'Love Reclaimed' 

4 Month Programme for Women in a Relationship

Would you like to transform your situation quickly & effectively? 

Less conflict, more understanding, connection, intimacy & fun?

This fully supported programme will take you from where you are now to mastery in your relationship:

the ability to let go of old attachments that create conflict, tension & disconnection;  

more unconditional based love, which creates a beautiful freedom
for you & your partner to be more fully yourselves & support each others growth. 

'Manifesting Love'

4 Month Programme for Single Women

Would you like to call in a man who can meet you on all levels?
A man who is supportive, loving & who is willing to step up in his own life?

This fully supported programme will help you release bad habits & out of date beliefs when it comes to finding love & help you get into the BEST ENERGETIC match for your right man.

Free 30 Minute Discovery Call

Get clarity about your situation.
Understand the real reasons you are struggling
& find out what is needed to transform your relationship situation.