Michele Willmott
Relationship & Success Mentor for Entrepreneurs & Professionals


If you are interested in my qualifications please see at the bottom of this page.

What would I like you to know about me? 

One of my biggest soapbox missions is to bring down Patriarchy!! Pretty tall order eh :)

This mission has led me to where I am today in my business & in love.

I started off as a teacher in the UK (12 years) but knew my heart wasn't in it for a very long time.

I was in a relationship for a very long time too.

I got out of both eventually, although one meant I had to call a wedding off a few months before (not my best moment).

This all led me to meet my husband of 19 years. We moved to France, set up a ski chalet. Planned to sell the chalet within 5 years & luckily sold it (within a week of the 5 years) & decided to fully embrace my Life coaching & retreat business.

A few years on, I specialise in Relationship Mentoring, because this is the area of my life where I have transformed again & again (& always on the look out for my next level, whilst recognising that my husband & I are human beings too).

I help couples, men & women take their relationship onto a whole new, fun, sexy, stimulating & freeing level.

I am always looking to master my own energy because it is this that has helped me achieve the results I have been looking for - more connection, more freedom, more fun & more intimacy! 

In my opinion, life is without a doubt too short to settle in love. Most relationships become dull & stagnant over time & if you just want companionship that's fine, but for me there is nothing that beats the stimulation & satisfaction of knowing that you are in a relationship that excites you!

My Qualifications:

I bring to our relationship 10 years experience as a fully Certified Life Coach (CPCC, ACC).

I have been trained as a Co-Active Professional Coach by the prestigious Coach Training Institute and am fully certified by the International Coach Federation (CPCC, ACC). 

I am also a 'Firework' Career Coach.

Relationships Facilitation:
I am an Imago Relationships Facilitator trained through
Imago Relationships International, this enables me to work with couples and individuals around the topic of relationships and in particular Relationship communication.


I am a qualified Contemporary Psychotherapist and obtained my Diploma with Beeleaf Contemporary Psychotherapy, London.

Energetic & Self Mastery in love & business!

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