Relationship Breakthrough Session

If you would like to transform a specific issue that you know is holding you back from experiencing the relationship you really desire with your partner, this 2 hour session will address this issue with a laser focus!
Here you will find out what it exactly is keeping you stuck, what to do, what to say (or not to say)
& how to show up with the energy required to change the situation for the better!

Here's what's involved: 

  • You can pay for your session via the link below (you will be redirected to my scheduler following payment).
  • You will receive a questionnaire via the scheduling link, please complete these questions so that I can get a good idea of exactly what is going on in your relationship.
  • After assessing your situation we will speak via zoom (your call will be recorded for you) & focus on exactly what needs to be done to help you make a shift.
  • 1 week after our call I will check in with you via email & you can let me know how things are going. I will address any points you bring up, giving you my thoughts & advice regarding the best course of action.
  • The cost of this session, preparation & follow up work is £450
  •  Any questions please do email me at

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