Business & Money Programme


Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Healers

Convincing ourselves that we are happy with our lives & our work,
because we have been told to be grateful is to deny ourselves the satisfaction of obtaining our goals & beyond!
The trouble is, goals are associated with chasing, exhaustion & ultimate lack of fulfilment
because we know happiness comes from the inside.

But what if we can be fulfilled & happy (ecstatic even) on the inside & achieve everything we have dreamed about?

This Programme is for you if:
You are feeling stuck in your business & don't feel the same passion for it as you used to.
You keep changing your prices & you desire to charge & receive more for your services.
You often change your strategies or niche but still don't feel settled in what you are doing.
You do not have any consistency in your money or client intake.
You secretly wish to be able to break out of the coaching or therapy modality that confines you & be able to get faster results for your clients.
You categorically do not want to hustle & experience burn-out in your business.
You have always wanted to believe you can create & run a business on your terms & hate following 'should-do's'!
You struggle in your relationship with money either having no real connection with it to fearing it or always tending to see the lack of it.

This Programme will help you:
*Embody a deep level of TRUST in your own capacities to create what you really want when it comes to your business & money.  
*Create strong boundaries in your relationship with money so that it WORKS FOR YOU!
*Become more decisive, stand firm on your (higher) pricing.
*Learn & embody the principles of Shadow Alchemy to help you & your clients get results faster.
*Know EXACTLY when you are in your dis-empowered energies that keep you playing small & making slow progress so that you can get back into your TRUE POWER & be much more consistent in manifesting & achieving your desires.

*Unleash your inner MAGICIAN who will help you to take focused, inspired action in the moment rather than getting stuck in overthinking & procrastination.

Included in this 3 Month Programme:

  • 2 Hour Introductory Call
  • Weekly 75 minute 1 to 1 Calls
  • Weekly Support via Whatsapp or Messenger (Mon-Thurs 9-5pm CEST)
  • In depth support & advice
  • Transformational coaching/mentoring using the Shadow Alchemy Method (see below)
  • PDF's & audios to help you learn more about Shadow Alchemy

This programme is for men & women who are fully committed to growing within their business & taking it onto the next level.

How I Work With You:

*I use the genius Shadow Alchemy System of Mentoring to help you move beyond your shadows in a way that most coaching schools only glaze over (& as a result contribute to the 1000's of overworked, under paid coaches). This is the best tool I have come across in all my training's as a coach & a psychotherapist & it will enable you & your clients to move past those blocks that never actually seem to go away. 
*We will dive deeply into your relationship with your own dream desires & values & see exactly where you are tripping yourself up in making them manifest consistently rather than once in a blue moon or never!
*Part of the manifestation process involves taking RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for our own emotions, values, dreams & desires. Again this is another necessary transition, which we will journey though, so that you don't continue to stay in the energy of "nothing seems to be working", "I don't know how" or "I can't get it right"!
*Uprooting & replacing the out-dated & corrupt patriarchal paradigm is an essential part of this process because it is a recipe for exhaustion, hustle & burn-out. Here, we will be using a new container that is ALL PROVIDING, ALL SUPPORTIVE & fundamentally ABUNDANT. This will involve you stepping up into a completely new way of being with yourself that is truly supportive of your innate power to create in line with your dream.

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I want you to know about the above programme is that it is designed to cultivate huge inner strength & trust in yourself, so that you never abandon yourself or your goals / desires again. This is ALL about YOUR WAY & you have no idea how okay it is to do it this way!



READY to jump ship from the old way to your new way of being in business & self?