Michele Willmott
Business Mentor for Entrepreneurs & Coaches

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My work is to help you explore & reconnect with your BIG WHY'S and your true DESIRES in relation to your business. Connecting fully with your purpose & being able to feel the resonance of that purpose within you means that you have a guiding light, let's call it your North Star. Couple this with owning your desires in relation to how you want to run your business, the ideal vision you want to create, plus having the confidence and belief that you already have everything within you to make your vision a reality, will give you the consistency, commitment & conviction to propel you forwards in your business life.

I provide the container to help you enter into your own space of desire. This space is crucial for getting clear about what you want, the steps you need (& want) to take and most importantly to ignite your intuition, so that you experience less overthinking & exhaustion & more aligned action. I offer a mixture of cognitive and somatic work, which helps you embody the energies within required to unleash your full power, as well business mentoring to help you create your own signature programme (not a cookie cutter approach), which your ideal clients are waiting for.

If you are ready to dive into your space of purpose & ultimate desire please complete the application form process below.

Fully Supported Mentoring Programme Prices start at €4995.

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