Michele Willmott
Relationship & Success Mentor for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

My Story.....
I called off a wedding a long time ago.
He was my first love, a nice guy, but it was never meant to be. 
I met my now husband only a year later, too soon in my head, but my heart said otherwise.
We married year later.

Right from the outset it was hugely important for me to be myself, to have honesty & openness in the relationship.
As a result, I took a stand for myself and for my feelings. I wanted to be heard.
Of course, no-one had taught me how to do this and so it wasn't pretty, in fact it was often quite messy.

But it was THE BEST THING I have ever done and it paved the way for myself & my husband to continue growing, healing & creating what I call a 'REAL' relationship. 
It is a place where I can be myself, mad, sad, silly, funny, joyful, flat - all of it.
It is also a place where I can take a stand for my desires & have them heard.
The difference now is that I can do this with a much, much clearer style of communication.
I also have way better boundaries and this has the effect of ensuring that I do not put up with behaviour that is essentially not mine.

It doesn't feel easy to stake a claim for what you really want in your romantic life. Many people get too scared & feel like it is easier to jump ship than to show up. But in my experience the rewards are worth it, so worth it!

If you feel ready to stake your claim to a relationship where you can fully be yourself & enjoy the love, connection & intimacy you yearn for, I would love to hear from you.

You can book a discovery call below & on this call you will find out what is the main thing holding you back and your next step towards creating what you want.

My Qualifications:

I bring to our relationship 9 years experience as a fully Certified Life Coach (CPCC, ACC).

I have been trained as a Co-Active Professional Coach by the prestigious Coach Training Institute and am fully certified by the International Coach Federation (CPCC, ACC). 

I am also a 'Firework' Career Coach, which allows me to specialise in helping individuals who are feeling stuck in their work life and are considering a complete career change or just know that they need something to change but maybe do not want to leave the industry they are in.

Relationships Facilitation:
I am an Imago Relationships Facilitator trained through
Imago Relationships International, this enables me to work with couples and individuals around the topic of relationships and in particular Relationship communication.


I am a qualified Contemporary Psychotherapist and obtained my Diploma with Beeleaf Contemporary Psychotherapy, London.

Meditation: I am also an Advanced practitioner and teacher of Meditation.

Love Reclaimed!

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