking for Career/Leadership based Coaching my focus is on how to be discerning in using your energy to take the steps that align with your vision. 

The above is just a snapshot of what I offer, by booking a call with me, you can find out more about exactly how I work and in what ways we would work together in creating your desired work life.


Please book yourself in for a 30 minute chat with me below where you will be able to ask me any questions and make sure that we are a good fit for each other.