Michele Willmott
Wealth Creation Mentor for Female Entrepreneurs

My Story.....​​​​

I have been a serial hustler and perfectionist, looking like the majority of people, for something outside of me to help me feel fulfilled, inspired and alive. 

I spent 12 years in a teaching career that didn’t set me alight.
I called off a wedding a long time ago. I moved abroad.
I have continually aimed to better myself in one way or another.

Having these characteristics hasn't been a bad thing because I have been lucky enough to create a wonderful marriage, which I realise is generally so easy that it often slips my mind. 


My work life and business always seemed to be a sticking point for me. An area that always seemed to come with hustle and exhaustion and to be honest not an awful lot of results. Whilst I deep down wanted to believe that it was possible to live life differently and to live it in such a way that felt aligned with my values there was obviously a part of me that didn't believe I could really do it. I was held back by fear of judgement & money issues.

I kept slipping back into old ways of doing things & even got to the point where I nearly gave up & thought it would be easier to go and get a day job. Until I finally decided that I had to go for the life I wanted to believe was possible. I had reconnected with my desire & recognised that my gift was in holding the space for other women to do the same. I then invested far more heavily in myself than ever before and from that point onwards there was no turning back.

My clients are female entrepreneurs who are looking to step up in their business and earn the money that they truly desire. My clients are often quiet inner rebels who can feel constrained by cookie cutter strategies and programmes and who yearn for meaning, aliveness and to feel life running through their veins. They want to step up & commit to that life they want for themselves. The thought of not going for it and living with regret is far more scary than failing!

If this sounds like you & you are looking to fulfil your purpose & step into your true desires Apply here: https://bit.ly/2pNVOqx Here

My Qualifications:

I bring to our relationship 9 years experience as a fully Certified Life Coach (CPCC, ACC).

I have been trained as a Co-Active Professional Coach by the prestigious Coach Training Institute and am fully certified by the International Coach Federation (CPCC, ACC). 

I am also a 'Firework' Career Coach, which allows me to specialise in helping individuals who are feeling stuck in their work life and are considering a complete career change or just know that they need something to change but maybe do not want to leave the industry they are in.

Relationships Facilitation:
I am an Imago Relationships Facilitator trained through
Imago Relationships International, this enables me to work with couples and individuals around the topic of relationships and in particular Relationship communication.


I am a qualified Contemporary Psychotherapist and obtained my Diploma with Beeleaf Contemporary Psychotherapy, London.

Meditation: I am also an Advanced practitioner and teacher of Meditation.

 Maja Vujovnic 



Before working with Michele, I felt overwhelmed, at times with numerous things that life throws at women in their early 30's...questions about career, health, family, etc. I have spent last 5 years moving around the world and living in different continents and very different worlds and building my career. After settling a bit I have found it very uneasy to be at one place all the time. Michele, truly gave me a distance from all of that and honed into things. She has led me onto realising things that are truly important for me. In addition, she is a wonderful listener and an 'out of a box' thinker.

More Ease, Less Hustle!

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