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Luxury Yoga and Coaching Retreat

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Align Your Divine Feminine & Masculine –
5 Night Luxury Yoga & Coaching Retreat

A 4 Day, 5 night retreat break for Women, in the stunning French Alps 

This is an exciting opportunity for you to get away from the relentless hamster wheel of life and enjoy a luxury short break just for yourself in a truly beautiful environment, conducive to helping you to reconnect with your empowered feminine and masculine energies (as opposed to the wounded feminine and masculine, which most women tend to be ruled by). 

Yoga and Personal Development in the French AlpsYoga Retreat French Alps Samoens Village

This retreat is designed specifically for high achieving professional women who:
  • have so far climbed many corporate ladders but are still yearning for more fulfilment and aliveness in their work life.
  • are feeling that something is missing in their relationship or that they are having to hide who they really are.
  • are working far too hard and finding it difficult to see a way out of a relentless routine.
  • want to feel greater self belief and trust in following their intuition.
  • want to be able to slow down without compromising their lifestyle.
What you will learn and experience:
  • How to discern between your divine masculine & feminine energies and your wounded equivalents that tend to keep us locked into a cycle of perfectionism, overwhelm and over working.
  • How to embrace your divine feminine who knows how to let go, to feel more in the flow and to trust her intuition and the idea that life and the universe are conspiring for you rather than against you.
  • How to unleash and trust your divine masculine energies – this is the part of you that feels desire & passion (on a sexual level and in general) and is able to act on the inspiration and intuition of the divine feminine and do so in a way that is creative as opposed to being based on all the ‘should’s that often govern our behaviour.
  • How you are holding yourself back in your life so that you can start to be much more in control of the internal voices that dominate your mind. In this way you start to shift away from beliefs that are so ingrained that they affect your every move and decision, so that you become the creator of your own reality and in doing so feel much more empowered and confident.
  • How you can become more accepting of who you are & the emotions that are part of you so that you can start to relax, feel less anxious and trust that life is supporting you much more than you have ever realised. In this way you start to take responsibility for your behaviour and responses at work, socially and in your relationship so that you become less reliant on your external situations to ‘make’ you happy.

I recommend…. an open and curious mind and a desire to want to learn more about yourself and a readiness for some fun, excitement and magic 🙂

I find that…. every individual leaves feeling inspired, excited and with a greater sense of strength, confidence and self acceptance, as well as a clearer idea about their next step(s) in living a life that feels true to who they really are.


“It is a real mind, body, heart experience…..There is something on the retreat to nurture all the aspects of the whole person. Beauty, nourishment, time and touch. Thank you!!”
Suzanne, Scotland.
“A fantastic retreat in beautiful surroundings, with pampering……., relaxation, self-exploration and lasting revitalisation. Michele is warm-hearted and easy to open up with. She is encouraging and accepts you for who you are!”
Suzanne, Norway
The French Alps are a beautiful and inspiring location for a weekend getaway.

The fresh clean alpine air and peace and quiet is a wonderful recipe if you would like to feel refreshed and relaxed.

In the afternoons there will be free time in which you can choose to take your massage, get stuck into a good book, take a nap or if you are feeling more energetic you may like to go on a walk along one of many of the great trails.

Your Weekend Retreat Includes:

  • 5 Nights Accommodation at Chalet Nordchamp (9th-14th November)
  • 2 x 45 minute Skype Coaching sessions with Michele.
    1 session will take place before the workshop and and 1 afterwards. These sessions are designed to help you get clear about what you would like out of your life and from the workshop itself, as well as helping you to stay committed to any action steps you choose to take following on from the weekend.
  • Interactive & Inspiring Group Coaching on three mornings with Michele.
  • Meditation and visualisation session –  how to meditate effectively and connect with the parts of you that can assist you in living your life from a more alive and abundant place.
  • Yoga Nidra Session – one early evening deep relaxation.
  • Dance Sessions x 3 with Irem Luqman – (no experience necessary) to help you get in touch with your body and your sensual feminine side.
  • Morning Yoga sessions x 4 with Julia Barnessessions (inside the chalet)
  • A Full Body massage (45 minutes)
  • Breakfast (x4), lunch (x4) and evening meals with wine (x4) are also provided.
  • Airport transfer to and from Geneva (specific times apply for pick up and drop off please enquire).


Approximate timings will be:

Arrival Thursday 9th November 4pm onwards

Sample day Schedule:
8 – 9:30am Yoga
9:45 – 10:45am Breakfast
11 – 12:30pm Group Coaching
12:30pm – 1pm Free time
1pm – 1:45pm Lunch
3pm – 5pm – Free time (massages, walking, reading)
5 – 6pm – Dance session or Yoga Nidra
7:30pm – Evening Meal

Departure Tuesday 14th November (morning)

Venue: Chalet Nordchamp, Samoens, Haute Savoie

Workshop activities will be interactive, so we recommend you wear comfortable clothes.
If the weather is good we will spend some time outdoors, so appropriate footwear is also recommended.

What’s not included:
Extra nights booked at the chalet
Extra massage/beauty treatments other than those included


12027647_1072277302784993_2815661359879189577_nYoga Retreat for Women May 2015Yoga and Hiking Holiday France

Your accommodation for the weekend is Chalet Nordchamp. Located on the outskirts of Samoens in a quiet hamlet, the chalet enjoys stunning views of the surrounding Giffre valley.

The chalet has 5 ensuite bedrooms (including one family suite with 2 bathrooms), a cosy lounge area with wood burning fire and a hot tub for relaxing in. Samoens is approximately a 20 minute walk away.

Breakfast will be provided on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday morning of your stay (Tuesday morning will be a light breakfast only).
There will also be lunch each day from Friday up until Monday and a 3 course Evening Meal (wine and soft drinks included) on each of the 5 nights.

Unlimited tea and coffee are provided and we cater for all dietary requirements. Fresh juicing &/or nutri- bullets are also included in the mornings.


The Yoga & Dance

Julia Barnes retreat yoga teacherYour sessions will be led by Yoga Alliance certified teacher Julia Barnes.
Julia will adapt each session according to fitness levels and capability. All levels are welcome and sessions will be aimed at the beginner/intermediate level.

Originally from Scotland, Julia fell in love with yoga while living in New York. She is co-founder of the studio O Yoga in Lyon, and teaches vinyasa and prenatal yoga in Lyon and Haute-Savoie. Living in the Alps, Julia is passionate about movement, whether it’s yoga or roaming around exploring her mountain home.

Julia’s approach is playful yet thoughtful, combining a creative flow with a focus on alignment and mindfulness, that invites us to find space, freedom and joy for ourselves. She loves sharing how we can use our practice as a source of nourishment, self discovery and transformation.

Yoga retreat with Julia Barnes  yoga retreat weekend  Yoga weekend workshop with coaching

The Dance

Luxury Yoga & Dance Retreat
To help you to tap into your divine feminine intuition and your divine masculine energy and potentially release any blocks you may be carrying in your body, 3 dance sessions are included in this retreat.

Led by Irem Luqman, these sessions will give you a chance to integrate your self-discoveries through the day using the non-verbal medium of dance and movement. The dance sessions can help develop your strengths, and express yourself, as well as the following:

  • to understand how and when to lean in to your feminine intuition and when to engage in your masculine body knowledge;
  • to understand your feelings and behaviour
  • to reduce tensions, diminish depression and increase energy
  • learn to understand non-verbal communication
  • to increase your self-awareness and self-esteem
  • to cope with mental distress and difficulties with body image

There is no previous experience needed and nothing to get right or wrong. You do not need to be especially fit and you do not require any previous dance experience or skills to attend. All you need is an interest in exploring how movement can transform and integrate body and mind to bring out your fullest divine feminine and masculine potential. You will not be taught a particular type of dance technique or join in with any movements, which might not suit you.

Irem will also spend time with each individual following up on their experience and chatting through any issues that you may like to explore.

Irem’s experience & passion for dance:

“As a child I was never allowed or encouraged to dance. I was brought up to believe that dancing was wrong and provocative for a woman. I subsequently internalised a lot of shame associated with my own body image. But despite all of this, every cell in my being knew that it wanted to dance in order to express myself. Unfortunately, while I was growing up I still suppressed my desire to dance by pursuing a corporate career and climbing the ladder. I was afraid of rejection and of disappointing others.

In the evenings I would train myself in salsa, belly dance, pole fitness, and burlesque. I did this for many years; throughout my twenties and thirties. Burlesque gave me the opportunity to perform my story on stage to an audience in London. I told the story of my past, my strict upbringing, the religion I’d been born into, and the cultural and social expectations of me. It was an incredibly healing and releasing experience for me.

I have been teaching these various dance forms to other women of all ages and sizes for over 15 years. Along the way I have met many amazing women with similar experiences to that of my own and this has led me to train as a dance movement psychotherapist in order to understand and explore even deeper the connection between body and mind.

I now bring my personal experience, body-wisdom, and knowledge of dance and therapy to help others because I care deeply about women having a right to tell their stories and to make their voices heard in the world. I believe that we are in desperate need of more feminine energy in order to restore balance and harmony to our world.”


9th – 14th November 2017


€1997 per person single room occupancy or
€1597 per person (2 friends sharing twin room with ensuite)

Apply Here

Please note: Accommodation fees will be paid separately to the Chalet.
5 Rooms available only.
Participants will receive a questionnaire to complete prior to the weekend and Michele will call to speak to everyone individually to ensure that this retreat weekend is a great match for you and to arrange a skype coaching call before the retreat.