Quantum Love, Money 

& Business

Group Program for Women

with Michele Willmott

This programme is underway. Please get in touch if you would like to register for my next group programme.

For Women who want PURe MAGIC when it comes to love, money & business!

 To Experience 'Quantum Love & Money in Your Life'

is to Give Yourself the Opportunity to Create PERFECTION in a world that says nothing is perfect......because fundamentally this is about you getting to CHOOSE how YOU
RELATE to love, money & your work (or any other area of your life for that matter)

& thus create your own reality (the magic part!)

This program is designed to help you move far beyond your existing experience of love, money & work, 

which can be flawed by frustration, disappointment, hurt & struggle  

& build the foundations for your NEW relationship in both areas.......

A relationship that you get to design & create from the outset!

And you know what they say about your outer reality being a reflection of your inner reality!? 


Your man whisking you off into the bedroom for a hot, passionate sex.
Clients signing up to work with you from 'out of the blue.'

Fun, inspiring & stimulating conversations with your man over dinner.

Putting your prices up, sticking to them & only inviting in high quality clients

who are committed to doing the work WITH you!

Feeling so much love pouring out of your veins & a feeling a of turn on in relation to your man & your business!

To be IN LOVE with LOVE & MONEY is to take a stand for something extraordinary.
It is to take a stand for an impeccable relationship with self.
It is to never abandon you again for any lies, fear & conditional attachment based notions that

leave you feeling disappointed, lacking & frankly bored!

When you never abandon yourself again you are done with settling in love & money & 

you simply decide that you simply & unequivocally have what it takes to create MAGIC!

Who is this programme for?

*Women who are single or in a relationship & who are struggling in some way to

create real happiness in their romantic lives. 

You may also have been deeply hurt by men in the past & still be holding on to resentment & frustration.

You want to be in a relationship which has connection, intimacy, fun & laughter, inspiration & ease!

Where you don't have to hide yourself & where you both support each other on your chosen life paths.

*Women who want to create more freedom & abundance with Money & in their business. 
To enjoy financial prosperity, a feeling of being provided for & supported
to really go for their true desires & their BIG DREAM, rather than playing it small time & time again!

How You Will Benefit From This Programme

This programme is designed to 'undo' your attachments & conditioning 

when it comes to love & money, so that you STOP trying to 'get' & thus you stop
giving away your power to create what you want!

Society's idealistic notions in relation to love & money only serves to create false beliefs

& dysfunctional behaviour when it comes to how we relate to our partners and our financial situation.

When we follow these notions we do ourselves, as women, 

& our men & our bank balances a complete disservice!

It is my mission to change this way of being so that

we can relate to our partners & our money in a way that is

intimate, supportive, unconditionally loving & ecstatically joyful much more often than not! 

Here, we are looking to create

relationship & money freedom & abundance &

in my experience there is nothing better because ultimately
we are talking about creating a beautiful, heart opening relationship with YOURSELF!

Some further benefits of this programme:

relationship coaching with Michele Willmott
  • KNOWING YOUR VALUE(S), Desires & Standards in Love & Money leads to greater self confidence & self worth. When your self worth is intact you are more willing & committed to taking a stand for what you truly desire, this is an essential prerequisite for making it happen!
  • Learn how to stop giving your self worth away to other people based on fear of what they might think or on 'getting' things outside of yourself to help you feel loved.
Relationship Coaching Group Programme for Women
  • STAND in YOUR TRUE POWER when it comes to love & money. When we are not creating what we truly want, we are in essence waiting for someone else to deliver us our dream. We will be waiting for a long time if we continue in this way.
  • You will learn how to COMMAND your power to create your chosen reality!
Quantum Love and Money Group Programme
  • Create strong boundaries for yourself in love & money.

  • Learn how to create the space for you to call in your desires in these areas.

  • Learn how to stop giving your power away to others, situations & your own fears.

  • Become more magnetic to cash, clients, a new partner, a better relationship with rock solid internal boundaries.

Quantum Love & Money Group Programme
  • Activate your INNER MAGICIAN, the part of you who literally can create magic in the moment!

  • Learn how to TRUST yourself without having to figure everything out & control every aspect of your romantic or financial life. 

  • Submit to YOUR RELATIONSHIP with Money & Love - this is where your transformation lies. Neither of them have power over you, so why keep giving it to them? You have the ULTIMATE POWER over your relationship with them - so let's start building it!

It is actually hard for me to put into words how good Michele is at what she does. She has an uncanny ability to 

ask the right questions, completely shifting the energy & taking me to a new level of understanding of myself & what is going on around me. If you are wondering for one minute whether Michele can make a difference in your romantic life then I truly can attest that she can!”

Sara, London

Relationship Coaching, Improve your marriage, marriage counselling

What is Included?

  • 6 Group Calls via zoom 
  • Private Facebook group
  • Ongoing support
  • Downloadable PDFs / audio content including all Archetype Shadow work 
  • 2 x 90 minute 1 to 1 calls with Michele
  • Transformational Timeline Repair Work (audio to take away so that you can use it on yourself to heal past pain & rejection in relation to masculine energy)
  • Divine Masculine embodied healing work.

Quantum Love & Money Programme

Some of the work & topics that will be included in this programme is:

  • The DIVINE MASCULINE - this work is key to changing your relationship with your own inner masculine so that your relationships with external males & money transforms once & for all!
  • How to step from Shadow into your Power Archetypes in Love & Money.
  • YOUR RELATIONSHIP with DESIRE (moving from object to subject of your own desire - stepping into the Lover Archetype)
  • BOUNDARIES & PROJECTIONS (Embracing Your Warrior Archetype to help you create the space for more love & money to come in)
  • ENERGETIC & SOMATIC (Body) WORK - aka 'Living in the Quantum field' where your energetic state is expanded & you are available to receive limitless possibilities (hello Magician Archetype!)
  • ANXIETY in LOVE & MONEY - Dealing with your own anxieties in both in a way that brings MORE abundance rather than keeping them at arms length.

What Others Say


"I had reached a stage in my relationship with my husband where the option seemed to be leaving or divorce........

But I've always felt leaving was too easy - it denies that there are two people that hold responsibility for making a relationship work. In our intensive session Michele was able to help me arise insights about how my poor behaviour was impacting my husband.

She has worked with me around the Divine Masculine and understanding that I need a relationship with that as well as with my husband.

I'm now able to hold space for my husband and allow him to express what he needs in his own way without feeling he is attacking me .... There has been a real shift now in our dynamic and the constant arguments have stopped."

Susan, United Kingdom

Life is far too short to settle for a second rate relationship with love & money, that keeps us from moving beyond our pain & experiencing true freedom & abundance!

Your Mentor/Guide/Teacher
Michele Willmott

I am a Relationship Mentor, living in the French Alps with my husband. I am a fully certified coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, a qualified psychotherapist & an Imago Relationships facilitator.

My mission is to help men & women create a powerfully loving relationship with Love & Money, that completely changes our external reality beyond what we have ever known.

 'Quantum Love & Money Group Programme

starts 16th July 2020



Dates for calls (all calls will be recorded & available if you cannot make certain sessions)

16, 32, 30 July

6, 13, 20 August

Call times: 3pm Paris Time (CET)

Ready to take your love & money

to the next level?

© 2020, Michele Willmott