Relationship Breakthrough Session

If you would like to transform a specific issue that you know is holding you back from experiencing the relationship you really desire with your partner, this 3 hour session will address this issue with a laser focus!
Here you will find out what it exactly is keeping you stuck, what to do, what to say (or not to say)
& how to show up with the energy required to change the situation for the better!

Here's what's involved: 

1) A questionnaire to be filled in by yourself before the call
2) A Timeline Repair, which would be directly related to your relationship issue
3) Nervous System Re-calibration in relation to how your body is coping with the issue
4) Direct focus on how the issue is showing up in you in the relationship in terms of your triggers, your feelings and behaviours. You will have an internal strategy going on in relation to the issue, which will include a combination of audio, kinaesthetic & visual triggers. This needs to be interrupted, reframed & redirected.
5) Calling in the archetypal energy that will help you most in your situation and serve as an alchemising force.
6) Practical help & advice regarding exact communication to use if & where necessary,

I also follow up with my clients 2 weeks after the call, with a 60 minute check-in to see how things are going, deepen your learning & to answer any questions.

€850 (I also accept sterling)

To book your call please email me at

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