Quantum Love & Money 

Group Program for Women

with Michele Willmott

Meet Your Divine Masculine in love & Money so that you ARE provided for!

This is a 6 week programme designed to help you choose a new relationship 
with Love & Money & take a stand for something extraordinary. 
It is to take full responsibility for your dream & to trust yourself fully along the way.

Here we will be replacing the patriarchal masculine paradigm with
the Empowered or Divine Masculine who wants to provide for you in a way 
that does not have you over working, over thinking or abandoning yourself.

The Shadow or Wounded Masculine is the epitome of Patriarchal society 

This energy & paradigm is hell bent on having you sacrificing your mental & physical well-being, 

doubting yourself, living in fear & creating lack & struggle when it comes to love & money. 

It is a HUGE challenge for women to overcome this conditioning

& it takes a true warrior-like courage to take a stand for a different state of being & doing.

It takes much courage because it requires facing your fears & seeing them for the lies that they are.

It also requires opening yourself up to a completely alternate love & money

scenario despite the fear, pain & frustration.

This is where your Divine Masculine comes in,

who absolutely does not want you to flog yourself silly, 

get caught up in your head or being an all work no play kind of woman.

He is your all-providing, all-loving masculine energy who is always within you.

To choose this new relationship with LOVE & MONEY is to take a stand for something extraordinary.
It is to take a stand for an impeccable relationship with self.
It is to never abandon yourself again for any lies, fear & conditional attachment based notions that

leave you feeling disappointed, lacking & frankly bored!

When you never abandon yourself again you are done with settling in love & money & 

you simply decide that you simply & unequivocally have what it takes to create MAGIC!

relationship communication coaching, marriage counseling,

What you can expect from this programme:

This program is designed to help you move far beyond your existing experience of love, money & work,

which is probably flawed by frustration, disappointment, hurt & struggle (otherwise you would not be reading this?)

& build the foundations for your NEW relationship in both areas.......

A relationship that you get to design & create from the outset.

And you know what they say about your outer reality being a reflection of your inner reality!


*Your man whisking you off into the bedroom for a hot, passionate sex.
*Clients signing up to work with you from 'out of the blue.'

*Fun, inspiring & stimulating conversations with your man over dinner.

*Putting your prices up, sticking to them & only inviting in high quality clients

who are committed to doing the work WITH you!

*Big shifts in your relationship communication with a greater confidence

to be vulnerable in an empowered way & thus feel heard & seen.

*Way stronger & healthier internal & external boundaries

*More ease, fun & joy in your relationship & far less conflict

*Greater confidence & follow through action when putting out your programmes & offers

Who is this programme for?

*If you are single or in a relationship & are struggling in some way to

create real happiness & freedom in your romantic lives.

You may also have been deeply hurt by men in the past

& still be holding on to resentment & frustration.

You want to be in a relationship which has connection,

intimacy, fun & laughter, inspiration & EASE!

Where you don't have to hide yourself &

where you both support each other on your chosen life paths.

*If you want to create more freedom & abundance with Money & in your business.
To enjoy financial prosperity, a feeling of being provided for & supported
to really go for your true desires & your dream, rather than playing it small time & time again!

If you would benefit from greater confidence in designing, pricing & selling your offers as well as

following through on the action required to receive clients. 

This programme can help you if you:

have a strong feeling type personality but tend to get caught up in your head

constantly question & doubt yourself & your relationship in love & money
cannot seem to move past a big trigger
are often thinking 'I am doing something wrong'
often get derailed by your emotions
dread a certain feeling or situation happening
tend to give your power away to authority figures
have a strong bully voice within yourself

think you sabotage your relationship in some way

Client Love​

"I want to say you have changed my life ! My magician is working so beautifully through me when I allow him. I have sent messages in the last 2 days and received 2 new clients, just from listening to the small voice inside"

Claire - London

"You know this stuff does work in practice.. After our first call on Thursday and my surrender moment I wrote a message to my man taking responsibility for my shadow and therefore my actions and emotions. I told him what I wanted.

I let it all go. All the little things that I had logged which were telling me that he doesn't care because actually there were 1000 other things that pointed to the fact that he does... And I did truly let it go.

I didn't know how the message would be received but I felt total peace that either it would be received well, he would see my heart and would draw close, or if it wasn't received well, maybe he wasn't the man for me because at the very least I wish for someone who is willing to have an open heart to my mistakes, to my efforts, to me....

Anyway you wouldn't believe the outpouring of love I have had since then. So wonderful. He did totally get it. Thank you!"

Jane - France

"I was holding him responsible for not making things easier & imagining he was drawing away when in reality it was me closing down. Learning to  not hold him responsible was key and this helped me to .pluck up the courage to say that a certain situation was bothering me. Just saying it, no blame, just simply stating what I was feeling took away the heaviness. Then I left things and he sent me a message to say he would always be there for me whatever I was going through. There was no blame on this. It just simply was. And it elicited a response that any woman would dream of!" 

Ciara - Switzerland

Features of this Programme


this work is key to you getting beyond your shadows

& out of your over thinking mind, which will sabotage you time & time again.


aka 'Living in the Quantum field' where your 

energetic state is expanded & you are available 

to receive limitless possibilities


this work is key to changing your relationship with 

your own inner masculine so that your relationships with external males & money transforms 


​moving from object to subject of your own desire

is key to helping you to connect with

your Divine Masculine


6 Group Calls via Zoom 

Small Private Facebook group

Ongoing support & accountability
On call mentoring & coaching for each participant

Divine Masculine embodied healing work.

VIP Option:

2 x 90 minute 1 to 1 calls with Michele

Transformational Timeline Repair Modality

(audio to take away so that you can use it on yourself to heal

past pain & rejection in relation to masculine energy)

Your Mentor

Michele Willmott

I am British but have been living in the French Alps

with my husband for 12 years now. 

Accredited by the International Coach Federation I am a fully certified coach, a qualified psychotherapist & an Imago Relationships facilitator.

My mission is to help men & women create a powerful & loving relationship with Love & Money,

so that they experience a greater sense of freedom

& ease than ever before.

 'Quantum Love & Money Group Programme

starts 24th September 2020


€1000 Normal Entry

€1300 VIP

Dates for calls 

(all calls will be recorded & available if you cannot make certain sessions)

24 September

1, 8, 15, 22 October 

Call times: 4pm Paris Time (CET)

Ready to take your love & money

to the next level?

© 2020, Michele Willmott