Michele Willmott
 Relationship Mentor

100 Day 'Love Reclaimed'
A Powerful 1 to 1 Relationship Mentoring Programme
for Women

The Relationship you crave is one where you can truly be loved for being You!
It is not 'perfect' like in the movies, but it is REAL and thus it is beautiful.
It is a place where growth, true love, connection & intimacy can all bloom.
It is not only a huge relief when you realise you can be accepted for who you really are!
It is also freeing & empowering!
Welcome to a space where you can reclaim the love that is your birthright!

This Programme will:

*Hugely transform the way you show up in your relationship, in such a way that you will feel confident & free to be yourself
*Help you stand strong in your boundaries & ensure that you can get the understanding & support you desire from your partner
*Communicate your desires firmly and in such a way that your partner hears you
*Embrace your vulnerability so that you can create greater intimacy, trust, honesty & connection with your partner
*Help you to see where you are playing games, holding back & not being clear enough in your relationship
*Help you to see where you are taking on your partner's 'stuff' & to speak up in such a way that helps you both grow


  • 12 x 75-90 Minute 1 to 1 Calls
  • Weekly Support via Whatsapp or Messenger (Mon-Thurs 9-5pm)
  • In depth support & advice regarding the way you communicate with your partner
  • Transformational coaching to help you show up in an empowered, confident & real way in your relationship

This programme is for women who are committed to growing within their relationship & taking it onto the next level.
It is for you if you desire to create something beautiful & real, where you can fully be yourself & express yourself & your true desires in such a way where your partner is able to hear you & step up also to be the man he is capable of being.

 What Michele's Clients Say

"It is actually hard for me to put into words how good Michele is at what she does.  I have seen quite a few psychologists & psychotherapists over the years and literally not one has helped me on the scale that Michele has. She has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions, completely shifting the energy and taking me to a new level of understanding of myself and what is going on around me.

She challenges me to grow and will not let me get away with anything yet at the same time (and I don't know how she does it) I have never felt so radically accepted, nurtured and supported in my life.

Her methods of communication have completely changed my life, literally. I have gone from being completely closed down to expressing myself often in a calm and non-blaming way. I have learned how to take full responsibility for what is going on for me and am currently learning how to allow others to take full responsibility for them rather than blaming myself all the time! I cannot tell you how this has transformed my relationship. I am really proud of my ability to express what I am looking for without blaming or criticising the other person - it's literally all thanks to Michele's coaching. She has given me practical examples of better ways of saying what I am trying to express which are less confrontational and I can promise you they really work!

If you are wondering for one minute whether Michele can make a difference in your life then I truly can attest that she can!"

Sara, London

Reclaim the Love You Deserve!