Michele Willmott 
Coach, Mentor, Therapist for Female Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Business Mentoring with Michele

My work is designed to help female entrepreneurs in the following ways:

*Hold Your Vision!
As an INFP personality type this is what I excel at. Helping you manage all your pillars of work in a way that maximises your productivity but also focuses on the things you want to do and feel called to do (rather than worry that you might miss out on something if you don't try to follow ALL of your ideas)
* Helping you become more consistent, congruent & committed in relation to how you take action
* Helping you to stop overthinking, doubting and questioning yourself & really trust that YOUR WAY is the best way for succeeding in your business in a fulfilling way & helping others to transform.

*Keeping a balanced and aligned focus in relation to what's really important to you so that you don't get caught up in the external chase.

Much of my work also helps you explore & reconnect with your true feminine essence within. The part of you that is able to slow everything right down and trust that life is supporting her. 

This work is challenging because it goes against the grain and it means taking a stand for your health and well-being, your body's desire to enjoy a state of aliveness and ease and your innate ability to create abundance in your business in a way that is sustainable and joyful. 

We are so conditioned to hustle and keep 'doing' and it is often difficult to slow down and trust that we can still get things done, when we have so many responsibilities. The mind is also very cunning in its ability to keep enticing you into ways of working that actually don't work!

I offer a mixture of cognitive and somatic work, which help you embody the energies of the feminine and start to break down the old paradigms that stop you from truly looking after yourself.

If you are ready to embrace your feminine and approach your business in a completely different way, please complete the application form process below & then I will get in touch to arrange a consultation call, where you will be able to get a feel for the way I work.

I offer 3 Month & 6 Month Fully Supported Mentoring Programmes starting at €5,000.

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