Michele Willmott
Career & Relationship Coach & Mentor

My Story.....​​​​

I have been a serial hustler and perfectionist, looking like the majority of people, for something outside of me to help me feel fulfilled, inspired and alive. 

I spent 12 years in a career that didn’t set me alight.
I called off a wedding a long time ago. I moved abroad.
I have continually aimed to better myself in one way or another and I have always been on a mission to help myself feel as good as I can.  

Having these characteristics hasn't been a bad thing because I have been lucky enough to create a wonderful marriage, which I realise is generally so easy that it often slips my mind. I have also followed my intuition a lot about my work, often letting go of things where I felt stifled, uninspired or that something was lacking.  I am now blessed to do work that I love and more importantly work with inspiring, beautiful people.


I came to realise over time that our happiness and fulfilment is often short-lived or momentary. It can change in a second like it did for me when I suffered a bad accident at the age of 44 years. My accident fundamentally changed the way I had to live my life. It also led to a complete overhaul in the way I viewed life. It became very clear to me how much my mind wanted to stay in a place of fear and future anxiety and this was not a place I wanted to hang around in.

This is what our mind does. It always likes to find something to criticise or to find disappointing or frustrating. It loves to get us to compare or doubt ourselves and left to its own devices this can be quite destructive.

Of course you can argue that the ups and downs are a part of everyday life as a human and there is truth in this. However, our mind is trained to continually see the world in terms of likes and dislikes hence all of the chasing and waiting, for that special person, the promotion, the bigger house, the next goal. This only ever encourages us to search outside of ourselves for our happiness and as long as we look outside of ourselves for fulfilment, we will always end up feeling like there is something missing and fail to enjoy the magic of life in every moment.

When I started to really 'get' the idea that we must seek our own fulfilment from inside first, rather than just know it on an intellectual level, my whole way of living changed and I changed. It was a huge relief to stop feeling like I had to chase and live in some future place that may not ever happen. It was also a huge relief to realise that I didn't have to buy into what my mind was saying but I could trust myself enough to let everything unfold in front of me and remain unattached to a particular outcome. 

This is of course is an ongoing journey for me and one that I would love to accompany you on if you feel so inclined. The added bonus being that your career, your relationship, your health or whichever part of your life feels a bit sad right now, may transform beyond belief, although I am not going to make false promises because everything has to come from inside of you.

I would be honoured to be your guide.

What I offer you:

  • Support – I am genuinely invested in and caring with my clients. My aim is to create a true partnership of support.
  • Commitment – I bring enthusiasm, inspiration and a commitment to seeing you step into your power and your brilliant self.
  • Challenge – I challenge you to connect with your own brilliance and transfer this into confidence in creating the career or relationship you really want. I will also challenge you to see where you are hiding the truth and coming from your inner victim.
  • Compassion – I will help you see the parts of yourself that are in need of compassion, love and understanding. A single act of self compassion can ignite huge change.
  • Safety – I offer a safe, gentle space for you to explore what you really want in love, work & life.

I’d love to get to know you
If you feel like you would benefit from working with someone who will have your back and challenge you to step up and live life in a way that feels fulfilling and congruent with who you are you can dive straight in and book a 90 minute appointment or if you would like to speak to me in person and have some questions you would like answered you can book a 15 minute Introductory Call on the same button below.

How I work:

I use a combination of somatic bodywork coaching and psychotherapy skills and tools. To sum this up simply, my coaching will call you forth into being the person who is committed to creating a career or relationship in the way you truly desire. My psychotherapy will enable you to understand and transform your relationship with the parts of you that have been holding you back up until now, so that you can move forward with confidence, courage and self belief.

I bring to our relationship 7 years experience as a fully Certified Life Coach (CPCC, ACC).

I have been trained as a Co-Active Professional Coach by the prestigious Coach Training Institute and am fully certified by the International Coach Federation (CPCC, ACC). 
I am an Imago Relationships Facilitator trained through Imago Relationships International, have an Intermediate Certificate in Contemporary Psychotherapy through 
Beeleaf Contemporary Psychotherapy, London, and am an Advanced Teacher of Meditation.

Feel Inspired & Alive in Work, Love & Life! 

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