Couples Relationship Communication Programme

I work with couples who are fully committed to taking their relationship forward &
are also prepared to put in the work behind the scenes.
My work is designed to get you results quickly & effectively.

Please be prepared to be challenged on your limiting behaviours where necessary
but also to be held with the utmost compassion & love.

My work with you & your partner will be based on:
The highly effective Imago Dialogue - whereby you & your partner are communicating directly with
each other in a way that promotes understanding & helps to dissolve conflict.
Somatic Energy Work - that will help you understand more about your own behaviours & responses
& shift into new ways of showing up with your partner.

In addition:
 I will challenge each of you to step into full responsibility, honesty, courage & vulnerability in the moment, 
because this is where the possibilities for a huge amount of transformation lie.  
I will also show you exactly where the games are being played in your relationship & where your disempowered selves, which are prone to manipulation, are running the show.

It is expected that you will practice using the dialogue work & other strategies 
for healthy communication into your relationship outside of the sessions.

Programme Details:
2 Hour Introductory Session
10 x 90 minute sessions (via zoom or face to face)
Mon-Thurs email support
Follow up call one month later (optional)
Sessions to be taken within a 4 Month period

I work with couples who are both willing to commit to their own personal growth & that of their relationship. 
Each programme will be tailor made specifically according to your unique relationship situation.
Please book in for a call to discuss your situation & complete the questionnaire on the link below.