career coaching with Michele Willmott

Divine Money & Business

A 4 Month Fully Supported Programme for Female Entrepreneurs

To be IN LOVE With Money & Your BUSINESS
IS to be in touch with your true feminine desire!
It is to desire yourself as subject of your own desires,
not an object like society would have you believe!
It is to ignite your empowered masculine energies,
who want nothing more than to deliver you your desires.
The two together, within an ALL POWERFUL new paradigm,
which casts out fear & calls in prosperity
instead calling in YOUR DESIRES & VALUES
are you in YOUR TRUE POWER

This Programme is for you if:
You are feeling stuck in your business
You keep changing your prices
You desire to charge & receive more for your services
You categorically do not want to hustle & experience burn-out in your business.
You have always wanted to believe you can create & run a business on your terms.
You struggle in your relationship with money either having no real connection with it to fearing it or always tending to see the lack
You know you have an important message that the world needs to hear!

This Programme will help you:
*Embody a deep level of trust in your own capacities to create what you really want when it comes to money.  
*Create strong boundaries in your relationship with money so that it WORKS FOR YOU!
*Develop a close & loving relationship with money so that you can decide upon & stand firm with your prices.
*Learn & embody your own EXACT process that helps you bring in the money & the clients you desire.
*Know EXACTLY when you are in your dis-empowered feminine & masculine energies & how to get back into your divine, empowered self in order that you can be much more consistent in manifesting & achieving your desires.

Get clarity on your business message & take focused, inspired action in terms of building your own legacy.

Included in this 4 Month Programme:

  • 90 minute Introductory Call
  • Weekly 75 minute 1 to 1 Calls
  • Weekly Support via Whatsapp or Messenger (Mon-Thurs 9-5pm CEST)
  • In depth support & advice
  • Transformational coaching/mentoring (see below for more details)

This programme is for women who are committed to growing within their business & taking it onto the next level.


How I Work With You:

*I use a Shadow Archetype System called 'The Royal Court' (see my facebook page for more details) to give our work structure & help you recognise & embody your empowered archetypes in your own unique way. This is a simple but hugely effective way of enabling you to move past those blocks that never actually seem to go away. 
*We will dive deeply into your relationship with your own desire. Most women have a negative relationship here due to societal conditioning & I accompany you on your own journey from being a object of desire to the subject of your own desire. This is a crucial transition, which must be made if we are to bring our true desires into being.
*Part of the manifestation process involves taking radical responsibility for our own emotions, values, dreams & desires. Again this is another necessary transition, which we will journey though, so that you don't continue to stay in the energy of "nothing seems to be working", "I don't know how" or "I can't get it right"!
*Meeting & igniting Your Divine Masculine is a beautiful experience & this is where you truly see yourself, your own beauty, genius & power. This power is HUGE & it is no wonder we keep ourselves from accessing it. There is much fear attached! It is time for you to come out of fear & fall in love with YOUR OWN INNER MAN because that changes EVERYTHING!
*Uprooting & replacing the out-dated & corrupt patriarchal paradigm is an essential part of this process because it is a recipe for exhaustion, hustle & burn-out. Here, we will be using a new container that is ALL PROVIDING, ALL SUPPORTIVE & fundamentally ABUNDANT. This will involve you stepping up into a new devotional way of being, to yourself but also to a consciousness that is truly supportive of your power (we are not talking fluffy universe LOA here!).

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I want you to know about the above programme is that I will hold the space for you to grow a much greater inner strength & trust in yourself. Let's just say my Inner Warrior will be taking a stand for YOUR WAY, not mine, not anyone else's!

READY to jump ship from the old way to your new way of being in business & self?

 What Michele's Clients Say

"It is actually hard for me to put into words how good Michele is at what she does.  I have seen quite a few psychologists & psychotherapists over the years and literally not one has helped me on the scale that Michele has. She has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions, completely shifting the energy and taking me to a new level of understanding of myself and what is going on around me.

She challenges me to grow and will not let me get away with anything yet at the same time (and I don't know how she does it) I have never felt so radically accepted, nurtured and supported in my life.

Her methods of communication have completely changed my life, literally. I have gone from being completely closed down to expressing myself often in a calm and non-blaming way. I have learned how to take full responsibility for what is going on for me and am currently learning how to allow others to take full responsibility for them rather than blaming myself all the time! I cannot tell you how this has transformed my relationship. I am really proud of my ability to express what I am looking for without blaming or criticising the other person - it's literally all thanks to Michele's coaching. She has given me practical examples of better ways of saying what I am trying to express which are less confrontational and I can promise you they really work!

If you are wondering for one minute whether Michele can make a difference in your life then I truly can attest that she can!"

Sara, London

Reclaim the Love You Deserve!