Align With Your Niche Coaching Package

You know you are ‘supposed’ to have a niche.
That’s what all the marketing guru’s tell you right!?

And yes, there is much truth in this.
It makes sense that you need to ‘speak’ to people’s pain points.
And doesn’t it make sense that they need to see in you, the opportunity for support & expertise from someone who has been through something similar and who has now got this area of their life sorted!?

Yes, yes and yes I say.

And here comes the ‘BUT’,

I spent 6 years trying to nail my niche.
It made sense on so many levels
But it didn’t feel right,
I didn’t feel resonant with it.

I am not saying you need to change your niche like I did (read more here),
What I am saying is that you need to hone in on your message
And get super resonant with it so that you really own it.
So that you really connect with it and it feels good.
So that you don’t have to keep doubting it!

When you own your niche or your message
You can stand up tall & proud and feel your power.
You know that you offer your clients something valuable,
because you know that this message works for you, every time!

If you know that something is feeling ‘off’ with regard to your niche or your message right now trust that!
I didn’t trust it early enough and listened to others, which only prolonged the indecision, doubt and the right clients from finding me.

This is what I offer you…

A 4 session Coaching Package designed to help you:

1) Get aligned with what is really important to you about your message / niche
2) Get connected to what you want to take a stand for in your work, i.e. this will help you if you are already sure about your niche, but don’t feel clear about the core message within the niche
3) Get aligned with the part of you that has solid self belief and self-confidence and experience how you can connect with her daily so that you can show up for yourself & your clients.
4) Decide on the next steps for you to take with regard to owning your message and getting it out there in the world.

What’s included:

3 x 90 minute Coaching Calls (spread out over 30 days)
30 Days of daily support in between the calls
1 x 90 minute call (1 month later to see how you are getting on and to provide you with further support)


How do I know if we are a match?

If you would like to get a feel for my energy and the way I work I offer a 30 minute discovery call, which you can book via the scheduler below: